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Donald Trump is a lot of things, but stupid is not one of them. Like all of us, he is understandably horrified by the murder sprees of that progressive environmental eugenics weirdo and that member of Big Chief Warren’s tribe.* But Trump is also keenly aware that any betrayal of his supporters on a literally life or death issue like guns – if you’ve been listening to the left you have a good idea what miserable fate awaits you if you get disarmed and they take power – will result in his wholesale abandonment by his supporters. No, his base probably won’t go vote for the furry, or Doxxy Castro’s brother, or Gaffe-y McOldenheimer. His base will just stay home. Trump will lose, the GOP will lose the Senate, and the left will take over. And bad things will happen to the liberal elite’s enemies, not least of all to Trump and his family.


Trump understands this. And he understands that the media is trying to get him to alienate his own supporters. But so far, he has never stuck us in the back even after the garbage media eagerly reports on his conciliatory talk on subjects near and dear to us in the hopes that it means a betrayal is incoming. It never has been in the past. There’s no reason to believe he would sell us out now.

We would not forgive him. To go left on guns would be, at a minimum, political suicide. 

Look, it’s right to be suspicious of all politicians, including Donald Trump. After all, we conservatives have been betrayed by our alleged leaders so often that Felonia Milhous von Pantsuits feels sorry for us over how often we’ve been cheated on by GOP pols cavorting with the Dems. 

For years, our so-called champions rolled-over, gave-in and backstabbed us so consistently that, in deep desperation, we picked a New York reality TV star as the last, best hope for conservatism. And he’s delivered – most of those cruise-shilling hacks who lied to us for so long are either out of office, pretending to conform for fear of our vengeance, or are writing for whatever unread cheesy blog replaced the Weekly Standard.

Trump has always come through in the end, but on the way, his unique tactics can make us nervous. We worried that Trump was going to let them pull the amnesty wool over his eyes to get some kind of deal. That did not happen. People fretted that he would give away the farm to the pudgy Korean dictator. Trump has not. Trump’s style is to talk in a conciliatory manner and to speak nicely of his opponents during negotiations, but not to take a crummy deal. 


The same is likely true now on guns. Trump is talking in a conciliatory way as a prelude to negotiations. But Trump has not said he would embrace a ban on so-called “assault weapons” – he understands that if he does so he might as well call a moving van. Nor did Cocaine Mitch – the Murder Turtle (his enemies bestow the greatest nicknames upon him) only observed that it would be “front and center” in the debate because that’s where the Democrats seeking to disarm us would put it. McConnell knows a sellout on guns makes him the minority leader; he’s not going to let those socialist creeps take our AR-15s.

Trump did mention improved background checks, and frankly, there is room for improvement. How many times have government incompetence let some leftist freak* who should have been barred by a conviction or mental instability buy a gun? Way too many. As for “red flag” laws, the idea of a process where a guy announcing his intent to go on a murder spree to, say, promote the Bernie Sanders agenda by attacking a baseball field full of Republicans,* is sensible in theory. But in practice, the due process considerations are essential – I mean serious due process guarantees, with teeth. Leftists have already promised to abuse these laws, so massive penalties for misuse of them to persecute political opponents must be part of the mix.


But any move toward the Democrat position that our basic gun rights are negotiable or that we can be disarmed in any way would be utterly unacceptable. And Trump knows this – he knows what we will and will not tolerate. He’s certainly not like the Fredocon GOP goofs who get MSNBC hits because they are eager to submit to the media’s narrative. He’s too smart to do exactly what the Democrats are using this furor to try to trick him into doing – create a rift between him and his base so one of the 272 pinko morons running for the Donkey nom can sneak in and win an election that right now is Trump’s to lose.

Trump does not want to lose.

And Trump knows he had better not lose because of his fate and the fate of his family are at stake. You have heard the leftists – they want him and his family jailed, literally. They’ve said it, again and again, and when people say they wish you harm you should probably believe them. Do you think, in light of the RUSSIA TREASON COLLUSION EMOULUMENTS nonsense we’ve endured for three years, that something like the lack of any actual crimes would stop them from prosecuting Donald, Don. Jr., Ivanka, Eric and probably Barron if they had control of the DoJ once again? My pet unicorn Chet does, but no one else buys that jive. And remember what New York tried to do to Paul Manafort. If he wasn’t dead, you could ask Jeffrey Epstein how being in prison while also being a threat to the liberal elite turns out.


Trump needs to stand firm in the face of a bogus panic initiated by the acts of leftist monsters.* And he almost certainly will. He’s literally got everything to lose.

* At the request of the left, the stupid liberal new rule that assigns the blame for the acts of criminal freaks to opposing politicians based upon a cursory and bad faith comparison of their politics is, unfortunately, in effect. I prefer the old rule, where a criminal is responsible for his own actions, but liberals feel differently and so the new rules are the new rules and the liberals can choke on them.

For a look at what happens if Trump allows himself to get rolled and loses the election by sucking up to his enemies, check out my action-packed yet hilarious novels about the United States’ split into red and blue countries, People's Republic, Indian Country and Wildfire. These liberal-infuriating books have been called “Appalling” and have earned the hatred of leftists geebos and their vinyl-clad fake con minions who sank the Weekly Standard. There is no better blurb!

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