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According to science, which we recently learned is racist except when it is useful to the libs, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Putting aside the gender and pallor privilege of Sir Isaac Newton that has the sociology students in Goucher College’s “Physics for Liberal Arts Majors and other Dummies" course literally shaking, his Third Law of Motion provides a glimpse of the future as the center-left and the ravenous tiger it is riding, the radical left, seek to lock in their domination of the culture through physical and social terrorism. The intended victims – us – are not going to just sit here and take their guff. They will react.


That reaction, that backlash, has already begun. And if the left responds by escalating, it could get super ugly. 

Lesson: Be careful about the new rules you enact.

I recall walking through the ruins of Kosovo when I first got there a few years after the active conflict. The Serbs started it, deciding they would drive out those of their Kosovar Albanian neighbors who they didn’t murder. This whole fight was based on a cultural ideology and history too convoluted and, frankly, too tiresome and dumb to explain here. Suffice it to say, the Serbs played the force card and they chose poorly. Most of the ruins were of the Serbs' and their allies’ villages, the wreckage payback by the very people they picked a fight with.

Fast forward to the current idiocy. The left here are the Serbs, and they have not even contemplated what they might unleash with their socialist offensive.

One of the myriad problems with our idiot Establishment and the Lil’ Red Guards they are trying to use as catspaws to secure their own power – which is a bad bet, as center-left softies like Bari Weiss and Andrew Sullivan are finding out – is their utter ignorance of both human nature and human history. They have forgone actual wisdom for the hackneyed insights of moronic tomes like White Fragility, and they have collectively decided that history is not worth studying because no one before Marx, or maybe AOC, had anything important to teach us. This is why they have a vision of our society as a sort of cultural Jenga tower where they can endlessly pull out blocks without the whole thing toppling over. They expect to remove society’s rights and protections for their enemies – us – and they are shocked and indignant when they find their own rights and protections forfeit.


They want the status quo for themselves while setting ours on fire, and they are too dumb to understand that things do not work out that way.

The backlash has already begun. And it will be brutal, preferably figuratively but that is not guaranteed. Kosovo was also pretty peaceful until the cultural aggressors changed the rules. So were Lexington and Concord. Our goal needs to be to maintain the conflict within the rough bounds of our political process, but unfortunately, the left can decide to take it to another level. That’s when things get real, as in real ugly.

Now, the leftist liars will attempt to prevent any discussion of the utterly predictable reaction to their social blitzkrieg by claiming that to even raise the possibility that their actions will cause chaos and even conflict is to advocate for those things (The Ahoy losers at the Bulwark blog ineptly tried that with me over my novels of America falling apart, starting with People's Republic). Pointing out the consequences of the left’s actions is not the same as somehow hoping for those consequences. We need to talk about the danger because then, maybe, we can avoid it. But in the end, who cares what they say? They’ll always lie about you anyway – I tear apart that hack ploy in my hilariously brutal new book, The 21 Biggest Lies About Donald Trump (and You!).


So, never care and never let them define what may or may not be spoken of. The truth about the inevitability of a backlash is too important to allow it to be silenced. Ignore their lies and prepare for what’s coming, because something is coming. The only question is its intensity. Americans are not going to simply shrug and politely shuffle off to serfdom under their new feudal masters, Lord Kaden of Yale and Princess (or, more likely, the non-gendered “Princexx”) Ashleigh of Santa Monica. 

You saw the first rumblings of the backlash in the news as the MSNBCNN types fell into a fussy frenzy over Americans scoring north of eight million new guns since the pangolin pandemic panic started. When a person, particularly one who has never done it before, buys a gun, that’s an indicator of intention. It’s expensive and it’s serious, since it is an acknowledgement of a commitment to fight back against criminal and tyrannical threats. If you buy a gun, you are voting GOP. Period.

And in your life, you are hearing from people who you thought were kind of soft and liberal looking around then whispering to you, “This is crazy. We have to stop this.” It’s becoming clear to the center left that the radicals hate them too. After all, the Mensheviks got shot first. The moderate libs will soon have to choose a side – our side or suicide.


And we are flexing our political power. Even some of the Fredocons have stopped trying to appease the creeps by switching up holidays and Army base names and figured out it’s time to fight back instead of rolling over. The backlash has begun by the administration too. This whole sissy insurgency was always an information operation, as opposed to a kinetic operation, that was designed to demoralize and defeat us by convincing us that the relatively small and rare outbursts of violence and chaos were really the whole country going up in flames. It wasn’t – it was a staged spectacle by a few thousand jerks out of 330 million citizens. Donald Trump wisely saw it that way and avoided the trap of handing them a propaganda victory by using massive military force. Instead, under AG Bill Barr, the Department of Justice has taken a break from covering for coup plotters and started arresting these little creeps on federal charges, charges that local DAs on the Soros payroll can’t just dismiss. And now the left is voiding its collective collectivist bowels because federal law enforcement is defending federal property in the hearts of Democrat cities whose liberal mayors have offered them up as playgrounds for the left to conduct its performance art revolution for the benefit of the mainstream media propagandists’ cameras.


What next?

Well, next we normal people riot. 

But it will be a quiet riot. Not the mediocre eighties band either – and you will not feel the noize. It will be a wordless, marchless riot of normal people, and it will occur on November 3rd at the voting booth. We’re not going to burn, loot, and destroy our own stuff, the stuff we built and paid for. Also, we have jobs. No, we’ll riot with our ballots, electing Republicans down the line, while pillaging the Democrats and sowing their fields with salt.

That’s how we fight will back. Don’t miss the fun. If you aren’t registered, register. If you can’t make it to the polls, get an absentee ballot. Every hand, hold high your figurative pitchforks and torches! Burn baby, burn.

In this way, we can avoid the worst consequences of the chaos the left has unleashed. History tells us what those consequences are, and frankly, you are doing those pinko brats a favor by electing a clear GOP majority and putting a stop to their idiocy before they go full Ft. Sumter. Democrats, never go full Ft. Sumter. You’re already 0-1.

Remember, November is their last chance, not ours. 

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