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Society’s current trans idiocy is best understood not as a phenomenon in and of itself, but as the exploitation by a progressive elite of disturbed individuals who suffer from a mental disorder that causes them to believe their gender is different than reality, of vulnerable people who glom onto gender confusion as a reaction to other problems, and of outright perverts who leverage trans to get into women’s’ spaces for sexual satisfaction. Trans is a tool and a tactic. Understand that the revolution can never end for the progressive elite – that’s why they claim that nothing ever improves but only gets worse. Sexism. Racism. Transphobia. It has to get worse, because then they can “resist,” though their resistance is offensive, not defensive. The trans thing is only the latest way to try to up-end traditional society – and, of course, when society is up-ended the progressive cadres doing the up-ending will be in control.

Also, the trans thing – besides being a strategic initiative to undermine traditional society – is fun because it freaks out the hated squares. 

So, the reality is that trans crap has little to do with trans crap per se; it is a means to an end. And, of course, the ruined bodies and lives of the vulnerable victims who take it seriously and slice off their organs, as well as the women raped by men pretending to be women but who are allowed inside intimate female spaces, are collateral damage. That’s a price the progressive elite is willing to pay to continue the endless transformation of society which is the focus of all leftist endeavors. To make an omelet, you have to break a few eggs, and these people are the eggs.

But is it working?

Part of the progressive idea is to tear down traditional social structures, not just the family but the concept of gender itself. Part of the idea is to force normal to accept what they know is a lie, a ritual humiliation that acknowledges the progressive cadres’ power and position. And, again, another part is to have fun hurting the people the progressives hate – people like you.

But their plan relies upon normal people conceding as they have conceded so often in the past. Aided by soft conservatives who never, ever find a hill to die on, they have been able to ratchet their fundamental transformation toward society’s complete destruction with little real push back. But there is a challenge for them – each click of the ratchet requires something more and more extreme to force the next click. And this trans crap, where we are commanded to pretend that men are women and that castrating little boys because their Munchausen mommies saw they liked the color pink, takes a lot of force. But they are faltering – the trans ratchet has not yet clicked and may never. The humiliation is too much, and now these freaks have gotten the kids involved. Trans a red line after a series of red lines the enemy has bulldozed through, and it appears that we are finally enforcing this one.

The fact is that it’s stupid to believe that an obvious man is really a woman because he’s got lipstick and a dress on. And while the ruling class has been trained through the university system to declare the truth of what they know to be false, normal people are not that domesticated. This Levine guy in admiral drag, that fat field grade in the recent Army tweet – anyone shocked it’s been three decades since we won a real war? – are simply ridiculous. The laughs were always the point of drag – it was camp, hilarious because obviously it’s a man acting like a woman, ha ha. But now they want us to take it seriously, they need us to take it seriously for it to work, and we won’t. We are laughing at them. Whom the gods destroy they first make ridiculous, and we just think this stuff is stupid. Polls show sympathy for trans nonsense is dropping. 

And besides simply laughing at these human farces, normals are taking concrete actions. The Army cannot meet its recruiting quotas because young Americans have no intention of playing along with the silly gender games of the ruling class. Being mad about social change is one thing; civil disobedience and non-compliance suddenly raises the costs of what was previously pain-free virtue signaling. It’s not so fun anymore when there are concrete consequences.

Suddenly the progressive elite using trans as a truncheon has to face the fact that we are now putting a price tag on their posturing. Bud Light knows about the costs. To market it, the company hired some Ivy League wine woman who thought her job was to rub her sensible shoes in the face of the cro-mags who drank their lousy beer. Naturally, she sought out that disgusting Tik Tok trans weirdo because that would show the knuckle-draggers but good. Well, she is the one who got shown – and fired. We will never buy Bud Light again – they can’t give it away. What was once cost-free posing suddenly had a cost. Disney is learning that too. It's out nearly a billion out on its recent gender-woke flops.

Plus, we are using our power formally too. Some women’s sports groups have actually called foul on undistinguished male athletes slipping into women’s competition and becoming “champions.” Laws are being enacted to ban the trans agenda’s more hideous aspects, like child mutilation. We have power. We can say “No.” And we are. This is the first pushback, real pushback, the cultural Marxists have experienced in generations.

And, critically, the shock value has worn off. It is becoming boring, and a revolutionary movement can never become boring or it dies. Over the last few years, we have been flooded with regime media eagerly relaying how “brave” trans women – it’s almost always men pretending to be women who get the attention; women pretending to be men seem generally less interested in attention – have broken some barrier. They get named prom queen. They get in Playboy. But that’s gotten old. Holland passed over some Dutch smokeshow to name a nasty dude pretending to be a maiden “Miss Netherlands” and you could almost sense the anticipation – “This will show them! Watch them freak out!” But the response was boredom and contempt. Yawn, more stupid stuff, this time from the tulip jockeys. 

We’re not stunned or shocked. We are disgusted and annoyed, and we are going to keep up the fight until this idiocy is driven from our society. 

They pushed too far and too fast, but the logic of leftism requires still more doubling down. And they will do it. They will fight on and they will try to go on the offensive. If you think men pretending to be women is transgressive, wait until their next move. They will totally attempt to legitimize pederasty. Watch them. They have to. That’s the next step. They always have to push further and further, to be more and more transgressive. But they are going to feel the push back. And it’s going to be hard pushback.

Just because you start a culture war does not mean you will win it.

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