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Ukrainian Presidential Press Office via AP

What we have seen unfold in the last year under the Biden Administration in the escalating war in Ukraine is alarming and must be stopped.  

Today, Moms for America applauds and stands with Congressman Matt Gaetz and the other co-sponsors in support of the “Ukraine Fatigue Resolution” to stop the flow of our hard-earned money to Ukraine, stop the escalating march toward World War III, and redirect all efforts from the United States toward brokering a peace plan.  


In Article I, Section 8, Clause 11 of the Constitution it is stated that “[The Congress shall have Power . . . ] To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water; . . .”  

If the constitution empowers the Congress (only) to declare war, why are we in the middle of this conflict which risks sending our sons and daughters to die in the war against Russia? Why have our representatives sent $110 Billion in “Aid” to a corrupt President Zelenskyy while requiring zero accountability for how our tax dollars are being spent? While our prayers are with those civilians suffering in Ukraine, we have zero proof or validation that any of the aid is reaching them. The United States has sent HUMANITARIAN aid to many places in need around the world. This does not mean we should fight in a war that has nothing to do with our national security. Zelensky and Biden wallow in the same corrupt deep state cesspool. Consistent with Governor Sara HUCKABEE Sanders’ theme in the SOTU rebuttal, it’s time that the normals stop the crazies!

Those who support the Russia-Ukraine war are counting on everyday Americans to not pay attention. The reality is that every single day the bad news is coming at Americans fast and furious in areas that need our attention like our own bleeding borders, Critical Race Theory battles in the schools, constant efforts to put innocent pre-born at risk, pushing back against the transgender confusion and intentional racial divide, not to mention election integrity problems which jeopardize our free and fair elections. Additionally, many of us are consumed every day with making ends meet for our families in a failing economy all the while the Biden administration has taken us into war with Russia which has a high risk of ending with a nuclear strike here at home. 


This is the unspoken reality of our reckless commitments in Ukraine. 

Inquiring moms want to know. Why did the Biden Administration allow President Zelenskyy to desecrate the people’s house demanding more, more, more of our money and resources? He cannot be trusted when he does not allow democracy in his own country.  

Why is this our battle? This is a regional conflict we have no business being in. 

Why is defending the borders of Ukraine more important than defending our borders?

Why are we now risking depleting our military ability to defend our own country by giving away our best military equipment which took us years to develop and requires our military to operate?

It is frightening! It is putting the future of our children and our country in grave danger. 

If Biden will not change course and begin Peace Talks, it is time to impeach immediately to expose the motivation that he and the deep state has to keep this catastrophic war funding. We count on the newly elected Republican Congress to act immediately.  

John Quincy Adams warned, “America does not go abroad in search of Monsters to Destroy”. This is the definition of what this Russia-Ukraine War is to America. We must not allow this Monster to destroy our country.


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