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Erin Scott/Pool via AP

Marjorie Taylor Greene and I share the same political party. We share some political views. We don't share all the same political views, God knows, but I don't see how that really makes a difference, do you?


The same "cancel" rhetoric used against the freshman from Georgia has been used against Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Doug Collins, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Tom Cotton, and even grandfatherly Mitch McConnell.

Let's be clear: Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, Chuck Schumer, and Dick Durbin claim all Republicans are dangerous extremists when it serves their political purpose. Hell, they depicted Paul Ryan murdering an elderly, wheelchair-bound woman to make a political point.

It's not just MTG they claim to abhor. And, it's not just elected officials who must be purged from society.

In the opening weeks of the Biden Administration, high-profile political players openly spoke of "reprogramming" Trump supporters.

CNN has taken it upon themselves to have Fox News removed from cable systems across the country. Never mind the inconvenient fact that CNN is owned by one of the nation's largest cable providers (nothing improper about this, right?).

The organized Left wants Tucker Carlson silenced and removed from the airwaves, and they've even sent their own angry insurrectionists to storm his home and terrorize his family to send the message. Incidentally, there are still no criminal charges in the attack on Tucker Carlson's family.

Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are actively removing content they disagree with, and they colluded to silence the legitimate and accurate reporting from The New York Post on the FBI criminal investigation into Hunter Biden's shady, overseas deals that allegedly benefited Joe Biden.


If those eleven Republicans who leaped at the chance to be on the "nice list" at CNN (for now) think that this ends with their new colleague from North West Georgia, they're as misinformed as the QAnon crew they are trying to separate themselves from.

And, if you think this ends with Marjorie Taylor Greene, you're not paying attention.

Does anyone find it shocking that the same party that has now openly embraced radical socialist ideology as the mainstream of their political platform is also less-than-tolerant of opposing voices and political movements? It kind of goes with the territory, doesn't it?

For socialism to work, it tends to require a level of authoritarianism where going one's own way and not choosing to participate in the state-controlled system is not tolerated. This is how Marxism is always applied. You must adhere to the new plan, or you will be punished.

That's not really a climate that welcomes free speech and dissent.

And make no mistake, the socialists are now right in the middle of the Democrat's agenda. Bernie Sanders, once the crazy commie in the corner of the room ranting about how misunderstood the mighty Soviet economy was, has now been elevated to Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee. And just yesterday, he began the purge on Capitol Hill by replacing long-serving committee staffers with his hand-picked campaign staff... the die-hards who drank the Commie Kool-Aid and actually wanted this Marxist in the White House.


This is who they are now. So are we to assume that they don't like the memes that Taylor Greene "liked" on Facebook, but they'll play nice with Marco Rubio? Seriously?

I'd love to think that our press will stay free and that conservative opinion will still be allowed in the public marketplace of ideas, but there have been a lot of developments in our society over the past year or so that I never imagined would be possible and, here we are.

I know you care about this, and that's why I want to give you an option to help our voices to continue, unfettered and free from big tech and government censors.

I can imagine a future, a near future, where voices like Kurt Schlichter's and Derek Hunter's are not allowed to be heard.

Where incredible, on-site video journalism like Julio Rosas's that reveals the truth behind BLM and ANTIFA riots will not be allowed.

Where insightful and provocative analysis from Katie Pavlich will be demonized and marginalized as "extreme" and "dangerous."

Where the entirety of Townhall's content is deemed too fringe and would be considered as "incitement" if it's too critical of the Biden/Harris/Sanders agenda.

I can imagine all of that, can't you?

There's one way to preempt the power of the unholy alliance between the government and big tech today.

As a Townhall VIP member, you’ll have access to completely ad-free site browsing and email, members-only exclusive reporting, columns, podcasts, newsletters, exclusive streaming video programming, and much more.


Most importantly, you’ll be supporting and investing in our conservative mission, and that investment is reinvested into the real, conservative journalism you care about most. As Katie said the other day, "your membership means our team will be able to pursue what matters. First hand. We must work to hold the Biden administration and a Democrat-controlled Congress accountable without crushing censorship from big tech."

Not only is your support needed to keep our voices heard, but you'll be richly rewarded with exclusive, ad-free content that we know you'll love. It's kind of a win-win situation. Please consider subscribing to a VIP membership and sharing this opportunity with your friends and family on social media... while you still can!

This isn't about MTG. It isn't about Trump, and it isn't about January 6. This is, and always has been, about you. They'll never forgive you for not voting for Hillary. And if shutting down our voices and your ideas is the only way to get you with the program, then so be it. Let the reprogramming begin.

And, seriously, thank you for your support.

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