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The stink of Biden's failure permeates the land, reeking intensely not unlike Eric Swalwell’s Volvo with the windows shut tight on a hot day on the way home from a double-bean chili feed at Fang Fang’s condo. Welcome to the malaise, kids. Welcome to what we all hope turns out to be merely Jimmy Carter 2.0 rather than James Buchannan 2.0.


Pray we dodge those bullets, literally. I’ve got a new non-fiction book from Regnery on America’s looming chaos coming out on July 12th, so I’ve been digging deep into the worst-case scenarios. You’ll want to pray really hard.

Since Trump left, everything has gotten worse.


Store shelves are bare, not all the time, but did you ever see that under The Donald? Did you ever walk into a store, fuming because Trump had been mean to Rosie O’Donnell on Twitter, and see the aisles bereft of salad and milk? No.

Did it cost you $75 bucks to fill up your sedan, like it did me in LA the other day? No.

Did inflation hit 7% under Trump? Did your pay get cut 7% under Trump? Nah. But no mean tweets, right? That’s worth 7% of your dough, right?

The pandemic is still here. Who had more people buy the farm from COVID, Trump or Grandpa Badfinger? I thought the rule was that if they die on your watch, they’re your fault. Looks like now they are going to solve that awkward problem by stopping counting. Weren’t we informed by all the smart people that the crusty candidate was going to make the bad virus go away? It has not gone away. And, according to the rules that were in effect as long as the rules hurt Trump, now Biden is literally Jeffrey Dahmer and personally responsible for everyone who has expired under his shaky, inept rule.

Hunter’s Pappy promised a return to normalcy. The regime media promised a return to normalcy. This current state of affairs is a lot of things, but normal is not one of them.


Biden’s last week has seen more humiliating, more epic fails than a Bulwark orgy. The Supreme Court dissed and dismissed his ridiculous vaccine decree. Manchin, Sinema, and the entire Republican party all somehow resisted President Asterisk’s powerful argument that requiring voter ID makes you Bull Connor, Jefferson Davis, George Wallace, or some other Democrat. They refused to submit to his fussy fury. His agenda lies in ruins – like Afghanistan after his total failure in leaving it – and we still have three more years to go with this idiot.

You can feel the crappiness out there. There’s anger and bitterness, not like the sunny happiness * promised us. People are ticked off. It takes forever to get a doctor’s appointment. Places are closed at weird times. You have to wait forever to get repair parts or building materials. Schools are either closed because teachers’ unions are garbage, or they are open and teaching kids racist Marxist crap about how white people are the root of all evil. Well, that’s sure accurate as to frigid suburban progressive wine women of whiteness. They’re awful.

The border has been erased and people are dying left and right from the fentanyl the cartels are shipping over. Crime is up and Soros DAs blame you, the citizen, for being mad about it. And on TV, all there is to watch is woke crap.

Everything sucks, and it’s all on Biden. Well, that’s not fair. It’s actually all on a trash establishment that picked Biden as its apt figurehead. Stupid, corrupt, self-righteous, incompetent, and arrogant – that’s our lousy president, and that’s our lousy ruling caste.


It’s unsustainable. The establishment knows that his current 1/3 support is not a floor. It’s merely a pause on the way down to the 20s, maybe the teens. Move over foot fungus, Biden will be polling right there with you soon.

The difference is we can get rid of foot fungus a lot sooner than January 2025. But the establishment will need to get rid of him sooner – he sucks even under our elite’s low standards. Yet who is on deck when they finally admit that this senile old freak is a senile old freak? Someone who chose to get busy with Montel Williams. The only question about why we rarely see that cackling incompetent is whether they are keeping her under wraps since she is about the only person on Earth capable of making them look even worse, or whether she is displaying a semblance of smarts and taking cover.

November is coming and what they have sown they shall reap. They have sown failure. They shall reap a House ruled by Kevin McCarthy and a Senate by the murder Turtle and the pain will begin – at least it better. The base is in no mood for hands across the aisle. Time to deal the pain.

Also, it will be fun to see Democrats fall in love with the filibuster again.

The reckoning begins in the House. We must have our vengeance, both to satisfy the reasonable craving for justice on the part of the base and to teach the Democrats that there is a price for crossing us. Ilhan Omar needs to get booted from her committees because she is as anti-Semitic as she is brother-curious. Toots Swalwell has got to go from the intel committee – you cannot have people who get suckered into tacky sex with mediocre-looking Chi Com honeypots on that board. And Adam Schiff must go too – he leaks worse than Biden’s colon at the Vatican. 


But that’s not all. McCarthy must make the Dem poobahs pay. All the Democrats who worked for years and years to become ranking members of their committees? Throw them off their precious committees. Why? Because they let Pelosi screw Republicans. This is the price. All their dreams must die.

Oh, and the January 6th inquisition must not be eliminated. Instead, it must be filled with new members and then investigate the FBI’s participation in the minor fracas, the unconstitutional treatment of the political prisoners, and the unlawful killing of Ashli Babbitt. The Capitol Police officer who shot that unarmed trespasser, Lt. Michael Byrd, is still on the job. The test for McCarthy and McConnell is whether that malicious clown still has a job 5 minutes after they take over. 

But understand that even when we Republicans retake the Congress, things will still be awful for a couple of years. Biden’s puppet masters will still control the executive branch until we toss them out. We cannot rule by decree via the Congress – yet. Some Democrats are warning that in 2025, the new GOP president may take office with 60 Republicans in the Senate. Now, that will be fun. And then the good times will roll once again.

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