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2014: The Year The Liberal Lies Died

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Every single thing liberals say is a lie. No exceptions.

We conservatives always knew it, but 2014 was the year when the rest of America began to understand. And 2014 was the year that Americans had to choose sides – would they stand with the liberal liars or with us conservatives? Last November, they chose us conservatives, and maybe the truth will be enough to stop Hillary Clinton and save our country in 2016.


The truth is poison to liberalism, so no wonder liberals hate the idea of a free press – after all, they are the ones who argued to the Supreme Court in the Citizens United case that the government has the right to ban books. Conservative magazines like National Review long fought the fight alone. But it is only recently that we saw the rise of a truly free press as technology put a camera in everyone’s cellphone and conservative new media (including social media) created a path around the gates that the liberal mainstream media kept.

The mainstream media used to get to decide what was and was not the truth. But the truth has been set free, and the mainstream media has been revealed as the guardian of the lies that the liberal establishment needs to fool normal Americans just enough to secure their votes. That’s why we should laugh and cheer at the mainstream media’s agonized death throes.

Let’s look at a few of the lies we saw collapse in 2014. Not one would have been revealed if the mainstream media was still in control.

How about the Grubering of America? Obamacare was built and sold on a foundation of lies, buttressed with contempt and condescension toward normal Americans. Without the citizen journalists working in conservative new media, would we have ever seen Obamacare’s architect on video laughing at the giant scam he and the Democrats pulled on the American people? Would we have seen video compilations of Obama promising that if we liked our health plan we could keep it?


You think we would? Really? My unicorn’s name is Chet. What do you call yours?

Everyone knows Obamacare is a giant lie. We saw Jonathan Gruber on tape giggling about how the Democrats knew it. But the New York Times didn’t tell you that. The Washington Post didn’t tell you that. It was the citizen journalists who Andrew Breitbart inspired who told you that. If it weren’t for Andrew and his progeny, most American would still not know it. But now they do.

How about the “rape culture” lie of radical liberal feminists desperate for relevance in a world that has passed beyond their bitter whining and fussy psychodramas? Liberal media darling Lena Dunham claimed to be raped – conveniently, for the narrative – by a Republican. That was a lie, a lie revealed by the conservative new media. And it was also the conservative new media that publicized her book’s bizarre passages about her sexually inappropriate conduct with her sister – passages the gushing reviews in liberal stalwarts like the New York Times somehow neglected to mention.

Likewise, the “Jackie” case at UVA always sounded just too perfectly attuned to the narrative, too calculated to push all the buttons radical feminists wanted to push. And it turned out to be yet another lie, a lie eagerly advanced by Rolling Stone just as the New York Times had advanced the Duke lacrosse team rape lie.

The problem isn’t a failure of fact checking. The problem is these hacks don’t care about the facts. Facts are only useful if they support the narrative. Otherwise, facts are racist or homophobic or some other kind of –ist or –phobic.


Oh, and don’t forget Al Sharpton’s Tawana Brawley rape lie. That never seems to come up in the liberal media when he pals around with the President of the United States. If a conservative president cavorted with a demonstrated liar, a racist, and a multi-million dollar tax cheat, don’t you think you might hear about it in the mainstream media? But Sharpton is a Democrat, and a useful one, so if you want the truth you have to go to the new media.

Sharpton already had a track record of inspiring murder, but don’t look for a discussion of Freddie’s Fashion Mart in the New York Times. Its real motto appears to be, “All the News That’s Fit to Print in Support of the Liberal Narrative Du Jour.”

The mainstream media didn’t tell you the truth about these cop-hating marches; it was the new media and citizen journalists. Those of us who have been around these peace/social justice/anti-police/whatever rallies over the years know that they are full of scumbags and losers, with commies of every stripe calling for the destruction of America and death to Israel. You never – ever – see that in the mainstream media; all you hear is talk of generic “activists” and carefully selected photos that never include the creeps with signs calling for “Socialist Revolution Now” or “Kill the Pigs.” It’s lying by omission, and it’s a conscious choice.

We conservatives weren’t the ones surprised by the video of these cretins shouting, “What do we want? Dead Cops!” We had already seen it in the new media. So when those NYPD officers were murdered by a dirtbag whose views were functionally indistinguishable from your average Hand Up/Don’t Shoot marcher’s, it was only a shock if you got your news from the mainstream media’s liberal narrative transcriptionists.


And it was new media that aired the story of how liberal bigwigs at Sony traded emails packed with the kind of casual racism that would make Democrat hero Robert Byrd giggle. The mainstream media barely touched that bombshell, just as it was always careful to gloss over the fact that beloved Democrat Senate Majority Leader Byrd was a KKK kleagle.

So when the liberals come to us wanting us to trust them and give them more power and money to fight global warming, remember: Everything liberals say is a lie. No exceptions.

The lies of the liberals and their media toadies no longer work. We’ve breached the walls and the gatekeepers are left guarding forgotten gates. While the dying dinosaur media won’t run them, in 2016 there’ll be plenty of pictures in the new media of Hillary Clinton slobbering over her pal Al Sharpton. The truth is out there and out of liberals’ control.

2014 was the year when the rest of America saw the truth. And the truth will force normal Americans to choose sides. Do they stand with a president who lies to them about his health scheme, or with conservatives who seek to dismantle it? Will they stand with liberal feminist radicals who want to ruin their sons’ lives to score political points, or with conservatives who demand due process for all? Will they stand with the cop-hating, anti-American degenerates, or with those of us who support the men and women who ran into the burning World Trade Center?


It’s an easy call. We saw a preview last November, but the real precursors were 1968 and 1972. Will the Silent Majority stand with the flag-burners, the looters, and the bums, or again choose those who love this country and believe in self-sufficiency as well as self-determination?

Yes, it will be a very easy call in 2016 because liberals can no longer hide the truth.

Everything liberals say is a lie. No exceptions.

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