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AP Photo/Chris Carlson

I predicted earlier this week that the media would help Joe Biden get out of the corroborated charges made by Tara Reade regarding alleged inappropriate behavior in the 1990s when Reade was on Biden's Senate staff.


I predicted he'd have a pre-recorded, sit-down interview with a friendly, female journalist with Jill Biden by his side. I was wrong about Mrs. Biden's presence, but the rest of the set up was as predicted.

I also predicted that after the interview, Biden and his apologists would proclaim the matter settled, any further questions would be out of line since Mr. Biden had already answered all questions pertaining to this matter and we should all move on.

That was certainly the goal of the Biden campaign by agreeing to allow the candidate to sit with Mika Brzezinski today on MSNBC. They wanted this to be the end of it. No more questions on Tara Reade because Joe's already answered every possible question about it.

Nope. If anything, Mr. Biden's shaky performance and his unspecific and murky answers leave many more questions that have been left unasked and, therefore, unanswered.

Ms. Brzezinski got right to the heart of the matter and asked the former vice president if he sexually assaulted Tara Reade as has been alleged. "No, it is not true," Biden said. "I'm saying unequivocally it never, never happened and it didn't. It never happened."

He had no choice. That's his only politically viable answer, obviously. But here's where more questions regarding the nature of Mr. Biden's relationship would have been helpful. Brzezinski offered up a compound question that Biden chose to maneuver around.


"Do you remember her? Do you remember any — any types of complaints that she might have made?"

Biden ignored the first question and instead addressed the second one.

"I don't remember any type of complaint she may have made," he claimed. "It was 27 years ago, and I don't remember, nor does anyone else that I'm aware of, and the fact is that I don't remember. I don't remember any complaint ever having been made."

But let's not gloss over the first part here, because it's important.

Remember that Biden's campaign for president was almost derailed last year when woman after woman after woman came forward and accused him of inappropriate touching, hugging, and kissing. He was forced to address these allegations with an apology/non-apology video claiming that times had changed and he realizes now that he shouldn't touch women like that anymore.

As usual, this issue has been flushed down the memory hole by the elite, legacy media because they don't want to harm Biden. But, in the context of the Reade allegations, it could prove fertile ground for a hardball, political interview.

Do you remember Tara Reade?

Did you engage in any flirtatious talk with Tara Reade?

Do you remember why Tara Reade left your Senate staff?

Did you ever have any physical contact with Tara Reade like you did with Amy Lappos or D.J. Hill or Caitlyn Caruso or Assemblywoman Lucy Flores?


You see where this is headed.

At this point, Biden has denied that he is guilty of sexual assault. But, what about all of the other inappropriate behavior that we already know was part of his daily routine with women? Let's ask Biden about Reade, his former employee. Getting to the bottom of the nature of their relationship would shed more light on these allegations and allow us to best judge who is telling the truth in this he said/she said situation.

His pattern of behavior with women who are relative strangers certainly opens the question on his behavior with women on his staff, like Reade, who he had a warmer and more comfortable relationship with, does it not?

Then there's the question of the record of his career as a public servant now under seal at the University of Delaware. Biden says the papers will not be made public because "they're papers or position papers, they are documents that existed and that — when I met, for example, when I met with Putin or when I met with whomever, and all of that could be fodder in a campaign at this time."

Joe Biden is running on his record and decades of experience, yet he insists on hiding all documents related to that record and experience. He knows these papers can be politically damaging, so he is keeping them from the public and reporters.

This is the same man who demanded Mike Bloomberg release private, legally-sealed documents from his time in the private sector.


That same man now demands to keep his papers from his life as an elected official paid for by taxpayers sealed from those very taxpayers.

Which brings us, as it should, to Brett Kavanaugh. Because, although Democrats and their pals in the elite, legacy media will want to draw comparisons with President Trump, this is completely and totally about Brett Kavanaugh.

The argument Democrats appear to be making right now on protecting Biden and his records boils down to: "The documents supporting Biden's 40-year record as a public servant are completely off-limits, but Kavanaugh's high school yearbook had to be analyzed and scrutinized to bring down his nomination to the Supreme Court."

Not tenable at all.

And many conservatives will be tempted to say that we should not sink to the level Democrats did against Kavanaugh. We are better than that. We will show how principled we are and take the high road.

Don't fall for it.

Remember, during the Kavanaugh hearings, we conservatives said that a dangerous, new standard was being set and it was destructive. Remember when we warned that it would come back to hurt Democrats?

They were warned. They created this mess.

And, ironically, Biden was a trailblazer in this regard.


When we ever do get to see his record of his time in the Senate, we will see his notes and memos and correspondence during the Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings. He was Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and ran those travesties.

What happened to Kavanaugh all began because Biden orchestrated the original sin of character assassination disguised as confirmation hearings against Bork and Thomas. He literally started it.

And now, the vicious tone he helped create in Washington, D.C. in the late 1980s is now coming back to threaten his final run for public office... the highest office in the land, the job he's salivated over since before his first of three presidential runs in 1988. The tragedy is almost Shakespearean in scale. Sadly, Biden's soliloquies are far from iambic pentameter... they are entirely incoherent.

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