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Ok Groomer!

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Late this past week the *President and his administration released a series of documents that formulated executive policy towards parents, teachers, siblings and others who may have a child in their life who is in disagreement with their assigned sex. 


Assigned not by a doctor but by the Creator. 

The documents endorsed the use of puberty blockers, hormone therapies and sex-change surgeries for children.(

The documents appear to be written from the perspective of a public relations firm. Flowery words about affirmation and care. Laudatory passages about safe spaces where everyone only affirms the child’s misguided ideas about who they are.

Misguided because their sex is immutable.

Some of the language was dramatic & ominous, and included even barely veiled threats of the Health & Human Services and Child Welfare departments taking children away from families who don’t offer the kind of care the documents describe. 

“Providing gender-affirming care is neither child maltreatment nor malpractice. The child welfare system in the US, charged with “improv(ing) the overall health and well-being of our nation’s children and fami- lies,”1 should not be used to deny care or separate families working to make the best decisions for their children’s well-being. There is no scientifically sound research showing negative impacts from providing gender-affirming care. The decision for the child welfare system to become involved in the lives of families, potentially to the extent of removing children from their families and homes, should be wielded with the utmost care, grounded in evidence, and always prioritizing the well-being of children and preserva- tion of families.“


Again only affirming “care” is expected—never questioning, counseling, or investigating science on the matter.

The documents also claimed massive research findings that would support these viewpoints. Yet the only end note in the text that was supposed to lead to a published study led instead to an error message alerting the reader that the document was not there. 

I’ve asked the administration for three consecutive days now to produce said evidence. They have not.

Curiously the documents were released with suspicious timing in relationship to Florida’s new law that prevents teachers who are wishing to groom children in these ways of thinking from being able to do so. 

Hollywood, The White House, Disney and others have mislabeled the bill as “don’t say gay.” Yet even Biden voters overwhelmingly support the measure—when shown the actual language of the legislation.

“Classroom instruction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur in Kindergarten through third grade or in a manner that is not age appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.”

Yes they have the audacity to keep all of the grooming language of *President Biden’s “health” departments out of children’s lives in kindergarten through third grade. 


How dare they?

Interestingly Public Opinion Strategies pollsters found that every demographic group they polled agreed with the language: (

Which isn’t really surprising is it?

The current administration has had trouble doing even small things like securing the border, producing enough energy supply, preventing inflation etc. Why would they make the ability to groom children a primary focus of their work?

Most Americans don’t let our kids just eat whatever they want for breakfast, wear whatever they want to wear to school, hang with just whoever they want as friends, or go wherever they want just to kill time.

In fact it may come to the Administration’s surprise that many of us don’t let 5-8 year olds do much of the things they wish. We don’t trust the judgment that children that under developed have about life, choices and consequences. 

So why would we ever trust government when it tells us to let our kids think, believe, and act in any way that they wish as it pertains to how they view sex and what it should represent to them?

Especially when the sex they were assigned at birth will be the genetic code written into their DNA until their death—regardless of the blockers, hormones, and surgeries they may have experienced?


Affirmation is often not loving. It is often even the opposite of real love. It is invoked to create a supposedly judgment free society. 

Judgment is key to growth though.

And as parents we are better off using ours to help our children come to flourish in their true identities, gifts and skills.  

Thankfully we need no help from the government who seeks to groom them away from us to do so.

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