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Here’s a fun fact: Tucker Carlson, over whom a bunch of senior military officers tossed 240 years of non-partisanship out the window in order to chide for pointing out their myriad failures, has won just as many wars as our generals have during the last twenty years. He has also lost fewer wars.

So, basically, Tucker Carlson – who they lambaste for being like the other ~92 percent of Americans who were never in uniform – would have done less damage running our formerly indomitable military than the perfumed princes who run it now. Yet these generals and senior NCOs who got and internalized the SJW memo are utterly clueless. They are more engaged and interested in fighting TV hosts who embarrass them by exposing their failures, and snipe hunting for mystery extremist boogeymen in the ranks, than in preparing to defeat China in high-intensity conventional combat.

Let’s get beyond their utter breach of tradition, and their unpunished breaking of the regulations banning political activity in uniform in general and information operation targeting of U.S. citizens in particular. Let’s instead focus on how crummy a job these generals and senior sergeants and their eager minions did doing it. They completely misunderstood the battlespace. They thought that all those Gallup polls listing “The Military” as America’s most respected institution would allow them to use their titles and uniforms and stuff leverage the support of the American people against this uppity pundit. But they totally failed, as usual. Citizens were outraged. Vets were livid – especially since we vets would have been handed our walking papers for this kind of garbage in our day.

Why did these military folks fail again? Because they did not understand that normal Americans have been serially betrayed by our institutions for the last couple decades, most painfully by those institutions that were supposed to look out for us. Academia, which we subsidize, teaches our kids that we are moral monsters. The media hews to the establishment narrative instead of jumping in to expose its depredations against us normal folks. Even the FBI tossed out Inspector Erskine in favor of that looming doofus Jim Comey and tried to frame the president we picked to fix the establishment’s mess. While the military leadership’s betrayal was still shocking, we normal people immediately saw exactly what was happening again with this latest institution to fall. It too was betraying us in the name of wokeness. Thus, their cheesy, awkward ploy to exploit our support for the troops flopped worse than the Iraq war plan.

Oh wait, too soon?

Let’s understand something – the military has been running on empty for a long time. Thirty years ago right now, I was in Saudi Arabia in the wake of the Gulf War, the high point of American power. The military was rebuilt by visionaries who embraced high standards and focused on warfighting rebuilt the devastated post-Vietnam military and proved the concept in those sands by annihilating a relatively powerful nation’s entire force in six weeks of air war and 100 hours of ground war. We were not woke. We were not politically correct. We were just unbeatable.

Fast forward to 2021, as our military is are still chasing bandits around the Hindu Kush, as our forces still in Iraq are still getting rocketed and as we are still pouring troops into Syria for some damn reason. The Chinese are eating our lunch in the Western Pacific, but our military leadership pretend it’s 1945 and that the U.S. is still dominant. It thinks we’re unbeatable, but there’s no Chester Nimitz out there, and the Chinese are deadly serious, even as our leadership pretends boys can become girls and that paying for their snip surgery will make us more combat-ready.

When the Chinese choose to do it, they will take Taiwan. They will screen their flanks by wiping out our regional bases and they will sink every U.S. ship within range that hasn’t already been knocked out of action by colliding with a cargo boat. By the way, read the investigation of the utter incompetence and total failure of leadership that led to those two devastating and fatal collisions in recent years. Sickening – a total failure of leadership starting at the top.

The Chinese are a serious military, devoted to one thing: winning the coming war against the United States. Our military leadership is not serious. It has lost its edge and devoted itself to social experimentation while cheerleading itself into thinking everything is A-okay. It’s not.

This comes from the top, but unfortunately the commander-in-chief is busy with a Matlock marathon while the people pulling his puppet strings are interested only in ensuring that the military is fully absorbed into the ranks of the woke institutions. How can you expect a civilian leadership in China’s pocket to prep to fight it?

But there is hope. The first hopeful fact is that our illusions have been stripped away and many people who once eagerly supported the brass thinking that by doing so they were supporting our troops now understand that all is far from well. Citizens are mobilizing to resist this trend. The second hopeful fact is that, as a hierarchical organization, we can bring the military back quickly, once we get real civilian leadership again. 

Soldiers do what commanders check. If commanders check wokeness, you’ll get wokeness. But if commanders check warfighting readiness, you’ll get warfighting readiness. It starts at the top. We don’t necessarily need a GOP president who has served, just one who refuses to be dazzled by the badges and medals on the generals’ uniforms. Some public firing and savvy hiring and a new Republican president can set the military right fast. The troops want to be warriors, and not the social justice kind. They will follow if they are properly led.

But for the next few years, things will get worse before they get better, and it will be our young troops who will pay the price for this frivolous nonsense. After all, there are enemies out there a lot more dangerous than Tucker – and our failed military leadership could not even beat him.

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