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AP Photo/Charles Dharapak

Everything they accuse President Trump of doing, they’ve first done (or at the very least they’ve wished they could).

They project so much so often in fact—I’m completely convinced—that part of the reason they hate him so viscerally is that they honestly haven’t found something to pin on him yet. 

It’s not for lack of trying.

After trying so hard for the last four years their closing argument in their campaign (read that: job application) is that there’s something he didn’t do (for a disease no one had ever dealt with), he’s mean (he doesn’t tweet nice things about them), and he’s bound to be a crooked guy doing it all for selfish gain (even though he hasn’t taken a dime of his $400K salary, has lost $2 billion in personal net worth, sleeps in a smaller bed as president, and flies in a smaller plane).

So lacking any evidence of wrong doing they make the assumption that he just must be crooked because... 

They are!

Whether it was their last candidate funding a dossier full of garbage about the pre-president and Russian hookers or Saturday Night Live claiming his children look like drugged-out stoners they completely ignore the fact that their current candidate has lit up the internet for the past 24 hours with a literal video depicting him being serviced sexually with underage hookers while smoking crack.

The president neither drinks nor smokes—even legal substances – and his kids are the picture of poise and dignity. 

They accuse the president of being duplicitous and co-mingling his own interests with his job as president, absent any evidence of course. But the person they’d like to replace him with perfected on-the-job grifting. They tried to forcibly overthrow the voters and remove him from office over a completely fake charge of a quid pro quo, when their desired candidate has literally millions of views of factual footage bragging about getting one in exchange for a prosecutor more to his liking (which we learn would benefit the stoner kid who likes crack and foot jobs).

They have congressional members who came to office promising to represent the districts they were elected from. Look at New York's 11th Congressional District and New Jersey's 5th Congressional District, specifically Max Rose and Josh Gottheimer. Both were elected as moderate Democrats replacing conservative Republicans. Both specifically campaigned on the promise to not even consider impeachment. Yet all it took to break that promise was maximum allowable campaign contribution from Adam Schiff’s money operations. 

They accuse Trump's nominees for the highest court of having secret and hidden agendas for the desire to be elevated there. They accuse them of clinging to their dogma more preciously than the text of the Constitution. They openly accuse the nominees of not being transparent or straight forward for their unwillingness to self indict. It is foreign to their way of thinking that a nominee would not act as a self interested political tool. They simply assume all justices will act in such a manner and they fear their perverse interpretations of the Constitution will no longer be upheld.

It’s an ugly reality.

They are dishonest, so they assume everyone is.

They are lacking in transparency, so they buy off votes.

They would twist law to manipulate outcomes.

They see their time in “power” as a transactional step to personal enrichment either while in or immediately after they conclude their time in office.

They have kids who they recruit to help sell out the nation, therefore everyone’s kids must be crack-smoking, sex tape-making thrill seekers who bed their brother’s widow, impregnate and deny paternity to an adult dancer’s child, and see their dad's reach and influence as a meal ticket to happy endings.

The only problem with any of it is—it’s not supposed to be this way. Their icons didn’t believe it should.

“I have a dream that... to be judged by the content of character.”

“Ask not what your country can do for you...”

This election pits the ultimate slime powered corrupt force of leftism up against a man who works 24 hours a day keeping the promises he’s made to restore American greatness.

And they are coming for him, because he is fighting for you!

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