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Why Do Liberals Think We Are Morally Obligated To Die To Make Them Happy?

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All major liberal policy positions have one thing in common – normal people like you are always supposed to pick up the checks liberals write when running their mouths about caring and kindness. Some of these are annoying, like how the answer to the looming crisis of it maybe being slightly hotter in 100 years (or colder – it doesn’t matter) is that you ditch your SUV and ride on a bus where and when they tell you like a sucker. Some of these are expensive. Have you ever heard a liberal say, “Gosh, maybe instead of taxing hardworking people’s earnings to pay for countless giveaway programs, perhaps we should insist that these Dem-voting freeloaders, chiselers, and layabouts pull their own weight?”


And some of these require that you die to please liberals. Except, thankfully, militant Normals are getting tired of liberals demanding they give up their livelihoods and lives to make people who hate them happy.

Look at guns. Normals like guns. They like having them. They like shooting them. And they especially like how their having guns can prevent criminals and tyrants from murdering them. Except, liberals don’t like guns. They don’t like us having them. They don’t like us shooting them. And they don’t like us having guns to prevent criminals and tyrants from murdering us.

Now, this is where our liberal pals stop whining about STORMY COLLUSION EMOLUMENTS CLAUSE LOGAN ACT WAIT NOT LOGAN ACT BECAUSE KERRY VIOLATED IT MUELLER STORMY YEAH STORMY for a moment and start whining that they don’t really want us to be the victims of as-yet unpardoned felons/Democrat voters. But it is reasonable to assume that one intends the reasonably foreseeable consequences of one’s preferred policies, and the reasonably foreseeable consequence of Normals being unable to defend themselves is Normals getting robbed, raped, and/or murdered.

Which is a risk liberals are happy to take.

Liberals want you defenseless. You know all those countless stories of good guys with guns who protect people, you know, the ones that the New York Times tells you don’t exist and not to believe your lying eyes about? Liberals would prefer those stories go, “A mother was murdered in front of her kids today” rather than, “A mother capped an ex-con with a ‘born to lose’ tatt on his forehead when he threatened her and her kids.” 


That’s the consequence of the nightmare they seek to impose upon us. Liberals, who (inept gaslighting aside) really do want to take your guns, want you to be without a means of defense. And this necessarily means they are willing to accept the risk of death (yours, not theirs) that comes with being defenseless. That is, they are totally cool with you taking the risk of encountering someone who doesn’t care that guns are illegal, or who is just plain stronger than you, and who wants to hurt you or worse. In short, liberals are eager to accept the risk of you being killed in order to attain their gun-free utopia.

Or, more precisely, they want a utopia where Normals are gun-free, and where the liberal elite maintains a monopoly on force. You think their security is disarming? Michael Moore chance. Plus, you citizens being disarmed strips you of your last straw veto over oppression. That disarming Americans means that you are also rendered defenseless against liberal tyranny is a feature, not a bug.

Now, if liberals really wanted to do something to stop gun killings, they would empower the cops in the big blue cities to sweep through the gang-infested warzones of Chicago and the like and rid them of criminals. But they won’t. Because they don’t hate the guns or the gangsters. They hate you. 

Just ask them. They always have plenty of awful things to say about Normals like you. When did you last hear a Democrat politician muster up the same level of outrage about criminals that they muster up about you? Probably back when JFK was alive and respecting women.


 This also applies internationally, and the transnational leftist elite pushes the same kind of “You first” suicide pact. Let’s look at what’s happening to our staunch friends in Israel. President Trump scandalized all the right people by keeping America’s word and relocating America’s embassy to the capital of our ally, and so the freakshow that is Hamas decided to send its brigades of brainwashed mental defectives running into Israel looking for blood. And Israel reacted exactly how one reacts to a human wave of howling seventh century savages. It opened fire.

And good for them. The Israelis are the good guys, Hamas are the bad guys, and if you don’t want none, don’t start none.

Now, the Democrats – who refused to attend the embassy ceremony because there’s nothing they hate more than people standing up against Third World barbarians – were fake outraged. Their media puppets went into overdrive. Why, it was horrible – horrible! – that Israel was using violence to stop people trying to butcher innocent Jews. Didn’t the Israelis know that, like Normal Americans who are morally obligated to live at the mercy of criminals, they are morally obligated to live at the mercy of hordes who will gleefully tell you that their goal is the extermination of the Jewish people?

 Nope. The Israelis did not know that. Because it is not a thing. This is why one must never take moral instruction from liberals. They are moral illiterates.


But what about the all the people Israel killed? Well, what about them? One of the great triumphs of the Trump presidency is the moral clarity. Certainly, if she was president, Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit would be raging at Netanyahu worse than at her aide the last time he let her run out of Canadian Club. And that simpering sap Jeb! would be wetting himself at Israel’s shameless self-defense. But Trump? In public, he practically shrugged. Behind the scenes, I bet the Israeli ambassador was getting high-fives.

Today, we side with our friends. And we celebrate the defeat of our enemies.

We’re done with bleeding for liberal feelz. One of the beautiful aspects of the Trump revolution is that America is no longer afraid to take our own side, and the side of our allies, in a fight.

But what about the baby who died of tear gas? Well, that was a lie, like everything the media reports about Hamasistan, but gone are the days when we could be suckered into pretending that kind of slander was an indictment of Israel. Now, the first question on Normals’ lips is, “What kind of dillweed brings an infant to a riot?”

Pity the poor liberals. The Normals are no longer cooperating, and it has to be frustrating for their putative superiors. How dare normal people refuse to die to make liberals feel better? 

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