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The greatest thing about Donald Trump is how his election has caused our enemies to reveal exactly what kind of seedy, corrupt weasels they truly are. 

My apologies to weasels – those creatures don’t deserve to be associated with the shoddy assembly of race hustlers, graft grabbers, liberal liars, garbage media scribblers and submissive Fredocon lackies who make up our grotesque liberal elite. 

Our enemies despise us, and look down upon us from what they assume we’ll consider the moral high ground, judging and berating us for the literal and figurative crimes they themselves commit. So watch for me to be labeled “weaselist’ and told to confront my nonweasel privilege while at the same time their own anti-weasel agenda will be obvious and in our face.

It’s the hypocrisy, stupid.

It’s the constant loud and proud lying that they hope will keep us cowed.


It’s not working.

We got woke.

Take this idiocy about the newly discovered TREASONOUS TREACHERY OF TREASON that is taking oppo from grimy foreigners. Trump said (and I paraphrase), “Sure, I guess if some alien offered me dirt on whichever groper, fake Cherokee, Mad magazine mascot or skateboarding furry the Democrats nominate I’d listen,” and the lib elite lifted off into the highest of dudgeons. 

“This is his worst treason since his last worst treason!” they thundered. “This is even more treasonous than when The Bad Orange Man called us ‘traitors’ for our treachery after we called him ‘traitor’ for two years!” 

They got really, really upset. Fake upset, of course, but they committed to the bit and kept straight faces. And you know that Trump pulled the pin on that hand grenade of truth on purpose in order to make the dummies explode just like they did. 

You have to wonder if the garbage elite really thinks their brand of blatant hypocrisy disguised as moral outrage works, or if this is just a reflexive response to a president who not only sees them for the useless slugs they are, but says so.

My apologies to slugs. I am not slugist.

Still, do any of them truly think that we Normals will listen to them sounding off about the perfidy of perhaps considering the possibility of maybe accepting dirt on their freak show candidates from outsiders and not recall that Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit famously did just that with the pee-pee dossier, or that Adam Schiff got punked by a couple of Russian Howard Stern wannabeskis offering him pics of the POTUS au natural?

When Staggers O’Cankles does it, it’s cool? When Congressman Leaky does it, it’s fine? Yet when Trump says he might do exactly what they did, it’s the greatest betrayal of our Values, our Constitution and our Democracy since his last greatest betrayal of our Values, our Constitution and our Democracy, which happened last week?


What else ya got? 

Because I don’t care anymore. 

And you don’t care anymore. 

Who actually still cares about this nonsense? It can’t be aimed at converting us. We know they think we’re dumb, but are they so stupid, so utterly unable to correctly and objectively assess their opponents (us), that they really believe they can Ted Lieu on our legs and tell us it’s raining, and that we’ll just nod and join in their never-ending chant of “Orange Man Bad?”

Maybe it’s a ritual within their lame community of liberal weirdos, losers and mutations in which they reassure and reaffirm each other with these meaningless acts of outrage performance art.

But it is not working on us.

Not anymore.

To the extent our modern elite had retained any residual credibility from back in the distant past when our elite wasn’t totally corrupt and incompetent, that goodwill has been squandered in the wake of its war to crush Trump, which is actually a war to crush us and restore the elite’s unchallenged power. 

We watch them do X as they tell us to do Y, and they expect us to accept it. Maybe that’s not a completely unreasonable expectation. A lot of goofy, submissive alleged conservatives from Conservative, Inc., have accepted that 2 + 2 =5. The whole cruise-shilling set loves Big Gender-Neutral Sibling and eagerly joins in the phony festivals of fake fury. Last week, social media was packed with these bitter pills fulminating about TRUMP TRAITOR TREASON. And, probably, the geebos at The Bulwark ran with it too, not that anyone would know except the donors Bill Kristol somehow suckered into funding that cesspool floater of a blog.

Everything they tell us reeks of hypocrisy, like the ever-changing rules about our Glorious Public Servants. When some bureaucrat parrots the party line, we’re supposed to defer. When one fails to parrot correctly, we’re supposed to scream that he’s in contempt of Congress. Mueller is an awesome hero of heroism regarding his Mean Girl slam book innuendo about bogus obstruction, but when he reluctantly admits the whole collusion thing was a lot of hooey, we’re supposed to ignore him. 

And it’s not just the hypocrisy related to the cheesy coup against Trump. The climate change cult is all liberal taqiya all the time. We see Al Gore telling us we’re doomed by global warming in five years, no, ten years, no, it’s…a hundred…yeah, a hundred years, and then he sells out to Arab oil sheiks and buys a mansion that uses as much power as North Dakota. We see movie stars fly in on private jets to hector us about our BBQ grills. We see A O C- hop in an SUV because, well, her getting a comfy lift around town is important but you being able to cart your kids around to soccer isn’t. One set of rules for them, another for us peasants.

It’s all lies and hypocrisy and it just doesn’t work on us anymore. Thanks to alternative and social media, the gatekeepers are still manning – okay, nonbinarying – their failing gates while we’re walking through the big holes we’ve blasted in the walls. They can’t hide or control the truth anymore, but they’re still stumbling along as if they can.

When you point out their shameless dissembling, you get accused of “whataboutism,” which is apparently defined as “the outrageous act of pointing out how liberals are full of it.” But whataboutism is a moral necessity. It identifies the liars and clarifies the rules. They wouldn’t demand you stop doing it if whataboutism didn’t punch them in the gut.

The days of us letting them play by one really loose set of rules and forcing us to play by another that jams us up every time we seek to pursue our own interests has passed. We’re neither suckers nor saps, and they don’t get to dictate how we defend our interests anymore. Their tsunami of hypocrisy has washed away any pretense of their moral superiority. They are why they got Trump.

I write about what happens when hypocrisy is triumphant in my action-packed yet super-snarky novels about the United States’ split into red and blue countries, People's Republic, Indian Country and Wildfire. Not surprisingly, liberals and the fussy castaways from the Weekly Standard hailed my novels as “Appalling.” You can always trust them…to be wrong!

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