Why Do Biden Democrats Despise Women?

Posted: Feb 28, 2021 10:11 AM
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Why Do Biden Democrats Despise Women?

Source: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

The new Democrats hate women’s equality.

They despise it, actually (if we are merely judging by their activity in their first month in office).

What other conclusion can you come to when legislative initiative after executive order continually seeks to erase female distinction at every turn?

The irony of it all—and there has not been an administration in recent years less self-aware of its own irony—is this: they claim to be for women while trying to eliminate them at nearly every turn.

Their pro-woman allies seem to have swallowed their own tongues for fear of defending women’s true equality. Of course, this is not surprising given that many left-of-center “women’s rights” groups abandoned women’s equality for most of the last generation. Now, fearing backlash from those who betray science in the continual pursuit of forcing everyone else on the planet to affirm their own feelings, women’s groups have gone silent. They should be speaking up, objecting loudly, and refusing to be sent regressively backward. 

They are not.

They will wish they had. 

The erosion of womens' rights is in front of our very eyes and unless someone begins to object loudly they will be gone for good.

For context let me be quite clear here: I LOVE women.

My bride and daughter are my favorites, but I was close to my mom and both grandmothers before they all passed. They spoke into the life of this man in profound ways. 

In talk radio—a male dominant audience and format—I began insisting on nearly a daily basis a minimum of one female voice on my daily broadcast. On my syndicated platform, I’ve carved out a specific time each week to allow ONLY women to participate. And we’ve done so for a few reasons. Smart and articulate women deserve to be heard. Men are better when they are exposed to their difference in perspective and ideas. And what women have to contribute to the conversation is of high value.

I made the decision to create this opportunity long before #MeToo or any of the other cultural fads that stay hot for a half-second and then fade out. Women have too much to contribute not to have them play a significant role in the conversation. 

So why don’t modern Democrats understand these values?

Why did a Democrat in the California Assembly this week propose legislation to fine stores $1,000 who maintain a girls’ only clothing department? Or in other instances a specified girls’ toy department? 

Why did the Biden administration just this week decide to abandon defending girls in a well-publicized court case in Connecticut? The case was launched by a group of girls who lost college scholarship opportunities in track and field due to their senior years of high school being ruined by biological males running in their events and establishing times and records that will likely never be broken by girls ever again.

Why did President Biden insist on exporting that same scenario to every public high school in America in one of his first executive orders in office?

Why are the Democrats in Congress even now urging the Democrat-controlled Senate to adopt the “Equality Act?” Exporting the same litmus test to religious organizations who disagree with the moral question, college athletics where size, speed, and ability cost opportunities for girls to flourish, and the invasion of their locker rooms and showers where privacy is erased?

Are we ready for our daughters to have to face 6’5” Goliaths just to have a prayer of a chance of getting in the game?

What happened to Title 9?

What happened to genuine equality of opportunity?

Heck even lesbian feminists (TERFS—trans-exclusionary radical feminists) and otherwise liberal personalities like J.K. Rowling get thrown under the bus in the insistence upon adulation of the mighty biological male insisting his sex is other than what his body indicates.  

And what about “believe all women?” The left demands that you do when there is literally zero evidence in the case of Justice Kavanaugh. Yet when legitimate, evidence correlated complaints are made against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo all one hears is crickets chirping.

Speaking of predators, the president also undid the Talon Act. This important action, taken by President Trump, took sex offenders who were here illegally and removed them from the population by returning them home. Under Biden they now get to stay indefinitely even though they’ve harmed innocent women.

The progressive and maniacal “sexual rights” community is attempting to cancel, shame, and silence normal people into admission. They know fully that none of these ideas are fair, proper, or good. They know that this strange equivocation is hurtful to the cause and development of individual ability and growth for girls and women.

And so does every normal mother and father in America.

These continual envelope-pushing positions are in all reality the harmful rebellious nature of mankind flipping God their middle finger. The Trump years showed them that the majority of people in this nation are not with them. So when they took office they launched the hardest all-out assault on normalcy the world has ever seen.

And you know who is losing the most?


Beautifully distinct, skilled, and gifted women.

Sadly, very few are standing with them to fight back.