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Is America Doomed to Split Apart?

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Is anyone else too old to start living on his knees? See, submission is not in the cards. The question is whether preserving our freedom means dissolving the Union. And though our alleged betters tell us we are not allowed to think about that horrible prospect, it’s the ruling caste itself that raised the question.

When you get a vile clown like Chuck Schumer promising to “change America” if he steals another Georgia election in the coming run-off, it only reaffirms that we don’t want to “change America” – at least not into the Venezuela-lite he and his coterie of neo-Marxist bother-wedders, fake Indians, and buck-tooth morons want. We’re not living in a dictatorship of the mediocre-tariat, or of anyone else, period. That’s non-negotiable. Nor does any alleged conservative principle of the kind pushed by supine gimps of the Mitt n’ French variety bind us to do so.

And yet there’s a huge chunk of America seemingly determined to suppress, disenfranchise, and even harm us. Save your gaslighting, hacks, I’m on Twitter, and every day I see people threatening us with, on the mild end, “reeducation” to “truth and reconciliation commissions” to outright murder.

I will not be reeducated or reconciled, and if you propose to murder me, I suggest you get your affairs in order.

In a situation like we are in today, with America polarized and the Establishment and its serfs dedicated to an agenda of oppression aimed directly at the patriot faction – oddly, the people who are so eager to rule this country also tend to hate this country – can we even survive as a nation? Should we?


That’s the question I have raised for four years in my conservative action novels, the latest of which, Crisis, just came out last weekend and is already a bestseller. Crisis covers the events leading up to The Split, where to stop the growing violence first initiated by the left, red and blue America negotiate a national divorce and divide the country into red and blue nations. The hero, when he’s not shooting bad guys or mocking liberals – such dully-glowing luminaries as Don Lemon, Eric Swalwell, Mrs. Ilhan Omar’s Brother, and Brian “Tater” Stelter all make cameos as do many conservative icons – must infiltrate blue areas to carry out his missions. Think of California ten years on, with secret police – that is, California ten years on.

Could a Split happen? In some ways it is happening already. In the last month two Californians I know have announced a move to Idaho. Don’t think that California is exporting only liberals – these are conservatives. There is, to some extent, a great sorting going on. Patriots are leaving big blue cities – and the House redistricting is showing that. But that means the blue enclaves are even bluer and therefore even more malignant. Don’t underestimate the lack of wisdom of these people – they are quite dumb and their own boundless incompetence, greed, and unaccountably high self-regard mean that they are absolutely capable of taking the kind of stupid and evil actions that could lead to the country tearing itself apart. Think about what they would spark if they banned guns, of banned fracking and caused millions to become impoverished for the pleasure of Marin County weather pagans, or even if they banned religious teachings they disapprove of. Think that’s crazy? Think the vicious people who sue nuns an celebrate killing babies have some sort of boundary they aren’t willing to cross?


I’m not the only one who has wondered if America might break apart because of leftist idiocy, and some people, in their despair at the venality and stupidity of far too many of our countryman, think it is the only way to resolve our crisis. This is profoundly misguided. Yes, it is daunting. We have a whole younger generation raised on SJW nonsense, but the fact is that it is nonsense. That’s a huge advantage – what we believe in, like individual rights, freedom of speech, and economic liberty, are things history teaches people hold so dearly they will fight and die for them. Who is the millennial who will die for the “right” to have his student loan paid off or to be addressed as “xir”? The left’s alleged values are ridiculous – they are not even values at all, but rather tools they use to leverage power over polite people (“Sure Jimmy, you’re a girl now. Fine. Whatever.”) and a means for losers to find camaraderie. Their whole garbage ideology is built on sand. And we’re going to just hand a big chunk of our country over to these ridiculous people?

Not on your life.

Why do my novels like Crisis sell? Because they ring true, truer and I ever imagined when I started writing about what I thought were outrageously wacky things like criminal misgendering and a PC FBI that put up a statue of J. Edgar Hoover in a cocktail dress to celebrate his commitment to LGBTQS^%!*£0 rights. The first one has happened already; try to tell me the second couldn’t.


But neither Crisis nor I favor tearing apart this country. In fact, the book looks hard at the dreadful costs of such a short-sighted idea. The answer to every problem we have is right there in the Constitution. We have only to insist that we find those answers there and not in any sort of surrender to the tyrannical fetishes of the left and their Fredocon submissives.

This is our country, and contrary to the Establishment and its media simpletons – who we have learned to ignore – the last election was a stunning repudiation of the left. Sure, they think they have managed to (barely) steal the presidential election, but even then, the margin was under 100K across a few states. Down ballot, we demonstrated that we are not beaten and we are not giving up.

Yeah, there’s more to do. The president’s legal challenges must be heard. We need to secure the Georgia Senate seats from mini-Teddy Kennedy and Jeremiah Wright Junior. We need to stop in its tracks any agenda that Grandpa Badfinger’s puppet masters propose, and use our now Roberts-irrelevant SCOTUS to stop any silly notions about rule by decree. We need to ruthlessly redistrict in the statehouses we own while we use those same state legislatures to pass the pro-freedom laws made necessary by the massive fascist campaign by big tech and the big corporations to bring us to heel by cutting us off from access to the mechanisms of society. Our principles need to stop being a blind commitment to what Milton Freidman thought back before business started adopting the politics of the CEOs’ much younger and dumber second wives. 


We’re not going anywhere. We’re not retreating. We’re not hiding. We’re not pulling into our conservative shell like some right-wing tortoise. This is our country.

We built it. We feed it. We fuel it. We defend it. And we’re not giving away any of it or ceding a single inch to a bunch of corrupt incompetents with delusions of dictatorship.

This is where we make a stand, for the Constitution and for our country. 

Hey leftists, listen up. Shut up for a second and listen good. America is not doomed. We aren’t going to become serfs, and we aren’t going anywhere.

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Crisis, the fifth book in my best-selling conservative thriller series about America split into red and blue is finally out and is already an Amazon bestseller. Also check out the prior novels People's Republic, Indian Country, Wildfire, and Collapse

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