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Why Wouldn't They Cheat?

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Why wouldn't Democrats use any possible means at their disposal to remove Donald Trump from the White House? It makes perfect, logical sense, doesn't it?

This column is not a listing of all the evidence supporting the Trump campaign's legal arguments that anonymous election officials worked behind closed doors to game their state's balloting systems so that mail-in votes would put their preferred candidate, Joe Biden, into the White House. Making that argument is not my job, and the Trump campaign has a whole host of attorneys putting together legal arguments to handle that task.


Instead, my intention is to respond to the incredulous, astounded, and sanctimonious voices in the legacy media, Democratic leadership, and, sadly, the ranks of go-along-to-get-along Republican figures who would call you crazy for believing that any kind of election fraud could be at play in this extraordinary and historic post-election day ballot verification and counting process we are witnessing right now.

For the past five years, President Donald Trump has been casually referred to as corrupt, racist, incompetent, mentally unstable, treasonous, and illegitimate by the dominant voices in those three influential groups cited above: Legacy media, Democratic leadership, and go-along-to-get-along Republicans. Add to that list the dominant voices in mainstream culture, social media, big tech, and professional sports.

The zeitgeist of 2020 has been framed within the context of Donald Trump as our generation's Adolph Hitler. It's so casually said in academia and in the green rooms of cable news networks that it's almost controversial to object to the obscene characterization.

As a candidate, Joe Biden and his party stood for one major issue: To get rid of Donald Trump. It's all his party stood for from the moment Trump won the election four years ago.

From Russian collusion to the 25th Amendment to the Ukrainian phone call and on and on, their main objective has been not to resist Trump's policies but to remove Trump altogether.


In the campaign, Biden casually referred to his opponent, the president of the United States, as a racist, as an authoritarian, as incompetent, and as being responsible for the murder of hundreds of thousands of Americans.

Are we to believe that this party and this candidate wouldn't stoop to the age-old practice of ballot-box stuffing to get rid of this guy?

Hitler was evil and threw the world into war, resulting in the deaths of millions of people and the attempted genocide of an entire race. If you could have assassinated Hitler in 1932, would it have been a sin or the purest act of saving the world? It's a common theological and philosophical dilemma many grapple with in dorms over their first glass of chardonnay.

I always answer this way: Killing Hitler before his acts of evil would be a sin because you don't have the knowledge of what he would do in the future, but going back in time and killing Hitler (with the full knowledge of the evil he perpetrated) would be fabulous and a worthy endeavor (I always wondered why Marty McFly didn't take that one detour and take care of the 20th century for all of us, but that's a dilemma for another column).

Now, take this philosophical idea to our current political environment.

If killing Hitler is justified, then certainly cheating in an election to keep Hitler from power would be perfectly acceptable. If Trump is Hitler (as so many in the Democratic Party have told us), then wouldn't it seem logical that they would take the opportunity, if it were presented to them, to ensure that he does not win his second term?


Honestly, to suggest they wouldn't cheat (knowing full well they could get away with it) is ignorant and downright insulting.

Of course, they would cheat if they could. Don't you even dare think otherwise.

In the meantime, could we please dispense with the shocked outrage over those of us who dare to believe that it is even remotely possible that cheating occurred? Democrats had motive, they had means, they had the opportunity, and they certainly have a history of this type of behavior.

The question for Trump's legal team is, can they find enough evidence to prove the matter in time?

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