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AP Photo/Matt Slocum

In his zeal to throw every hyperbolic superlative at the wall to criticize Donald Trump, Joe Biden has unwittingly undermined one of the foundational principles guiding the Democrats' attack on the American system.

The setting was yet another of Biden's basement video conferences watched by hardly anyone, except perhaps the Trump campaign's war room which seems poised to point out every nonsensical utterance of the Democrats' presumptive nominee for president. Biden, wishing to pile-on the already over-the-top "Trump is literally Hitler!" attacks on his opponent, proclaimed that Trump is "the first racist president in history."

It's a lie on multiple levels, which makes it so perfectly Bidenesque. But, Biden making this claim has inspired a hilarious response from the radical left in the Democratic Party, you know, Biden's base.

You see, if Trump is our first racist president, then how can we possibly have a "systemically racist" country and system of government?

If Trump is our first racist president, then what is the justification for tearing down monuments to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Ulysses S. Grant?

The mobs in the streets, you know, Biden's core supporters, are screaming that this country was built on a foundation of racism. The 1619 Project asserts that America cannot be viewed through a lens that does not have the filter of white supremacism over it. It is the foundation of our nation's origin and our ongoing governance.

According to the screaming radicals destroying American cities and dismantling police departments, you know, Biden's get out the vote organization, every president has been racist since they have overseen and perpetuated the systemically racist government that must be destroyed in the name of intersectionality or something... honestly, I've lost track of the reasons why our country must be overthrown, I just know that Portland is the utopia we will all be enjoying if Biden gets elected.

So as amusing as it is to see Joe Biden flailing about and trying to slime Trump with "the first racist president" slander, it's well beyond that. It's laugh-out-loud, freaking hilarious that in doing so, he has just undermined the leftist mob's main talking point.

Of course, it's also important to point out that Biden is ignoring the very recent history of racism from Democrats who sat in the Oval Office.

Woodrow Wilson re-segregated huge portions of the federal government after Republicans led efforts to desegregate it. His nominating convention was known as the "Klan Bake" as the KKK marched through New York and participated in the Democratic Party's business. He even screened the racist, ode to the Klan "Birth of a Nation" at the White House. Dude makes Robert Byrd look like MLK.

Of course, FDR interned American citizens of Japanese descent in concentration camps for no reason other than the color of their skin, the shape of their eyes and their ethnicity. I mean, that's pretty racist.

LBJ stood in the way of civil rights until it was politically advantageous for him to team up with Republicans to get it done in the 1960s.

Bill Clinton championed the 1994 crime bill that saw the biggest expansion of incarceration of black Americans since the Democratic Party's slavery in the 19th century. Oh, and by the way, Joe Biden sponsored that bill in the Senate.

So, it's obvious Biden is wrong about Trump being racist and he's wrong about the lack of racists who held the office before today.

But, most importantly, this insult is not even about Donald Trump; it's about you.

Never forget that.

Kurt Schlichter spells it out in his new book, "The 21 Biggest Lies About Donald Trump (and you!)." YOU. That's who this is all about.

Biden doesn't just disdain Trump; he disdains you. If Trump is such a racist, then what does that make you?

If Trump is Hitler, then what does that make you? Who supported Hitler? Nazis. Do you support the new Hitler? Well then, you're a new Nazi, don't you know?

Trump can take it. He's a big boy. He's had critics all his life and he knows how to let it roll off his back. But what about you?

Remember that when Biden and the Democrats resort to the most vitriolic, divisive, and destructive political rhetoric of our time, calling a sitting U.S. president a racist, they are aiming that rhetoric at you, the very Americans they wish to govern.

It's incredibly hilarious that Biden has undercut his own party's political rhetoric by denying the very existence of the "systemically racist" country they are railing against on a daily basis in the streets of America's largest cities, but it's also infuriating that with one vile slander he's painted every one of us who support this president as intolerant racists.

Are you pissed off at these people yet? You certainly should be.


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