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More Food Deserts

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Remember the “food desert” thing, where leftist complained that there were few shopping centers and supermarkets in deep blue cities and this was proof that America is bad? Well, the corporations decided to open up stores in their local urban petri dishes and…shockingly, the thieves cleaned them out. They are now leaving, and the inhabitants who invariably elect the Democrats who allow the urban cesspools for fester are sad. Too bad.

RFK? Are you kidding me?

Consequences Are Important

I want dumb people to suffer for their bad choices. Pain might – might – teach them a lesson and incentivize better choices. Choices like not electing communists, including communist DAs, who refuse to charge criminals with crimes in keeping with their commie ideology. But even if they refuse to learn, at least they are suffering for their choices. Between the aesthetic joy one gets seeing karma enacted on the voting base of the Soros prosecutors, people who are not quite as dumb might watch and learn from others’ pain. After all, the best learning is from others’ experience. 

Look at San Francisco, a city once known for fog and now known for reeking heaps of hobo dung. The city refuses to prosecute the gangs of drug zombies and other lowlifes who walk into stores with big bags and walk out with stolen stuff. The cops won’t stop them. A security guard shot one recently and may still get charged with a crime when he should be awarded a medal. The message is clear – it’s open season on people selling stuff. 

And the corporations, gluttons for punishment by being eager to virtue signal their community concerns, accepted this for a while. But it is unsustainable to be essentially supplying huge hordes of junkies with free stuff no matter how much the CEO’s woke second wife likes it. They first locked up all their wares so that normal people, who always bear the full burden of the ruling caste’s moral posturing, had to go find a terrified clerk with a key to buy Crest. But that was not enough. Now, finally, inevitably, they are closing their urban stores. It’s not just ‘Frisco – Portland is seeing its big box folks shutting down their stores too, as well as in other places. 

Who suffers? Normal people – the criminals will just find something else to steal. Again, it is always the normal people. But these normal people are to blame. They can vote. They can choose leaders who will not tolerate this crap. But they don’t. They choose communists and then the nonworkers of the world unite and the normal lose their chain stores. 

Too bad. It’s long past time that we point out the obvious. You get what you vote for. They voted for the people who promised conditions that would inevitably lead to the horror of food deserts and, lo n’ behold, they got food deserts. What did they expect? Maybe for us people who don’t turn our towns into hellholes to come fix it for them. Well, keep hoping. You made your bed, and you can lie in it with some bum.

RFK? No Way.

Okay, I have to admit that I am baffled about this Robert F. Kennedy thing. The guy is not a politician but kind of a crank and gadfly with intermittently OK ideas surrounded by many more wacky ones. He’s a leftist. He’s not a conservative. The only thing is that he does not appear to actively hate us conservatives. And now people who should damn well know better are totally into him. These are cons, and they dig the guy because they sort of agree that Big Pharma is playing fast and loose with COVID. There is even talk of him getting on a ticket with Trump, which is nuts.


I have long argued that conservatives are the abused wives of American politics, so sensitive to the trash they have taken from everyone else – including alleged allies – that they are hypersensitive to slights and potential betrayal. It’s hard to blame them – no one in our political system have been treated worse by a wider variety of bad actors. But the corollary to our touchiness is that we are suckers for a smile and a kind word. We tend to fall in love easily if they simply don’t despise us to our faces.

We did it with Tulsi Gabbard too. She doubts the establishment’s Russia policy. She thinks free speech is important. She goes on our shows and does not insult us. And that’s nice and all, but like RFK, she’s a freaking liberal. 

She was for abortion and gun control and spending money on welfare and all that other stuff. So is RFK. Yes, they are woke to the scam of the current ruling caste – good. There may be some areas of overlap, but neither is a conservative and neither has any business being within a hundred miles of the Republican Party. We should not hate them. We should just not hand then the keys to our car. Hell, look what happened when someone did that to RFK’s uncle Teddy.

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