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AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez, File

In one moment the election of 2020 changed completely.

Or did it?

The radical marxist anti-American left – you know, those who are threatening and then delivering violence every time they don’t get their way, attempting to commit vote fraud with reckless use of mail-in ballots, and still spewing spittle every time the president’s name is mentioned – would have you believe that if the president names a replacement for Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, they will have all the justification they need to burn things, cheat on Election Day, and spit in your face.

There are a few reasons why Ginsburg’s passing will influence November 3rd, but more likely than not it changes the presidential race very little.

Ultimately Not Trump's Call

Much of the media debate about whether or not the confirmation should occur is wrapped up in a silly argument. Democrats shrieking “hypocrisy,” and the media parroting it. Cue the condensing b-shots to camera “A” from Anderson Cooper and Jake Tapper. The argument will be that McConnell is doing something inconsistent with his past actions. But he actually isn’t. McConnell believed that when the voters had put opposite parties in charge of the Executive branch and the Senate that – in an election year – it should be the voters that decide which party they wished to see settle the question. In doing so he kept historical precedent. The voters have spoken clearly in that while they changed the leadership in the People’s House, they saw to it to leave the Senate and the presidency in the same hands in 2018. Knowing that judges are one of the most vital issues that the Senate deals with, the people said they clearly wanted Republicans to make the judicial decisions until the next Senate is seated. The president and McConnell are correct in understanding that their obligation as office holders is to carry out their function as the voters have determined. 

Trump Is Obligated to Do His Part

From both a legal obligation and an optics perspective a president is expected to act. Even though President Obama had an uphill battle with Judge Garland’s nomination he still owed it to the American people to put forward a name. Oddly Obama seldomly felt the need to nominate judges. The well more than 100 vacancies on the courts that he left unfilled failed his party. Upon election Trump and McConnell recognized and have successfully implemented the single biggest legacy the Trump presidency will leave behind: a complete reshaping of American jurisprudence exclusively from an originalist perspective.

Democrats Are the Ones Playing Dirty

Though the media will be their megaphone and Pelosi, and Schumer, cluck their tongues in disgust they actually are the ones who have dealt in bad faith with American people. Phony Russia probes (based on lying to the courts), complete hypocrisy and dishonesty on impeachment, and a transparent willingness to manipulate anything from a pandemic to anarchists burning their nation down without so much as a whiff of criticism to achieve dishonest outcomes, these are their tactics. Not those of law abiding citizens.

The People Are Deciding

Whether or not a new Supreme Court Justice can be seated in 40 days seems to me rather optimistic. Kavanaugh’s confirmation took twice that long. Regardless, they must begin the process. Early voting has begun in some states and it was important for the president to make his consistent intention clear: he has been elected to put “Scalia mold” judges on the court. Voters see his intention to keep that promise clearly, regardless of what washed up actresses from cheesy b-level vampire movies are screaming about on Twitter.

So while the national freakout from Hollywood actresses, Twitter blow hards, and other “loudest voices at the bar” may be seething with full blown rage it’s important to understand that this historical presidency was put here for this very time.

If Democrats had control of the Senate and the presidency they would pound through a nominee. In our history no less than five times the party holding both spots did the same. 

But whether or not they do will be up to the Senate. 

The president will (and must) put forward a nominee. It would be prudent for that nominee to be confirmed and seated before November 3rd. 

It will likely fire up voters who are passionate about the courts. President Trump promised a slate of originalist judges when he campaigned for his first term. His base obviously cares strongly, hence why they elected him in the lopsided electoral college win in 2016.

He kept that promise close to 300 times, including two stellar picks for the Supreme Court.

Nominating Justice Ginsburg’s replacement, while paying respect to her length of service, and her tenacity for life would sort of be the ultimate promise kept, in another moment of historical prominence.

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