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AP Photo/Susan Walsh

I'm not down with Thanksgiving dinner, but do you know what I am thankful for? The Europeans conquering North America. 

There are a lot of liberals out there who get really mad when I say, "Yeah, I'm unequivocally happy that the Europeans conquered America and conquered the land from the American Indians." It's nothing personal against the Indians; they're fine people. It's just I'm glad the Europeans won the war because as every other inch of land on Earth, this one was conquered. And I'm not going to take that sh** personally. And if you take that sh** personally, too freaking bad.

You know, there's a lot of stuff going on. I think we've talked as much as we can about Kyle Rittenhouse, except no one trolls like Kyle. I mean, he's there with his thumb up in a picture with Trump. And Trump's just smiling because he's seeing the polls. 

He's beating Biden like a drum.

I think Trump is probably going to run in 2024 as of today. But what is tomorrow going to bring? What will we be talking about next Thanksgiving? Well, I don't think we will be talking about Trump having announced because why the hell should he announce? We'll have just been through the election where the Democrats are going to be ground into sausage.

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