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One of the myriad hypocrisies playing out before our eyes (and there are plenty to choose from) is the fact that the same people protesting, screaming and looting for the dismantling of law enforcement in America are also proposing broad, sweeping new laws giving unprecedented authority to the very same government they now deem as irreparably racist and corrupt.


The Left in America wishes to pass new laws, regulations, and restrictions at every level of government and, at the same time, want to reduce the role of police in our society.

In short, if we do away with law enforcement, who will enforce your laws?

Just yesterday, Governor Gavin Newsom of California announced that it is now required for all residents of his state to wear face masks in public. At the same time, the mayor and city council of his state's largest city (all affiliated with his political party), have promised to reduce the police department budget by at least $150 million and is re-tooling existing law enforcement into an un-armed mediation force.

If an Angeleno goes outside without a face mask, who's going to stop her? Literally. Who will enforce Newsom's law if we don't have law enforcement? I mean, that's what law enforcement does. It's right there in their name.

Law enforcement enforces laws.

Make no mistake; it's the liberal Democrats in this country who want to pass law after law and regulation after regulation and mandate after mandate. Who will be there to enforce it all?

And this is where the big lie is ultimately exposed. 

The Left doesn't plan to abolish law enforcement. They just want to control law enforcement and have them enforce the laws they care about. And we are talking about a lot of laws.

If their utopian nightmare known as the "Green New Deal" were to come into reality, every single American would have to radically reorient their lives to fit the new authoritarian demands of the government. What you eat, what you drive (if you are allowed to drive), where you travel, how you travel, how far you commute to work, what your house is made out of, how you conduct business... all of it will be under the command and control of all levels of government. Who enforces all of those laws?


They hate the cops who wear blue, but they'll love the green police.

Let's take government-run medical care as an example.

Let's say there's a doctor who has paid for all of her medical training and degrees. She's struggled through her internship and finally gotten to a place where she has her own specialized practice and is making a nice living as most doctors do after all that education and cost.

The Left comes along and socializes all medical procedures in this country. Our fictional doctor no longer operates in a free market. She must have her services directed through the government, and the government will set the prices and available supply of her specialty. They call the shots and will fix prices for her services. Those prices will be far less than what she can demand now. (That's the whole point, right? When the government takes over health care, it will be cheaper because they'll control the costs.)

What happens if our doctor says "No"? What happens if our doctor likes the money she makes now and is a little resentful that after spending all that time and money on her education with the promise that she'll make a great living in the future after the sacrifice and cost of her education? What happens if our doctor defies the government and keeps her practice open to whoever is willing to pay her directly for her services?

Our doctor is now a criminal. She is as much a law-breaker as a person who holds up a convenience store at gunpoint. What will the government do?


How will the government stop our doctor from breaking their authoritarian medical laws?

They'll need a law enforcement entity to enforce their laws. And, ultimately, if the doctor refuses and ignores citations and threats, they will need to use physical force to apprehend her and incarcerate her. That's how we enforce laws in this country. Do you think armed officers are only used in violent encounters with criminals?

Even the IRS has a special, armed investigative unit. Why would a tax collector need to carry a gun?

Isn't it obvious? We empower law enforcement to enforce the bills our representatives write, pass and sign into law. If we the people refuse to obey those laws, we have empowered the government to use force (even deadly force) to ensure those laws are followed.

That is the underlying threat that is implicit in every law that is passed in our country. If you don't obey, you will be punished.

Now, look at the two major political parties in our country and their prevailing philosophical approach to governing.

Republicans tend to not see every problem in our society as an opportunity to expand the authority of our government with new laws, regulations and mandates.

Democrats, on the other hand, want to pass more laws and more regulations to ensure that the American people conform their behavior to the standards that the Democrats demand. From their education to their choices of transportation to their grocery bags to what garbage can they put different types of trash into, Democrats have laws for all of it.


If you dare not comply with those laws, they have an agency and an enforcer to ensure you do or punish you if you don't.

Liberals love passing laws and they love forcing you to do what they tell you to do. And the only way to force you to do what they want you to do is if they have law enforcement to enforce all of their laws.

Liberals love cops, as long as they are their cops.

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