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Real Talk About Elections

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I sure get tired of talking about cheating, not because I do not believe there is cheating (there is) but because it is often a cop-out. It is an easy answer that exempts us from the hard work of winning. We failed to get more votes in the ballot box for our people. We need to change that.

Just a reminder that the party in power just decided to try to indict the leading candidate in the opposition party. GOP, respond accordingly. And devastatingly.

Be thankful anyway. Oh, and turkey sucks.

The Real Problem With Losing Elections

Okay, the major problem with our elections is not cheating. Let me say it again, and add some qualifications for the folks who are hyperventilating now. The main problem with our elections is not cheating. It is not getting enough GOP votes in, meaning we are not getting enough people to vote for us that what cheating there is (and there is cheating) is not swamped by our support.

Cheating works at the margins. It works only when things are close and when we are not looking. A thousand vote margin? It might be susceptible to cheating. Ten thousand? That becomes another thing entirely. A big cheat is exponentially harder to pull off, especially when we are looking. So, we need to first get more GOP votes in the box. We then need to be looking carefully to make sure the collection and counting are a cheat-free as possible.

What is not cheating? Running an election campaign in conformity with the law is not cheating. In California, that means vote harvesting. It’s legal. The Republicans now do it. What happened? We won the House with California House seats. We must adapt, as I have written before. Yeah, pass laws to restrict wide-open voting rules where possible, but play by them if you can’t. We also do need to do basic ballot security operations. These include purging voters' rolls, even if it takes lawsuits to force it. 

But our big focus must be on getting more Republican votes. One key element is getting the ballots in and banked early – this fixation on day-of voting needs to stop. Another is convincing the people marking the ballots to check our candidates. Look how close the races we lost were – it will take only a little movement to yield massive results. But bitching about cheating is not going to get us wins. Action can.

GOP Now Has To Focus On Biden’s Corruption

The appointment of a sham special prosecutor with a mandate to go frame Trump makes it imperative that the GOP focus hard on the Biden crime syndicate. There must be a pain. This Third World bull Schiff has to either stop or go to eleven. Frankly, I’m not picky about which one it is. But it cannot be that these scumbags get a free pass and their scumbag leader gets away with it. Nope. Not happening. 

Oh, and GOP – how about refusing to pass any budget bill until this circle of jerks ceases? If they are willing to shut down the government to pursue their vendetta, cool. Let’s shut it down. Grow some stones, GOP.

There is this huge desire to “get back to normal.” Except normal is not coming back without the pain becoming associated with abnormality. We cannot reward their tactics. We will just get more of this stuff. We need to make them hurt. We need to engage their lizard brain so that they associate Third World tactics with agony.

Do you want more of this? Then let them slide.

Be Thankful Despite The Massive Sucking

Being thankful goes with being optimistic, and optimism seems in short supply. But as Thanksgiving rolls around we do have things to be thankful for even if you usually feel like going on a spree with a sledgehammer. 

The GOP only sort of blew the election, managing to steal but a pathetic spurt from the jaws of a red tsunami victory, but we did improve, sort of. Maybe Herschel will win – notice the passive voice as if I feel it is out of human control. And maybe the House DOP will get its Schiff together and do its job. Maybe the Republican National Committee will fire Ronna McDaniel for her gross incompetence. 


But it could be worse and at least, unlike Europe, we are not yet shivering in our houses. They want us to be, to be sure, but we are not there yet. And we still have our guns and the Supreme Court does not seem too interested in letting them be taken, so we retain our ultimate veto. That’s comforting. 

Happy Thanksgiving.

Against Turkey

It is also important to remember that turkey is the worst and most useless of the common meats. It’s like bad chicken. Yeah, it works on a sandwich, pretty much as a placeholder protein, but that’s it. If there was no Thanksgiving, the turkey would be a non-starter. 

Please do not get me started on gravy and stuffing. I just can’t. Pretty much all Thanksgiving food is gnarly. Except for bread and mashed Brian Shelters.

Again, Happy Thanksgiving.

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