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I was super excited to find out about a bunch of liberal state attorneys general aping the Obama administration’s use of government power to persecute their political enemies. This thrilling development is awesome because it gives us conservatives the opportunity to do the same to liberals.

Yeah, if the new rule is that the majority in power uses its authority to persecute its opponents, then shouldn’t we conservatives do it too? Except only harder and more ruthlessly.

Right now, you have attorneys general in places like New York and the Virgin Islands going after the heretics who dare dispute the climate change gospel. These fascists are “investigating” the dissidents and subpoenaing them and those they communicate with to gather “evidence” of non-existent crimes. But of course, the process itself is the punishment. Their purpose is to shut up the people who are pointing out liberal lies.

And you have the California Attorney General’s office going after the guy who revealed Planned Parenthood's baby bit bargaining, sending the storm troopers to trash his home for “evidence” of the “crime” of exposing the sick freaks who chop babies into bits and try to sell off the parts. Keep in mind that lying liberal scammers are never investigated – who is investigating Al Gore for the zillions he made off pimping climate fraud? And the California Attorney General, who took a ton of money from Planned Parenthood, has never before and never will again go after any journalist for secretly videotaping wrongdoers in action. Well, until the journalist is a conservative who caught one of her liberal friends. Then she’ll call SWAT.

The message is clear: If you dare fight the liberal orthodoxy, liberal functionaries in the government will use bogus investigations to bludgeon you into silence. If that notion strikes you as un-American, well, welcome to Obama’s America. Dissent isn’t going to be patriotic again until Ted Cruz is sworn in next January.

But don't get me wrong. I think this is great. Why? Because it gives us a chance to do the same thing to those Chavez wannabes.

And we should, without remorse or hesitation. Sure, I'd prefer a world where prosecutors were motivated by justice instead of politics, but thanks to the liberals that's not the country we live in anymore. We now live in a country where liberals feel entitled to use any government power entrusted to them to pursue not interests of the people but their own stupid political views. Moreover, the liberal media and the liberal establishment cheer them on, heedless of the fact that swords have two edges. So if that's the rule now, I say we use it to remedy this sickness in our politics with a political suppository.

These goose-stepping fascists seem to have forgotten that we conservatives own a bunch of states and we have a bunch of attorneys general with the same powers as theirs. Maybe it's time to use them.

Let's take Texas, a wonderful state with an attorney general who needs to look out for the interests of Texans, no matter how attenuated those interests are. For example, certainly some Texans own Democrat-loving Facebook’s stock. Did Facebook make any disclosures to potential shareholders that it intended to censor the views of conservative Facebook users? Weren't shareholders led to believe it was to be a freewheeling open forum? Why, the activities the company failed to disclose to shareholders could drive away customers and lower the value of the stock. In other words, that kind of failure of disclosure runs the risk of defrauding investors. This might be something that the Attorney General of Texas might want to look into, right?

Those poor Texan investors would be stunned - stunned! - to learn that the idea behind Facebook is not making a profit for investors but, rather, to support the personal political ideology of Mark Whatever-his-Name-Is. Yeah, the Texas AG should totally investigate Facebook, and subpoena a bunch of its records, and those of its political allies. But remember that all this has nothing to do with the fact that Facebook's leadership are noted liberals and Democrats donors.

Nothing at all. Because justice or something.

And gosh, you know a lot of aspiring scholars in Texas apply to very liberal colleges around the country who market to Texan young people. Those kids spend a lot of money on tuition. But if those colleges don't disclose that their policy is to discriminate against men in sexual abuse proceedings, to deprive them of any kind of due process, and to generally persecute Christians and conservatives on campus, well, the law has a word for that kind of knowingly false representation.


So I think the Texas Attorney General should be sending out a whole liberal-ton of subpoenas to find out exactly what's going on in all the Ivy League colleges regarding their admissions policies, their anti-male policies, their conspiracy to discriminate against conservatives and Christians. Sure, it would be a huge burden on the schools and potentially super embarrassing, but so what? Why, that's the only way to protect the young people of Texas from being misled through knowingly false misrepresentations.

Don’t we owe it to the children? Why do liberal colleges hate the children?

So, if we're going to start initiating the same kind of politically motivated “investigations” in order to bludgeon our political opponents into submission, then shouldn’t we do the bludgeoning better and harder than our enemies? Want to play horsey? This is horsey, and shouldn’t we conservatives play the game without remorse? After all, if we are going to change the rules, well, then we conservatives should play by the new rules too. Right?

But there's another way, a better way. It's called the rule of law. It's where attorneys general concentrate on upholding the law rather than their personal ideology. I'm all for that. That's my preference.

Of course, Texas’s current attorney general wouldn’t do any of this because of his quaint fixation on fulfilling his oath and upholding the rule of law. But if the rule of power continues to replace the rule of law, then it’s only a matter of time until conservatives decide to use our power ruthlessly against those who chose this foolish and dangerous path.

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