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Don’t Let Liberals Tell You What You Can and Can’t Say About Hillary

The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of Townhall.com.

CNN Don Lemon’s terrified cry of “Abandon ship!” when I refused to play my designated Trump Thumper role last week was a moment the GOP candidates need to learn from. It was more than just a hilarious meltdown by a stalwart defender of all things liberal – and the inspiration for multiple media appearances and hordes of new Twitter followers for me. It was a warning that the Democrat-defending, palace guard mainstream media is going to fight to place many of the most devastating criticisms of Hillary out-of-bounds, and the incident offered a demonstration of how it will try to do so.


Here’s the question to the Republican candidates: Are you going to just sit there and let Hillary’s minions tell you what you can and can’t say?

Are you going to gloss over Hillary’s shameful command of the Clinton attack machine’s cruel evisceration of the women who suffered the depredations of her lecherous husband?

Are you going to fail to ask the question of how we can expect Hillary to stand up to America’s enemies, like Putin and the mullahs, when they are laughing at her for allowing her priapic hubby to publicly and repeatedly humiliate her in front of the entire world?

Are you going to shrug your shoulders about her legacy of monetary corruption (cattle futures!), her track record of deadly failures (Libya!), and her sub-par intellect (when I mentioned to another lawyer how she failed the Washington, D.C., bar exam, he started giggling incredulously and asked “How?”)?

Are you going to avoid speaking the painfully, utterly obvious truth: This unaccomplished, malicious, pant-suited punchline is where she is only because she married Bill Clinton?

The fact is that Hillary is a grossly incompetent, venal, poisonous shrew, a monstrous hypocrite who runs as a feminist yet trashes her partner’s sexual abuse victims as nuts n’ sluts with a viciousness that nauseates any decent human being. Are you going to let her win because you can’t take the heat that will come with raising these issues after the mainstream media and her liberal elite defenders have deemed them unraisable?


Now, your establishment consultants will tell you that you can’t possibly mention these issues, that no one cares, that they will turn voters against you, and that they will distract from your message. But of course, your strongest message must be that you aren’t Hillary Clinton, the Constitution-shredding plutocrat’s pal who takes her completely understandable hatred of her husband for what he’s done to her and aims it at the rest of us XY chromosome people.

Your consultants are wrong about honoring these new taboos, just as they were wrong when they advised Presidents McCain and Romney to handle Obama with kid gloves. America isn’t a nation of Chardonnay-sipping coastal libs; what Hillary undeniably did will offend normal Americans to their core – if they hear about it. Remember, no one under 37 voted in Bill’s last election. Many voters were too young to remember the Clinton Corruption Capers of the 1990s. Some were not tuned into politics then. Others have simply forgotten what the Lady Macbeth of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue was truly like. Just recently, a liberal acquaintance berated me for accurately describing Bill as a serial sexual abuser; when I asked, “What about Juanita Broaddrick?”, she returned a blank stare and asked, “Who?”

I say let’s let the Democrats be the party that calls sexual assault victims liars.

Ignore your timid consultants, GOP candidates. In their insular Beltway universe, it’s true that no one wants to hear the truth about Hillary. That’s because the truth hurts her. But in America, people are dying to hear it. Throw Juanita Broaddrick and the dozens of other forbidden subjects in Hillary’s smug face and watch the fun begin.


My little encounter with Don Lemon on CNN graphically illustrated exactly how the mainstream media will come at you to keep you from stating the facts they have decreed must remain unstated. First, they will try to shepherd you back to a topic of their liking. I am a conservative who is no Trump fan, so they brought me on to discuss the “schlonged” scandal. But I can’t get outraged about a GOP guy using a minor Yiddish vulgarity when the Democrat frontrunner excuses and covers for her husband’s use of the Oval Office as a kinky sex dungeon – and I said so. Lemon tried to tell me I was off topic, but I wasn’t – my opinion about Schlongate was that it is irrelevant in light of the disgraceful tackiness Hillary helped set as the standard of presidential conduct.

Next, I was being “unfair” for raising the issue because Hillary can’t be blamed for the actions of her husband. Leaving aside our common understanding that foul fowl tend to flock together, and that Her Majesty is threatening to drag Bill away from his bimbos du jour to stump for her, I was not blaming Hillary for Bill’s creepy shenanigans and sicko cigar storage scenarios. I was blaming her for enthusiastically and remorselessly covering them up by unleashing her attack dogs on the women who had the courage to stand up to him.

Then Lemon told me that the matter has already been “litigated.” Damn right it has – and Hillary was found guilty. This is just another take on the old “Let's move on” okie-doke in which Democrats essentially admit she’s a monster then assert it doesn’t matter. But it matters to me, and to many millions of others. And liberals know it – that’s why they are so eager to shut us up.


Next, Lemon started filibustering, offering an endless, incoherent, complex monologue designed to keep me from talking. That didn't work so well – trial lawyers get this all the time – and when it didn't, he finally decided he had to shut me up by cutting off my mic. Scratch a liberal, and he always bleeds fascism.

That's a little taste of what will happen in the general election, but we conservatives have to face the heat and tell the truth. Imagine Supreme Court litigator Ted Cruz (or whoever) on the stage at a debate with Hillary, when everybody's watching and she's minimally able to rely on the media to save her. Hillary starts talking about what a friend to women she is, and Cruz comes back with her shameful treatment of the women her husband abused. Yeah, I expect the moderators to pull a Candy Crowley and screech and intervene to stop it, and the next day the mainstream media will be full of pearl-clutching outrage about the Republican daring to bring up a subject that they've decreed was off-limits. But normal people will ask. “Hey, wait a minute. Hillary did what? Why are we only hearing about this now?” And the fact that we have an alternative media – talk radio, Twitter, Facebook, the net in general, means that we can get our ideas and our views out there. They can't gatekeep her track record of perfidy forever.

Thank you Don Lemon, not only for bringing me an ungodly amount of attention and making me a conservative martyr, but for revealing the mainstream media’s tactics, techniques and procedures to silence conservatives and keep them from telling the truth about your gal Hillary. We have the truth, Republicans – let’s not be afraid to tell it.


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