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Take the Mail-In Ballot Challenge: Send Me Your Cash!

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AP Photo/Lynne Sladky

We are told by the Democratic Party that there is nothing to be concerned about with the head-long march toward mail-in voting.

Of course, it wasn't too long ago when these same Democrats were warning us of the dangers of mail-in voting, but pay no attention to that, they used to pretend they wanted border security.

Nevermind the fact that many countries around the world have banned mail-in voting because of the obvious and wide-open opportunities for voter fraud, we are told that here in America, the practice of sending tens of millions of ballots to every registered voter whether they request them or not and then returning those tens of millions of ballots to the postal service is the only way to ensure a safe and sound election.

Nevermind that the latest primary for the Democrats in New York, a state run by Democrats at virtually every level of government, is a national laughing stock. Six weeks after election day, the Democrats have finally declared their-three-decade incumbent the winner now that they've finally found... er... counted enough ballots to put her in the lead over her primary challenger. She won by about 3,000 votes. Nearly 13,000 out of 60,000 mail-in ballots were disqualified (that's 20% of the mail-in votes) and many voters never even got their mail-in ballots, but everything's fine!

Nevermind all of that. Nevermind the facts. Nevermind logic. Nevermind international precedent. Nevermind that the labor union that just endorsed Joe Biden will be responsible for the handling, custody and delivery of the ballots in the election.

Nevermind all of it.

Your precious ballot for president, senator, congressman, governor, the mayor, and your local school board is safe and sound in the secure and responsible hands of the United States Post Office, according to Democrats and their pals in the media.

OK, let's test this out. Let's begin the "Mail-in Ballot Challenge!"

I want every Democrat, journalist, and Lincoln Project "Republican" to show me how confident they are with this new voting scheme.

It's a simple challenge: Send me your cash.

Yup. Send me $1,000 cash in an envelope marked, "This envelope contains $1,000 in cash."

Email me at and I'll give you the address to send the cash.

Take the challenge and prove to me that my precious vote is safe and sound in the hands of USPS.

Nevermind the fact that banks and utility companies and even the postal service itself warn you to never send cash in the mail, it's safe. Everything's fine.

Every person advocating this plan should set an example by sending me their cash.

Don't worry, when your cash gets to me, I will send it right back to you. I'm not going to keep it. This is just a test to prove how sound our mail-in balloting scheme is.

Now, if this idea seems strange to you, it's worth contemplating this:  If you wouldn't send $1,000 cash in first-class mail through the postal service, think about how valuable your vote is. Have you seen Joe Biden's plan for taxes? Do you think it might cost you $1,000 over the course of four years?

If you wouldn't send cash in the mail, you shouldn't send your vote in the mail. It's that simple. And your elected officials know it. And your pals in the media know it. It's common sense.

So now ask yourself, why are they pushing us in this direction? Why are they trying to force us to surrender our vote to a system they wouldn't trust with their own money?

While you contemplate that, I'll sit over here waiting for all the cash to roll in.

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