Milwaukee Thug ID'ed as Former Teachers Union and SEIU Organizer

Posted: Aug 31, 2011 12:01 AM

Israeli security forces use a system of profiling passengers in order to protect air travel. They don’t conduct these silly random searches we see almost daily in America. The Israeli security guards know the type of person who is most likely to carry out a terrorist attack; they don’t need to pat down 95-year-old grandmothers.

Likewise, when the protests turned ugly outside of the Milwaukee Catholic school where Gov. Scott Walker was appearing last Friday, I instinctively knew that the worst offenders would be teacher union leaders.

Why? Because a nasty, belligerent attitude has become a requirement for a leadership post in most teachers unions. Sure, union leaders publicly talk about the need for civility and open-mindedness, but in their unscripted moments they spew vitriol, intimidation and hatred.

In yesterday’s article, I wrote about a video that was taken of the Walker protestors who lined the sidewalk outside the school. The video captures one of the thugs verbally intimidating a female school employee, telling her, “We don’t want you in our neighborhood. Go back to there you came from.”

I ended that article by asking for tips to identify that individual who should have a civil rights complaint filed against him. I received several tips, and the offender has been identified as Brian Rothgery. Not only is Rothgery a former co-president of American Federation of Teachers Local 2169 (the Milwaukee Graduate Assistants Association), but prior to that he was a – wait for it…wait for it – an SEIU organizer!

The connection that sealed the deal is a picture from a “Bitch Magazine” benefit he attended at Woodland Pattern.

Rothgery is currently serving as the “communications coordinator” for Wisconsin Citizen Action – the group that was accused of giving people free chicken dinners in exchange for voting for Democrats in the recent recall elections.

Rothgery recently spoke at the leftist “Democracy Convention” in which his background calls him an “expert in persuasive communication.” If “persuasive” has come to mean “venomous,” then he really is an expert, as the MacIver News Service video proves.

Rothgery’s name is also found on a lawsuit to reopen the Capitol complex after police closed it to the smelly, obnoxious protesters in February.

This is the face of modern progressivism, especially in hot houses like Wisconsin. But we must be on guard. As these venomous progressives continue to suffer defeat after defeat, it’s very possible their protests will become violent.

Instead of focusing on harmless Ron Paul supporters, maybe the Department of Homeland Security should be more worried about people like Rothgery.