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AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti

Imagine you’re a Democrat for a minute – to fully experience the effect, invent some pronouns and forget which bathroom to use – then think of the cognitive dissonance you would experience watching the TV showing your new bestest buddies the Ukrainians handing out AK-47s to regular civilians. Normal people, with guns? And intending to use them to defend their freedom? But but but guns are bad! Your mind would be spinning – it’s got to be a manifestation of white supremacy, right? “Ohhhhhhh,” you moan, swooning and dizzy at the thought of men (and women) standing up to personally undertake the solemn duty of citizenship that is defending your country.


Seeing this, liberal sissies are confused and frightened. Normal Americans are all “One rifle? Well, that’s a start. I guess.”

We have 400 million gats out here in Americaland already. Issuing us more guns – while awesome – would be repetitive yet redundant. We’re already ready to smoke any invader, crook, or tyrant who dares step to us. And this is why we are awesome.

Guns are an essential element of American freedom. And, as I explain in my upcoming non-fiction book from Regnery, We'll Be Back: The Fall and Rise of America, this heavily armedness is a key reason why America is likely to survive the trials and tribulations we are facing from the wokesters, SJWs, and other communist dirtbags who want us normals dead or enslaved.

To be truly free, one must personally have the capacity to make himself truly free. And as we have seen in Ukraine, there are some really bad people in the world who only understand the business end of a rifle. The Russian conscripts getting caps popped off at them by angry grannies are learning that tough but fair lesson right now.

Putin expected to walk in and walk over the Ukrainians. His mechanized forces were designed to smash through military formations – the old Soviet-style tactics they still use are about as subtle as a sledgehammer. And the smaller Ukrainian forces were pushed back under the pounding. But there were a couple factors Putin did not seem to anticipate. 

The first is that his forces were not as good at combined arms operations as he expected. After a few smaller wars in Georgia, Chechnya, and Syria, he probably expected his army to meld maneuver, fires, and other battlefield operating systems together better (Americans were very good at this once upon a time, and hopefully still train on it if there is time between sessions on trans awareness). The Russian attack appears unsynchronized and poorly supported, with piecemeal and uncoordinated attacks squandering much of the Russian size advantage. But there was another factor Putin apparently did not factor in.


Armed Ukrainians.

Anyone with some experience around Ukrainians would understand that those wacky cats would transition into unconventional (think “guerilla”) warfare if their formal military formations disintegrated. Let me put it in nerd terms. Remember the dwarves in Lord of the Rings? Tough, pugnacious, often drunk dudes who liked to mix it up with the orcs? That’s the Ukrainians. They hid out in forests and swamps for a decade fighting Stalin. This time, all they needed was a rifle.

Americans are like that too, generally minus the vodka. And we already have the guns.

I discuss some of the practical issues facing the bad guys trying to use force to oppress us patriots here in America in We'll Be Back. There’s a gun everywhere. If you were one of the bad guys, you would have to assume everyone is a guerilla. Everyone is a threat. Want to buy a coffee? Would you like lead with that? So you aren’t walking around. Now you ride along on your armored vehicle with your head out of the hatch and some guy used to taking down a deer with his .30-06 removes it from 300 meters and vanishes into the woods he’s hunted in his whole life before your convoy can react. So the bad guys button up and rumble through occupied territory unable to interact with the locals. Except counter-insurgency requires you mingle with the locals. See the problem?

Americans govern themselves, and the government operates only with our consent, in large part because, as a practical matter, there’s really no other way to govern 330 million people with 1.21 guns each. 


Now, this is the very reason the left is so dead set on disarming us. The fact we have a veto on tyranny makes us uppity, and we maintain an intolerable defiance of our betters because, in our gun safes or hanging above our mantles, are the means of manifesting that defiance. To disarm us is less about eliminating the mercifully remote possibility that we would ever have to use our weapons – as bad as things are now, we are many, many miles from anything that might justify armed revolt – than about depriving us of the knowledge that we could. Australians gave up their weapons and their kangaroo kops were entirely too uncircumspect about the atrocities they inflicted on their own citizenry. Our left wants us to understand that we can’t ever resist, no matter what. That’s why it wants us gun-free – because it wants us to know we are at its mercy.

You saw how quickly the regime media moved on from the footage of Ukrainian citizens arming themselves to fight against tyranny. It is afraid that seeing that will give us ideas. But we’ve already got something better than ideas – we’ve already got our guns.

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