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AP Photo/Rick Bowmer

There is this moderately interesting streaming series on NetAzonUlu right now called “Hijack” about a, well, hijacking, and there are lots of twists and turns and Idris Elba and one big, hulking distraction – among the cops is a 6’4 dude named “Erica” who dresses like he’s heading out to a PTA meeting in Kansas City. You can see his Adam’s apple bobble as he shouts into the radio, and what is most hilarious is how the whole cast pretends this isn’t utter weirdness. See, we’re supposed to normalize dudes pretending to be chicks and not notice, but you know what? I notice, and I’m done. And I think most other people feel the same way.

Once, the whole transexual thing was rightly on the fringes. For gay men who dressed up as outrageous drag queens, it was camp and that means it was understood as being ridiculous. These guys did not think they were being women – they were paying homage to women they loved, and they understood that it was funny because, well, it was men pretending to be women. And then there were the people who had real gender dysphoria, similar to the social contagion kind caught by awkward teens on the spectrum today. It was a real mental illness that caused them real psychic pain. And then there were the creepy perverts who got off on cross-dressing and the other icky aspects of it, and who were properly ashamed. The problem is they are not ashamed anymore. 

They should be, because there is a disgusting sexual undercurrent within this ideology. Have you noticed that by replacing “transexual” with “trans,” the movement has attempted to remove the sexuality aspect of the phenomenon to make it more palatable to the normal people who desperately want to be tolerant of weird people who refuse to tolerate normality.

But the undercurrent there, and in some cases – almost all men – they want your kids. We all know that, unless you have a non-perverted explanation for some guy in women’s clothes wanting to spread his be-thonged crotch for kindergartners. And there is no non-perverted explanation for that.

The creepy transexual insanity is not pushed by the classic gay men drag queens or even by the tormented mentally ill. It’s the pervs and weirdos contingent who get off on the transgression of trying to confront us with their bizarre paraphilia. These are the ones who delight in walking around women’s restroom and saunas seeing and being seen – the humiliation they impose on their female victim is part of the kink. And the leftists join in because anything that undermines society is A-OK with them – the more twisted the better. So much for #MeToo.

There is no place to hide from this assault. We get the random trans character dropped into the midst of some otherwise normal TV show. The Army – which has failed to win a war in three decades and it in the throes of its worst recruiting crisis ever – thinks it’s a great idea to tweet out the ravings of a chubby major who is currently pretending to be a girl while the Navy promotes itself to potential sailors with drag queens. Perhaps the enlistees they lose in Oklahoma and Alabama will get made up in those humming recruiting offices in San Francisco. Of course, magazines and other media that used to promote hot girls all now need to have at least one XY in the photo shoot, no doubt by the popular demand not of the audience but of the liberal wine women who edit them. Famously, a crappy beer company embraced faux females for the same reason. Then there are girls’ sports – it is never men’s sports – where fourth-tier dudes transform over a summer into chick champs and, not incidentally, get to leer at their real girl teammates in the locker room.

It is no surprise that the cadres seek to use trans as a weapon to suppress free speech. That’s part of the agenda of the Marxist rainbow of creepy constituents. Look how they have tried to leverage government power and corporate power to compel obedience. Look how they demand you lie that men are women and women are men and that there are 57 different genders. 

We’re supposed to accept the mutilation of kids to conform to delusions. And look at trans violence – it seems every other mass shooter can’t pick the right bathroom.

Let’s just make this clear. Trans is not beautiful or good. It is ugly and stupid and creepy. Laugh at the classic drag queens who would never dream of going near a school, if that’s your thing – it’s sure not mine, but at least they don’t demand you lie. And pity those in true mental anguish. But the freakshow contingent? No. The Bud Light pushback and the parental rebellion against the evil infiltration of our schools is a start, but it is only step one. We need a total societal rejection of this radical trans nonsense.

No, it’s not normal.

No, it’s not beautiful.

No, we’re not playing your pronoun games.

No, every bit of entertainment does not need a token trans.

No, the military does not need fat men pretending to be fat women.

No, we’re outlawing all mutilation therapy.

No, you keep your grubby paws off our kids.

Sanity is coming back, if only for the fact that insanity cannot persist. There is no reason to tolerate militant trans nonsense. The movement exploited our tolerance and what we got for being tolerant was men in skirts twerking for fourth graders. Enough tolerance. We’re done. Time for us to say “No.”

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