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Danger in the Air

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Are you feeling this kind of weird tension in the air? Not like if Gropey Joe is eying your daughter but more like an unsettling sense that all is not well and bad stuff may be coming? I am, and I’m wondering if stupid and weak people might blame Trump for it and go vote for Grandpa Badfinger in the unconscious hope that giving up on asserting our interests and rights will buy us peace. It won’t, but people do weird and stupid things. Just look at the support for noted furry Beto. That was super weird and stupid.

Also, a lot of people had some entertainment suggestions, many of which involved cop shows which I understand makes them totally racist according to our moral betters who are otherwise engaged in burning down the blue cities. And I am going to complain about having to put out my book in the middle of this mess.

It’s A Weird Time In America

Trump came into office and disrupted the grift, and the establishment has been doing everything it can to overthrow him ever since. One thing it has done, and I am not sure how much of it is carefully planned as opposed to just a natural consequence of its other actions, is to create a vibe of tension and disquiet throughout the country. I do not think I am the only one who feels like this could get a lot worse. A lot of people have been telling me that my Red v. Blue novels People's Republic, Indian Country, Wildfire and Collapse are coming true, and that’s bad.

First you had the pangolin pandemic panic, then the economic crash, then riots, and who knows what next. That sinewy weirdo Biden is babbling about Trump maybe not leaving office if he loses and the military marching him out of the White House, then you see all these retired generals who failed to win the war in Afghanistan leaping into politics because the norm against them doing so is apparently too hard to honor anymore. You wonder if this experimental Republic could all turn to Schiff.

I don’t know, but I think that vibe, that underlying feeling that things are spinning out of control, could affect the election. But it could play to Trump’s advantage when people realize that – and I think this is objectively true – no Democrat could, or would even want to, keep them safe. You have mayors and governors clapping as the Antifa scumbags take over chunks of their feces-strewn blue cities and demand that we defund the police. On the other hand, there is a kind of unspoken threat in all this, from the Dems and their media punks, that if we don’t toss out Trump and let them back into power, they will crank up the chaos.

I hope that, as a nation, we have not become so sissy that we capitulate to this kind of garbage intimidation. But then we see people we expected to show some spine kneeling and wailing for forgiveness because their great-great-great-great granddaddy came from Manchester and we realize that a lot of people are just weak.

This only reinforces my admonition that all healthy, law-abiding citizens should buy guns and ammunition to lawfully defend their lives and liberty. 

Maybe next week we’ll talk guns and my recommendations for doing so.

The Netflix Nightmare II – Reader Ideas

You guys responded to my unwoke entertainment options query in an even more massive way than you did even about that macaroni/American chop suey/slumgullion discussion. A lot of them will trigger all the commie jerks out there who want to ban shows that show cops or military folks in a positive light…

Curt says, “Carnival Row is really good. I was surprised with Orlando Bloom's acting in it (pleasantly).” I would be surprised too. He also recommends Hannah the series.

Drake - not the rapper a-patently - says to try The Knick on Cinemax on Demand. It’s about “1900 New York, The Knickerbocker Hospital.....It explores all the crazy thinking about medicine in the beginning of the modern age. No transfusions, no antibiotics, no x rays (which they bring in).” Sounds intriguing.

Vicki says to watch Hell on Wheels. Andy says Longmire is highly cisgender. I’ve heard of that and maybe I’ll try it out. We were already watching Fauda, which both Vladimir and my pal Hugh Hewitt have recommended. It’s about Israeli commandos and it’s kind of cool. Michael advises that I check out The Wire – people have been telling me that’s the greatest show ever for years and I still haven’t watched it. Joshua suggests Firefly, but I am way ahead of him.

Donna says “I have Amazon Prime. I've been watching old black and white Westerns. Tombstone Territory, Bat Masterson, etc. I have Have Gun Will Travel on DVD. I also like Longmire, which is new and in color. Man From UNCLE, the old series, is fun and never pretended to be realistic.” That’s another vote for Longmire.

Richard recommends a movie with Samuel L. Jackson called Unthinkable. That’s pretty unwoke. Jim writes “Just stayed up most of the night watching the 8 part ZeroZeroZero with Gabriel Byrne, among others…worth the effort.”

Cathy says: “Here's a few TV shows my husband and I have enjoyed: Living With Yourself, (Paul Rudd comedy), Orphan Black, (Sci-fi drama. The first episode hooked me. Amazing acting by Tatiana Maslany), Upload, (new Amazon Prime sci-fi comedy). There is a free TV show that has not shown signs of being too woke, Seal Team, (with creator, producer/writer, Benjamin Cavell whose other work you may recognize; Justified and Homeland)”.

Joanne recommends Deadwood, Ozark, Killing Eve, and White Lines. I’ve seen some of the first three and stopped watching. As for White Lines, it’s Portuguese and it’s on Netflix.

And John mourns Live PD, which has been sacrificed on the altar of political correctness. Maybe we conservatives should get our own network together. With that in mind, Richard recommends we create something called Woke Science Theater 2020. The problem is I don’t know how you parody what’s actually happening.

And Albert recommended that I run for president. I don’t know what I ever did to him to wish that upon me.

I got a lot more recommendations and maybe I’ll get to them down the road. Sorry I couldn’t or I would’ve gone way over space!

Kurt’s Book Adventure

How do you release a book in a time of chaos? I have my new non-fiction book from Regnery, The 21 Biggest Lies about Donald Trump (and You!) dropping July 7, and I have to tell you, this is a really weird time to have a book come out. Usually, I’d at least go to New York and Washington, DC, to promote it and that is unlikely since both are swimming with disease, or at least both city’s dictators are acting like they are swimming with disease. Moreover, I usually do shows and that’s not going to be a thing – it’s back to Skyping from my office or my deck. 

So, basically, it’s a lot of social media, ads and remote media. The book itself is pretty damn mean and funny, so that’s good. I went and added a chapter on the pangolin virus which was happening when the book closed – so, you actually get a bonus lie. But then the riots started and a whole new raft of lies arose. If these commie jerks put 1/100th of the effort into fixing the country as they do into lying about Trump, we’d be golden.

I’m also doing Periscopes every day on Twitter, so you can have more Kurt if you want it. I did one on the military’s total failure during the recent disturbances and damn, I swore a lot. I guess I’m just passionate. Anyway, go on and pre-order a copy of it if you want. It’s already on a second print run. And the great Tony Katz is doing the audiobook!

Also, check out my podcast “Unredacted” every Monday, and my free podcast “Fighting Words” on Wednesdays! 

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