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Spitting on the Justice Due to George Floyd

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AP Photo/Evan Vucci

The footage from every city betrays it: anarchy—out of control evil being perpetrated by monsters.

Mayors and governors of which seem almost completely impotent in response.


Those who love America (and our fellow Americans) are being tortured, either directly through the attack on our lives and property, or our psyche visa vie our screens.

There is also zero “justification” for any of it.

None of these actions bring about justice in the taking of George Floyd’s life. Violence itself seems to be something that Floyd had no use for. By all accounts Floyd seemed to have found peace in life and appeared to have wanted to express that to others. 

It is in fact that because he was such a man that the whole of society responded with such swift and direct condemnation of the police officer who suffocated him for nearly 10 minutes.

In past incidents involving alleged police abuse there have been conflicting sets of facts. Differing eye-witness accounts of the events as they unfolded. In Floyd’s case every cell-phone camera captured the same story. 

There is nothing to protest. 

Law enforcement unions condemned the actions. Civil rights groups condemned the actions. Republicans, Democrats and non-partisans condemned the actions.

That officer going to trial for a murder charge is the next step of justice. 

But evidently there wasn’t a need to have a reason.

Within hours of the incident going viral former "60 Minutes" reporter Lara Logan captured on Twitter mysterious and conveniently placed piles of throwable bricks, lined up near plate glass windowed storefronts. 


After days of nightly renewed violence we’ve all witnessed small business owners’ worst nightmares. In Los Angeles an elderly African American dry cleaner operator chiding and pleading with black youth to end the madness. A middle aged white man attempting to guard his store with a large sword is nearly beaten to death for standing his ground and rebuffing the attackers.

There is plenty of blame to go around. Ineffective and almost paralyzed elected officials who would rather get blubbery during a press conference they called instead of determinedly warning the evildoers. Media outlets who, despite multiple sources confirming that much of this violence is being imported by Antifa, still refuse to report it. And don’t forget the restrictions in most of these areas on individuals from being allowed to own and carry protection for themselves. 

Everyone has seen the other viral video of about a half dozen African American business owners standing in front of their store shops with semi-auto rifles and handguns? Funny how pristine those shopfronts remain to this day.

I received a text from my producer on the third night of protests who admitted being nearly frozen, unable to move after witnessing the night’s events.

Just last night the owner/manufacturer of a weapon designed for self protection, texted me asking what more he can do, after setting a single day sales record due to the events of the day.


Much like the worst hit CoVid19 states, the leadership has been nearly invisible. “Oddly” many are in fact the same states/cities experiencing the worst CoVid problems.

If you’re incapable of leading... resign.

If you’re in an area likely to be rioted... arm yourself.

If you’re in a position to comfort your family... be calm.

If you’re in a situation to confront evil... be firm.

Our nation can not endure this. And it’s my belief that those propping up this daily nightmare suspect that as well.

Tearing at the fiber of what we are, they stir up these thugs, to do their bidding, to create chaos.

So if you support the riots, you are opposed to justice.

If you support these demonstrations, you spit on the grave of George Floyd.

On the Fox News show "Outnumbered" this past week, Jessica Tarlov noted left-of-center pundit implored the panel not to allow the “violence in protests” to let us lose sight of the death of Floyd. Host Harris Faulkner reminded her that “Dr. King” accomplished much without the violence.

Harris was right.

Because now it’s not about anything else except the protest. 

Which seems to be exactly how “someone” wishes it to be.

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