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Danger in the Air

Posted: Jun 17, 2020 12:01 AM
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Danger in the Air

Source: AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Are you feeling this kind of weird tension in the air? Not like if Gropey Joe is eying your daughter but more like an unsettling sense that all is not well and bad stuff may be coming? I am, and I’m wondering if stupid and weak people might blame Trump for it and go vote for Grandpa Badfinger in the unconscious hope that giving up on asserting our interests and rights will buy us peace. It won’t, but people do weird and stupid things. Just look at the support for noted furry Beto. That was super weird and stupid.

Also, a lot of people had some entertainment suggestions, many of which involved cop shows which I understand makes them totally racist according to our moral betters who are otherwise engaged in burning down the blue cities. And I am going to complain about having to put out my book in the middle of this mess.

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