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The clownish antics of Tex Kennedy, that drunk driving furry and El Paso punchline, are much less funny now that he is promising to convert millions of Americans into felons and send armed government agents to their homes to steal their constitutionally-guaranteed property. Maybe he doesn’t know – whether due to pharmaceuticals or simply because he’s stupid – that two Democratic administrations ago, right up the road, the feds sent a bunch of armed men to take the forbidden guns of some people who were minding their own business and it turned out poorly. That debacle resulted in four dead ATF agents and over 70 dead civilians – including dozens of kids the feds burned alive.


Too bad that ridiculous dwarf George Stephoplatypus didn’t query The Waco Kid on how many Waco reruns he and his fascist friends are willing to accept to show us rubes who’s boss.

After all, that’s what this AR-15 immoral panic is all about. There are 20 million scary fake “assault weapons” out there in the safest of all possible hands – that of American citizens for use in defending themselves, their families, their communities and their Constitution. How many of them were used this year by scumbags to hurt other people in the mass shootings that get exponentially more coverage than the blue city bloodbaths that are exponentially worse?

We had what? Two recent incidents? Two? In Chicago, two shooting incidents is a slow hour. Two in 20 million – I like those odds.

This dream of unleashing the cops (and who knows – the Army too?) on Normal Americans is designed to arouse the impotent urban libs who desperately want to flex their puny muscles and humiliate us by stripping us of that which makes us citizens and not serfs. Oh, and the fringe benefit is that we could no longer resist the kind of Cuban tyranny these creeps dream of imposing. For the elite left, gun bans are a twofer.

Oh, that’s crazy talk that is very crazy, you crazy person of craziness!

Really? As part of Scat Francisco’s continuing campaign to convert my novels into nonfiction, its local Politburo declared that the NRA is a “terrorist organization” and promised all sorts of nasty consequences for firearms dissenters. That’s right – a government body in a progressive cesspool explicitly outlawed a group of American patriots because the goosesteppers-by-the-Bay dislike these Americans’ political views. Since the Bill of Rights is now the Bill of Suggestions, what other thoughts and opinions will they outlaw? Christianity seems pretty unprogressive – how about banning that? Everyone but those insufferable pinko Unitarians are terrorists!


But hey, if we Normals disarm the elite will suddenly do a 180 and start totally respecting our civil rights.

“It’s true,” insists my pet unicorn, Chet. “It’s totally true!”

Beto, as if that’s his real name, got the fussies because someone from Texas named (of course) Briscoe Cain responded to the Fascist Furry’s threats to send armed people to steal his property by observing that his AR-15 would be ready and waiting. Whether or not this was an appropriate thing to say is not the point, which is why Drinky O’Runfromthescene and his media cheerleaders tried to make it the point. The point is that an awful lot of armed people – many of them vets – feel really strongly that sending folks with guns to rip away their Constitutional rights is a tyrannical act of war. And that reality has consequences most Americans are unwilling to accept to bring about the nation of defenseless sheep our alleged betters desire. 

The harsh fact is that when you send people with weapons to steal other people’s stuff there’s a huge potential for violence – especially if 1) the intended victims strongly (and correctly) believe that they have the Constitutional right to do what they are doing, and because 2) by definition, the people being oppressed have guns. Eric Garner was just trying to peddle some loose cigs and the cops killed him – when you pass a law you resolve to use force to enforce it, and whenever you use force there’s a risk someone ends up in a body bag. Beto is willing to take that risk. Are you?


Of course, the elite and its media lackeys howl “YOU’RE ADVOCATING VIOLENCE” for even raising the manifestly obvious issue of the violence that would almost certainly result from a frontal assault on an actual provision of the Bill of Rights that actually exists, as opposed to some constitutional specter composed of penumbras, emanations and liberal preferences.  It’s a lie, like everything liberals and their gimp media say. You are advocating violence when you propose to used armed force to attack American citizens in order to steal their property and freedom. Beto is advocating violence. 

This is no hypothetical. It’s happened before.

Lexington and Concord.


Ruby Ridge.

See the trend? When governments try to take Americans’ guns, people dieMaybe scary black guns scare you, but is that danger really what you want to sign on to?

Gun confiscation leads to violence – that’s not a hope but an observation, and an objective fact. Of course, the Democratic transcriptionists that comprise the mainstream media will try to drown out this essential critique of their plot with lies. Just wait for how they mischaracterize this column. They really think their own followers are dumb. It’s them accusing you of having a pro-burn agenda when you suggest they not lay their paws on a hot stove. Ditto the useless Fredocons, who will take a break from their multiple failed marriages, from advocating for wars you get to fight for them, and from bellying up to the Lido Deck buffet for their second breakfast carb download to parrot the party line of their liberal donor dommes. Apparently True Conservatism™ means ignoring inconvenient history if it might make people less likely to accept the preferred policy prescriptions of the tech Ernst Pierre Blofelds out in Silicon Valley stroking your checks.


The fact remains that the plan to take our guns – you know, the intention the Democrats kept denying having until The Waco Kid got off message in a play to break the one percent ceiling – will lead to dead Americans. That’s not a wish. That’s a warning. Beto advocates violence, while we say the violence he would inflict is unacceptable.

So, the question remains – a question our much-worse betters most definitely do not want you asking because its answer will make every Normal American less likely to support our garbage elite’s scheme. The question, you furry freak and all you bloodthirsty leftist Venezuelaphiles, is how many Americans are you willing to see die to realize your dream of an America composed of disarmed serfs?

My answer is, “None.” I am willing to accept precisely zero Wacos.

But I bet our elite’s answer is, “As many as it takes.”

Wondering what an America where the bloodthirsty Betos of the left ruled would look like? Check out my action-packed yet hilarious novels, People's Republic, Indian Country and Wildfire. The cruise-shilling grifter contingent called these books “appalling,” which is the best blurb I could ask for for Book IV (coming soon).

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