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At least Mayor Daley and the rest of the Chicago corruptocrats had the common decency to do their vote-thieving behind the doors of the local mortuaries. Today, in Florida and elsewhere, the Democrats are doing it right in front of our faces. In fact, they’re rubbing it in our faces.


Understand the truth.

Accept the truth.

Get woke.

The only thing they care about is their own power, they absolutely intend to steal every election they can, and everything they say is a lie.

When is the last time one of these “The Republican won oh wait looky here it’s a whole bunch of new votes that Lou found in the basement” scenarios ever turned out with a Republican gaining votes? Defying the laws of probability and common sense, never. If it wasn’t a fraud, once in a while the Republican would win. But he never, ever does. Hmmmm.

Well, not quite never – back in 2000, the Bushes and their Conservative, Inc., Ahoy Elite pals showed the spine and toughness defending their own interests that they would never show defending your interests and fought back. They took the Al Gore vote scam up to the Supreme Court, which punched the brakes on the hanging chad grift, and the Democrats have still never forgiven them for not rolling over.

But ever since, Republicans have been afraid to fight back. The Dems and the media will be mean to them, and that’s scary.  But it looks like they’re finally fighting back in Florida, and it looks like we’re going to win – at least as of this writing. There’s a lesson there. 

What is rewarded is repeated. 

These antics are no fluke; it’s part of a plan. They have exported the Chicago model across the country to all the Democrat strongholds in the sea of red that is America. They wait until the returns come in and, if it’s close enough to be plausible, they go into ballot creation mode and – surprise! – votes mysteriously appear and good golly if they don’t always every single time inevitably happen to total just enough to push the moribund liberal over the finish line.


Count every vote, especially the ones they invent. Count those twice.

It’s obvious, it’s blatant, and they are not even pretending they aren’t doing it. Is our glorious press, those defenders of democracy that seek to keep it from dying in darkness and stuff, on the case? Not, they are on our case. Who is shocked that the Democrat dictation-takers of the media are already in full effect covering for their pinko masters? The press whistled a happy tune as, behind closed doors that the law requires to be open, the Broward County crooks cooked the books. But it got super upset that Jim Acosta can’t filibuster. Cramping his narcissism is the real threat to democracy. And it got super upset that – let me see if I understand the theory – Donald Trump won the election by paying off the chicks he was scoring with back a decade ago when they were hot, which is a campaign finance violation somehow, and therefore he did treason something for some reason. Huh?

Wait, I thought the Russians stole the election. Perhaps I just didn’t get the latest media’s lib talking points du jour mass email explaining what I’m supposed to pretend to freak out about. Add me back on the “To:” line, dudes:

As I recall, these are the same liberal weirdos who freaked out about how some Facebook ads from Vladivostok stopped Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit in her cankley tracks. Sounds legit. But actual cheating? Not interested, because it helps Democrats.


They are not even trying to pretend this isn’t a giant plot to steal elections – they’re just defaulting to “Well, you’re racist for wanting fair elections.” The law says you have to announce the total number of votes you received shortly after the polls close? Rule of law, schmool of law, who cares what some judge says? That law makes it hard for new votes to be “found,” so it’s racist somehow.

Of course, everything is racist. Expecting minorities to show the ID they already have – well, that’s racist. So is clearing the rolls of deadwood. That’s super racist. Democrats don’t believe that requiring voter ID will suppress legal votes. They don’t think clearing the rolls of non-voters will either. It’s just more lies. They don’t actually think these things are racist. If measures requiring ID or clearing up the rolls helped Democrats, it would be racist not to do them. No, they understand that these basic election security measures, used across the globe – why do you liberals refuse to learn from our moral superiors, the foreigners? – make it harder to cheat. They want to cheat. They are for cheating. Cheating is not a bug but a feature.

Cheating is their goal, because they believe you have no right to vote. As my new book Militant Normals: How Regular Americans Are Rebelling Against the Elite to Reclaim Our Democracy, explains, they don’t want you Normal Americans to have a say in your own governance. To the limited extent the notion of morality enters into what they do, they do not consider it immoral to cheat. They consider it a positive good. As in, good for them.


You need to understand that our opponents do not believe in democracy or the right of all citizens to be heard. It’s all lies, like everything they say. They believe they should have power and that you should shut up and obey.

To the marginal extent that they are willing to tolerate dissent, the dissenters must channel noted conservagimp Mitt Romney. Suit up in your vinyl costume and zipper your mouth-hole shut until it’s time to open it up to go on MSNBC and stab your fellow conservatives in the back.

You can sort of disagree, softly and politely, but most of all ineffectually, and everything you do must acknowledge that your duty is to defer, accept, and lose. You’ll take what you’re given, and if you are given contempt and abuse for torturing dogs or giving people cancer, well, you can just stick those in your Binders Full of Humiliations.

Here’s how bad the Broward County corruption is – even Marco Rubio took a break from being useless to complain on Twitter that Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis’s election victories were being stolen. When Foamy Marco gets woke, the awokening is in full effect.

But fussing and fuming was not enough. We needed to fight and did. Hard and ruthlessly. It looks like we won, at least there. But in the rest of the country?

Fighting is hard, which is why the GOP softies don’t like it. Yeah, the Dems will get covered for by the lying garbage pail kidz of the media. They already lie about us, so what else is new? Yeah, the Fredocons will howl. Let those betas cry. Yeah, the left will call us “racists,” but they are going to do that anyway. When we fight, we can win. It’s time to stop letting our freedom be stolen by these lib fascist creeps. It’s time to get militant.


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