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Why We Are Out of Time

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AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Five accusers have now stepped forward claiming New York Governor Andrew Cuomo touched them in ways that were inappropriate and personally invasive.

A journalist, an assembly member, and three former aides say he threatened to destroy them, and was verbally abusive.


This particular governor, at an early point in the 2020 presidential race, was rumored to be the savior of the Democratic Party, to swoop in and replace a frontrunner who is visibly deteriorating before the eyes of the nation.

At that time, in what will go down as one of the most dishonest eras of journalism in all of history, Cuomo was being propped up by all as a miracle worker in the fight against COVID. 

In truth, he mishandled the crisis by every measure. More deaths, hospitalizations, and infections on top of the most severe closures and economic ruin coupled with mental anguish, anxiety and devastation, outcomes so tragic that even now any sign of hope is still projected as months away. And this in spite of the fact that he is finally beginning to peel back his measures bit by bit. 

It’s also not just him...

The governors of New Jersey, Michigan, Illinois, Washington and California are not far behind him.

Grabbing and exploiting emergency powers they plunged their states into some of the most severe conditions not seen since the 1930s. They have almost universally been denounced as unconstitutional by the courts. They have ruined the lives of their constituents. And, most stunning of all, the governors feel arrogantly insulated against consequence.


Few New Yorkers believe Cuomo will face justice—despite his power grab sending nearly eight times the number of people to their death as Osama bin Ladin did on 9/11.

Even though California has two million signatures on a petition to recall Gavin Newsome as governor, it is far from clear that a recall will be successful.

With added confusion about the genuine possibility of any actual voting integrity measures being put in place in some of these states, it is beginning to appear as though no matter how corrupt, dangerous and deadly these tyrants appear to be, they have either the power, mechanisms, or both, to prevent paying a real price. 

And why wouldn’t they?

Look at the leader of their party. Defying 100 years of tradition. No actual press access. A press secretary who is as useless as an answering machine. And a codger so befuddled by his daily activities that even when he has note cards in his suit pocket to use, he can’t seem to make heads or tails of where he is, what he’s doing or even who he’s speaking to. 

Who is running the actual show for the Democrats? 

Most likely former President Obama, through his agents like Susan Rice. Executive actions grabbing more power corruptly. Bankrupting the nation with spending beyond what the mind can fathom, and eventually, the complete implosion of our currency, standing, and ability to exist.


Questionable elections followed by massive power shifts and a breaking of any kind of checks and balances are exactly how much of the west has moved from genuine representative government to socialist shell governments posing as democracies.

We are not far from there.

Razor wire atop security barriers on Capitol Hill makes the USA appear more like East Berlin from a 1980s Cold War era than the “America First” capital of freedom that we were a few months ago.

None of this has to happen.

If Americans in state legislatures wake up, reverse election laxities, revoke abusive emergency powers granted these monsters we can reverse course.

But it takes everyone, and we need to start yesterday!

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