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Joe Biden, the Chauncey Gardner of American politics, the guy Elwood P. Dowd thinks is cracked, used to be sort of amusing. Except he’s not amusing anymore. His decline is sad to see, but the obnoxious sense of unearned entitlement he projects – as demonstrated by his outrage over that uppity working-class guy who dared question the ancient job applicant – is intolerable.

Buzz off, you crusty, credit card company-shilling jerk.

Think about the image his latest confrontation projected, of a guy who sweats while he works getting an incoherent, finger-wagging lecture from a pompous clown steamed that this peasant isn’t on his knees genuflecting before the Democrat Demigod of Dover. There once was a time when the Democrats styled themselves as the party of the working man – for all his myriad flaws, Biden’s crustacean competitor Bernie Sanders at least pays lip service to the workers – but that day is long past. Begone, you dirty-nailed cis-trogs, with your uncurated ideas of gender identity and upper body strength.

The Democrats are now the party of the Pumpkin IPA-sampling hipster, the woke tech tool, the militant diversity consultant, and the cat-fancying public school teacher whose husband went out to get her some Diet Coke when she was 48 and never came back.


Construction workers, cops, auto builders, truckers, soldiers – you need not apply. You are not appreciated, much less wanted. There’s no place in the 2020 Democrat Party for real men, men who make things and who break things. Today, none of the Village People could be a Democrat, not even the Indian – just ask Big Chief Warren.

The Blue Checks of Twitter thought this was great, and it probably played great in Manhattan and Santa Monica. In America, not so much. Likewise, with their fingers on the pulse of the people they have girly cocktails with in Georgetown fern bars, the Never Trump sissies were in full Ahoy! effect, delighted at that nasty brute getting what-for from the candidate of the True Conservative™. You could feel the underlying sense that they saw this opportunity to gloat as their pinchy, hair-pully vengeance against the kind of men their wives prefer. That is, men.

It’s not only that Biden was wrong about everything, but he was. Just the other day he was blabbing about putting the Waco Furry in charge of destroying the Second Amendment – you know, the same skateboarding quarter-wit who promised “I will take your guns.” Yet that promise appeared to slipped Joe’s well-greased mind. He thinks AR-15s are illegal – they aren’t, but his position is to make them illegal and turn millions upon millions of American citizens into felons even while he advocates letting illegal aliens and actual criminals run free. He thinks an AR-15’s usual capacity is 100 rounds, for some reason. And it’s not an AR-14 – he’s one AR off. Ugh – if you’re going to fascist, is it too much to expect you to understand what you are fascisting?


Oh, and the buried lede was that “his sons” hunt and own shotguns. His good son, by all accounts a decent guy, passed away, leading to the other son Hunter getting with his ex. So, that’s awkward. And now we learn that the Stripper Tapper is strapped, that the guy who got booted from the Navy for drugs is packing? Is that even legal?

It doesn’t matter. We all understand that the rules that apply to us don’t apply to moronic mandarins like Gropey Joe or to their relatives like Hunter, the Snortunate Son.

And that’s how the Democrat establishment wants it. Or, rather, that’s what it wants to return to. By rallying around the tattered banner of Joe Biden, the Democrats have forfeited the chance to offer the candidate of change. Rather, they seek to offer the candidate of change back, back to the ineptly managed national decline of the Barack Obama years. If Joe Biden wins, he will not serve – he will be out in the Rose Garden frying bugs with a magnifying glass while a brainless trust of Obama retreads gets to work transforming all of America into Scat Francisco.

Donald Trump, amazingly, has managed by his aggressive agenda and by the utter political incompetence of the same people who never tire of letting us know how much better and smarter and more moral than us they are, to run as both the incumbent and the candidate of change. Moreover, this billionaire has also managed to run as the advocate of working Americans. That construction worker was the same kind of guy Donald Trump grew up around, the same kind of guy Trump knows how to talk to, the same kind of guy Trump appreciates. That’s key. Trump spent decades helping put up skyscrapers; Joe Biden spent decades getting sucked-up to in the Senate producing only hot air and sketchy but lucrative business opportunities for his family and friends.


Besides oozing with early stage senility, Biden’s disgusting performance oozes with full-blown contempt for the kind of Americans the Democrat Party has declared unworthy of attention or respect. And those great Americans, those men and women who defend us and feed us and do the hard work that allows Biden’s soft, gooey fans to live better than 99.99999% of all human beings in history, will remember in November who has respect for them, and who has contempt for them.

A victory by Joe Biden would lead to the kind of hellish scenario that is the setting of my latest conservative thriller, Collapse, and of the other entries in the best-selling series, People's Republic, Indian Country, and Wildfire. These action-packed and hilarious novels describe an America post-liberal victory, with all the failure and misery that entails, and the fight for freedom. Get them all, and also check out my Townhall VIP podcast, “Unredacted” every Monday as well as my new Hugh Hewitt-affiliated Salem podcast, “Fighting Words”!

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