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Uncle Tom and the Father-In-Chief

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Donald J. Trump will win re-election—in part—by capturing between 20 to 30 percent of the black male vote.

It will happen, and I will have told you so.

The reasons are plenty but, in part, it boils down to two significant ones: the way the American left treats black men and the way Donald Trump treats everyone.


Going back to the run-up to 2016—before Trump got into the race—I wrote and broadcast the idea on air that America was weary of the “boy” presidents. 

After three in a row that were some of the youngest our nation had seen, I predicted that—especially in the aftermath of the professorial theorist in Barack Obama—that America yearned for a “Dad.”

At the time I gave an advantage to any number of governors who were in the race. Governors run things. Senators merely vote. Governors set budgets. Senators pontificate to media. Governors enforce laws. Senators whine their way through committee hearings.

Governors are bottom-line decision-makers.

But so are CEOs. And once Trump was in he made even the governors in the race appear to be less than in charge. And they may have been the most talented class of candidates put forward by the GOP in the modern era.

The media and the never-Trump detractors attempt to label him a bully. But he’s merely just rigidly focused on his priorities and his job. 

So what does this have to do with black men in America?

Well... to be blunt (which Trump always is...) every young man—regardless of color—needs a blunt father force in his life. But when 70 percent of the young men in your community have that father exchanged for government dependency you end up emasculating true manhood from generations of young men.


This is brought home profoundly in the new film Uncle Tom. It is a powerful black and white documentary produced by radio talk show host Larry Elder. 

For an hour and 48 minutes prominent African Americans—in nothing more than their own words—tell the viewer what it is truly like to be a person of color, who thinks for themselves, and is shunned by the plantation mentality of the modern fascist American left.

Elder told my radio audience last night that the key to truly closing the final 10 percent of the racial divide in America isn’t about disbanding police or claiming systemic racism where statistically it does not exist. He told them instead it is about having a strong father in the lives of young black men.

The film does an excellent job of piecing together what happened when the welfare state and the “war on poverty” expanded. It broke up the nuclear family, it undermined the values and faith that family had believed, and it created an angry and controllable class of voters that race pimps have gotten wealthy by controlling for the bidding of the American political left.

Donald Trump speaks to Black men in ways that no other president ever has, especially his predecessor. One of the untold stories of Trump’s time in office is just how much influence he has had on black men, telling them the truth, and opening up opportunities for them in ways they’ve never been offered.


Most importantly he’s bluntly doing so, because it’s simply the right thing to do, and like dad he just tells it the way it is.

Black America will probably not vote in majority for Donald Trump in 2020. The race hustlers still have outsized influence, though it dwindles by the day.

But more black Americans—and specifically black men—will vote for him in larger percentages than any GOP candidate in the modern era in 2020.

And though they may be labeled disloyal for doing so, they will do it anyway.

Uncle Tom,” or not.

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