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AP Photo/Jeffrey McWhorter

For those who got stuck watching the past two weeks of testimony in the circus inquiry into impeaching President Trump there is a bit of news that has been uncovered.


Let's face it only about 3 percent of the American people spent time watching the proceedings. Compare that to the near 30 percent of the American people who tuned in to view the Clinton impeachment proceedings and you already understand something very important.

After watching the Democrats attempt to displace a lawfully elected president via fake charges of collusion with Russia, the voter doesn’t seem very impressed with an effort to displace him over a phony charge of “quid pro quo.”

Denying due process, witnesses, or even their choice of the committee members who would be allowed to speak just added to the (****yawn****) sham and why people felt no compulsion to view the goings on.

Now that it appears Democrats have called their final witnesses and they are preparing to recommend the formal articles of impeachment, it’s my belief that the president’s team will finally be allowed to punch back for the first time. 

But before they do we need to point out a significant and vital truth.

Post intel-committee polls are pointing out this truth. But it deserves a wider recognition.

It would be wise for Pelosi and Schiff to consider it prior to taking even another step forward.

Democrats cast President Trump as someone who is so self-driven that he’s attempting to subvert justice just to “win an election.” That his thirst for victory pulsates through his heart so obsessively that he would break laws to have foreign governments interfere in our process just so that he could beat a Democrat.


Yet here’s the unspoken truth: He doesn’t need to.

He never has.

In 2016 he literally spent the least in campaign operations to win an impressive 30 state (plus) victory.

He spent less than his GOP opponents in the primary.

He is spending way less than any of the Democratic candidates at present, with hundreds of millions in cash on hand, ready to go to work when the time is right. But the truth is he’s had hundreds of millions in the bank since his victory in 2016.

The Democrats didn’t lose because the Russians spent $90,000 on Facebook ads. Team Hillary spent upwards of $69 million. 

They lost because her message didn’t connect with voters who felt like Washington, D.C. was ignoring them. 

In 2016 candidate Trump had no track record, but he had ideas, and he made promises. In 2020 he’s kept 87 of those promises, and he still has ideas not yet implemented.

In 2020 he will likely spend less money on media than his opponent. He will focus resources into going to meet voters at his enormous rallies. People will feel heard, they will look at his track record now, and will easily send him back to finish the fight.

He doesn’t need Russian bot-farms. He doesn’t need Ukrainian investigations. He doesn’t need a thing.

And it seems voters understand this. 

Multiple polls showed movement with independents since the “public” impeachment inquiry had begun. Different polls showed differing amounts but the range was 8-11 percent in the president’s favor.


The media—which is the public relations arm of the Democrats—has helped spread the idea that if President Trump has done something illegal, that it should be looked into.

Voters gave the Democrats the chance to make their case. And just like with Russia, collusion, and Mueller, the wheels fell off the cart under scrutiny.

Donald Trump will win more states in 2020 than he won in 2016. (I’m on record saying 34-38. He won 30 in 2016). And he doesn’t need any help from anybody, minus the voters that he has worked tirelessly for while in office.

Believing otherwise is just playing the sucker the impeachment Dems tried to convince you that you were these past two weeks. 

Don’t let them.

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