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AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

To understand exactly what Joe Biden is about to do, should he be sworn in as president in January, you first have to understand a fundamental truth about the former vice president: Joe Biden has never had an original idea in his near-fifty year political career.

Never. Not one.

He has always been derivative, not definitive.

His first run for president in 1988 was derailed and universally mocked for lifting speeches, word for word, from Neil Kinnock.

He only knows how to play the part that is handed to him. Whether it's Ted Kennedy handing him the script to destroy Robert Bork's reputation or his ham-handed attempt to copy Hillary Clinton's corrupt foreign dealings through a sham foundation, Biden does what other politicians have already imagined before he came along.

Now, think back to Biden's last stint on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. As Barack Obama's vice president, he witnessed the machiavellian strategy of Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel parlay Obama's "Honeymoon" to a trillion-dollar "stimulus package."

Emanuel reminded the new administration that "you never want a good crisis to go to waste" and he engineered a largely-unnecessary but unprecedented federal spending package that largely went to so-called "shovel-ready projects" that really functioned as pork for Democrats to dole out to political pals and unions that pledged allegiance to their elected benefactors.

Look for Biden to follow suit.

This time, instead of a Wall Street-led financial meltdown, Biden will raise the invisible specter of the coronavirus as the devastating crisis that he won't want to squander.

Nevermind that President Trump has been able to steer the nation through a potential economic catastrophe and somehow keep the engine of America chugging along through the pandemic. Nevermind that he broke precedent and empowered our best pharmaceutical minds to develop a vaccine that should put the dark days of COVID-19 in our nation's rearview mirror in a matter of months.

Ignore all of that positive news, we have a crisis, ladies and gentlemen!

Should Biden take the reins of the executive branch in 2021, he will try to strong-arm a Pelosi-written pork package to bail-out New York, Illinois and California from the decades-long fiscal disaster those Democrat-led states have created. The ticking time bomb of government labor pension bills coming due pre-date the coronavirus, but that won't stop Biden and Pelosi from sending tax dollars from hard-working, fiscally-sound Republican states to Gavin Newsom all under the guise of "COVID Relief."

This is why these Democrat-run states have amped-up the crisis talk and the mandates. This is why so many businesses are being shut-down without any real evidence or science to support the moves. This is why schools stay closed despite Saint Anthony Fauci's recent encyclical proclaiming schools are safe from the virus's spread.

Don't you see?

If we are going to have "relief" from the economic impacts of the virus, there has to be a crisis... there has to be pain. And you, your business, and your children need to feel that pain, bigly.

So you must suffer.

To not let a good crisis go to waste, you need that crisis to resonate in the bank accounts of average American families. And they need to be afraid. They need to reach the point where they are so desperate they will gladly, they will demand that Washington, DC, do something, anything, to provide relief.

Of course, the relief will barely make it to your bank account. Oh, you'll get crumbs, but the big enchilada...the French Laundry seven-course meal, will go to shore-up certain states' budget deficits to erase the mismanagement of decades of political graft disguised as "good labor relations."

It's the Biden Blue-State Bailout and the stage is set for a real bonanza for Gavin Newsom, Andrew Cuomo and J. B. Pritzker. You just need to feel a little more pain for the bailout to be justified.

The only thing that will stop it is Trump prevailing with his many challenges to the 2020 ballot mess. Short of that, Sen. Mitch McConnell and his tenuous Republican caucus will be the final "bulwark" against the Democrat tide. And, it appears Sen. Mitt Romney has taken a sledgehammer to that bulwark.

"COVID has created a crisis, and in a crisis, the people expect Congress to act," Romney said at a U.S. Capitol news conference announcing a "bi-partisan compromise" relief package. "And this group has come together to propose action."

Well, he certainly has the language right, doesn't he? If Romney is so naive that he doesn't realize that his "compromise" bill will soon be laden with Pelosi pork for blue states and then sent back to the Senate with media demands for immediate action, he's a complete and utter fool. They will take his "bi-partisan" plan, add whatever they want in the House, send it back to the Senate, and call it a "bipartisan bill" despite the fact that not one Republican in the House will have any say at all.

Then, Romney and his handful of Republican fools will be compelled to back the bill they wrote in the first place and Biden will have his bail-out.

Unless...Unless Mitch McConnell keeps his majority and refuses to bring the bill up for a vote.

Hey Georgia, don't screw this up, ok?


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