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You think, “Nope, progressives can’t possibly be any dumber,” and then they proceed to reset the dumbness bar. The latest example is Alyssa Milano, who has publicly announced she’s not going to have sex anymore until people can once again kill babies without restraint. If that’s what counts as foreplay these days, count us conservatives out.


The 80s TV teen turned leftist Twitter twerp recently tweeted that “Our reproductive rights are being erased. Until women have legal control over our own bodies we just cannot risk pregnancy. JOIN ME by not having sex until we get bodily autonomy back. I’m calling for a #SexStrike. Pass it on.

Let’s review. Alyssa Milano is not going to have sex unless and until you allow her to kill babies. I am unclear on what our reaction is supposed to be. Does she expect us to pull a 180 on pre-birth infanticide in order to keep the Alyssa Option open?

Liberals are already thoroughly confused (at best – a lot of them know that liberalism is nonsense but embrace it as a vehicle for their personal power), yet when they get going on the abortion issue they get exponentially worse. It’s a pretty simple question – is it okay to kill a human being who has not yet been born? I say “No,” you say “No,” and they say it’s practically mandatory. 

It’s not exactly clear why they draw their hardest ideological line on abortion, but they do. Maybe they love to freak out us squares. Maybe they hate the idea of traditional motherhood. Maybe liberalism is just a hideous death cult that has substituted Margaret Sanger for Moloch.


Probably some of all three.

But draw the line there they do, and it makes them stupid and crazy – well, stupider and crazier. Normal people look at a pregnant woman and they know what is inside her is a child. It’s not a random clump of cells. It’s not some unwanted intruder. It’s not some sort of parasite – and since when did the party of chiselers, lay-abouts, and welfare cheats liberals stop being pro-parasite anyway? It’s a kid, and everyone knows that. That’s just, if you’ll pardon the expression, science.

Across the country, states are moving forward to protect life, which horrifies the liberals. This sex strike is just the latest manifestation of their frustration. And Alyssa’s not the only one on the retaliatory celibacy bandwagon. There are a number of feminist lunatics channeling ancient Greek plays to bend men to their will through their naggy erotic power, such as it is. One is a former Navy JAG and Democrat congressional candidate – you can insert your own snide joke here yourself. But, hilariously, the #SexStrike hashtag on Twitter was taken up mostly by conservatives mocking this whole idea.

 I am guessing that this innovative strategy probably won’t be successful in dissuading us from protecting the unborn. Scratching Alyssa Milano off our collective “To-do” list? We can live with that.


Now, the progressive impulse that inspires a 46-year-old woman to publicly announce that her libido has been fatally impeded by the removal of the option to terminate a hypothetical pregnancy that ain’t in the cards anyway certainly provides us with some easy amusement. But what it provides to the Democrat candidates is a real conundrum. You see, out on the Democrat primary trail, the 237 striving weasels fighting for the chance to lose to Donald Trump in 2020 are being forced to outbid each other over who can be most extreme in the infanticide sweepstakes: 

“Second trimester? I’ll raise you third trimester!”

“Okay, then I say it’s okay five minutes before delivery!”

“Well, I support a woman’s right to choose until the kid can drive!”

This Gosnellian one-upmanship may play well among the leftist weirdos, losers and mutations of the Democrat base who will show up to see Beto (who is a furry) speak, but Normals start hearing this psycho talk and it just does not play. For those who consider themselves soft pro-choice, the kind of people who can give a pass to first trimester procedures because they feel there’s some level of deniability, killing something that actually looks like a baby is a bridge too far. The freakshow “SHOUT MY ABORTION!” lunatics are a fringe of the fringe. Most people who accept some abortion are not excited or happy about it – they find it distasteful and sad, and they are the people to whom Bill Clinton’s long-abandoned position of “safe, legal and rare” appealed.


They did not buy into taking out a baby at 8.5 months, but that’s the horrifying position that the progressive base has forced the Democrat candidates to adopt. It’s a bad position. And the Democrat candidates, even the dumber ones who still retain at least some level of political animal cunning, get it. They have to play to the no-limits edge to get the nomination, but Trump is going to slam them with it in the general. And the liberal game plan – deny that anyone would ever have a late-term abortion while demanding that anyone can have a late term abortion because it’s the mostest importantest right ever was – just will not fly.

Which bring us back to Alyssa Milano and her sex strike. Conservatives, who do the bulk of the breeding in our country, are unlikely to join her on the picket line, and the sex issue is moot as to the Never Trump Fredocons. That leaves the real target of Operation INCEL as those progressives who identify as male. So, basically, Alyssa Milano has generated a great ideological excuse for liberal women to avoid intimate interaction with liberal men. Hmmm. Maybe this sex strike really will take off.

There are no sex scenes in my action-packed (and occasionally hilarious) novels about the United States’ split into red and blue, People's RepublicIndian Country and Wildfire, which is the only thing about them the likes of Alyssa Milano would approve of. Check them out – they come highly recommended by that pack of losers at that sad website that replaced what used to be the failed Weekly Standard, who hailed my books as “appalling.” 


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