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Kiss My Mask

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People are stupid and I hate everything right now. So, let’s get that out of the way.

Mask Idiocy

If I see one more apparently healthy biker with a face mask on I’ll lose it. Or some guy alone in his stupid car with a stupid mouth thong. They can’t all have some hidden immune disorder that makes them likely to be infected – no, they are dumb or nuts or generally just lame.

Yeah, I know it’s a real disease. I had it. I am now immune, you know, like the vaccinated people are. Except my status is a hassle. I don’t need a mask to protect myself or others. So why, exactly, oh People of Science, should I suffer the indignity of wrapping a cloth around my blowhole? I've already given up my hobby of tackling random strangers and coughing in their faces.

Not inconsiderable numbers of us are now immune via having beaten it or getting jabbed with the vaccine. And yet there is no acknowledgement of this. Why, exactly, should I not gather in groups or eat at a restaurant? I can’t get the bug. I am safe. And people who have gotten the vaccine can’t either. So why?

Well, it’s just more convenient to take the rights of everyone than to narrowly tailor – gee, I remember that phrase from Con Law – the imposition on our civil rights, I guess. That’s a new one – rights can be forfeit for the convenience of bureaucrats. I don’t remember hearing about that in my aforementioned Con Law class, but maybe I was asleep.

The other argument is that maybe we’re not actually immune. Well, that’s interesting. So, the vaccine which, like post-infection immunity, is created by a triggered immune system, doesn’t work? Is that what they are saying?

Not exactly – they are saying “How dare you question the vaccine!” (which I am not doing in the absence of evidence) while acting as though the vaccine is super questionable. If you think this is garbage, you are right.

Here’s the sad truth – far too many government functionaries love this. And far too many citizens love it too. They get off on the excitement of a crisis, and they groove on the chance to boss others around.

Leave me out of your science-denying psychodramas, you freaks.

It’s All Trump’s Fault For Some Reason

Pity the poor media and their liberal masters. The left is going to miss Donald Trump even more than the rest of us are. The simple fact is that Trump, by positioning himself as the opposition to all the establishment's hopes and dreams and initiatives, became their perfect foil, the perfect scapegoat.

Since he nominally was president, although we all recall how they spent four years insisting his election was illegitimate, he got the blame even though he didn’t get any credit for all his achievements. But what are they going to do now? Well, they’re still going to blame Trump, and when they can’t blame Trump they’re going to blame you.

Take a look at New York and a bunch of other liberal states where they can’t even manage the relatively simple task of taking hypodermic needles and sticking them into people’s arms and keeping records of it. It’s not that hard to do, if you’re not a complete idiot and you’re not allowing yourself to be controlled by all sorts of bizarre tangential priorities. 

Recently, in the formerly golden state of California, Governor Hairstyle’s minions gave a long press conference explaining how the vaccine priorities were to be set. We were informed that, among other things, you could not consider such factors as age, race, gender identity, and a host of rather bizarre characteristics. Now the idea that someone out there is going to pick and choose vaccine candidates based on their ability to choose the right bathroom seems a little odd. Is there some sort of group of people out there advocating this? This perilous peril would only occur to liberals. But the idea that age and race shouldn’t enter into it is ridiculous. All scientific evidence seems to state that older people are more likely to die from the virus, so it seems pretty reasonable priority should be, at least partially, determined on the basis of age. Likewise, there is some evidence that black Americans die at higher rates from COVID than other racial groups. It would seem that black Americans should be considered for priority, or at least that characteristic should go into the overall equation. After all, that would not be about providing the vaccine because one group is somehow more entitled or better or more worthy but that one group is more likely to be hurt if they don’t get it. And of course, from the idiots in our elite, we have heard advocacy for racial selection for the virus vaccine, but not because of science because of some weird social justice warrior analysis. That’s stupid and evil. Ignoring medical facts showing some groups are more vulnerable, assuming they are facts, would be obnoxious.

And that’s all going on outside of Trump’s control. After all, it’s the states and localities that are handing out the vaccines, and it’s the states and localities that are either successful or unsuccessful. But does anyone want to go out on a limb and guess whether Donald Trump’s going to get blamed for what he’s manifestly not doing? In the meantime, maybe Cuomo can get another Emmy or write another book.

The problem with our garbage establishment all goes back to the issue of accountability. There isn’t any. Our garbage elite has created a system where demanding accountability is considered sedition, and where holding people responsible for their failures is the problem, not the failures themselves. My guess is that even after Donald Trump has retired to Florida we’re still going to see plenty of stuff blamed on him. Hell, they’re still blaming Ronald Reagan for things. But it’s not like our ruling caste can fall back on its track record of competence.

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