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Elections Do Have Consequences. Policies Are Going To Change. Get OVER It!

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“Elections do have consequences...”

I know that the mouth breathers mixed amongst the White House press corps acted as though acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney committed some set of cardinal sins on Friday. Excuse me if I disagree.


It was a stroke of pure genius on the administration’s part. And for the record they would do themselves a huge favor by continuing this practice for the duration of Pelosi’s faux impeachment.

Since Pelosi and Schiff aren’t conducting a lawful impeachment nor observing the long held practices of past impeachments, there is absolutely zero rationale in participating in their charade. They want to interrogate everyone in secret and not make the exculpatory testimony (of nearly everyone they speak with) available to the people. They want to undo lawful elections and remove the overwhelming winner of those contests via illegitimate and fraudulent means. Hence the president should reserve the right of using his press briefings to more or less call his own witnesses and let them blister the media with testimony exactly the way Mulvaney did on Friday.

In doing so President Trump will provide more transparency than the Congress will. By doing them live the American people will get unfiltered reactions, as opposed to the highly edited and extremely selective released bits that Schiff cherry-picks for his political purposes.

As Mulvaney rightfully and clearly stated, elections do have consequences, and Trump should start applying the leverage he has against Pelosi and Schiff to punch back.

“Policies are going to change...”

I’m not sure what bothered the press more: that Mulvaney made it clear that he wouldn’t play their semantic word games or that he unloaded facts to the public with such force.


He also irritated them to no end in blatantly explaining that the aid America gives to any group of people that are not American will be on a basis that is assessed on a primary consideration of how they cooperate with the interests of America!

This is what an administration is supposed to do!

Nobody in that same press gaggle called President Obama out when he literally told John McCain at what was supposed to be a bi-partisan roundtable attempting to solve health care to more or less pipe down because he had won the election.

Policy does change.

Because Donald J. Trump is the most disruptive president in history, policies have changed dramatically and the deep state bureaucracy has battled him every step of the way.

From judges, to the use of military force, to the abject demand to our foreign aid recipients to bend towards American interests, the president was elected to do exactly what he has done.

Because the press is so inherently dishonest, they seize upon any item they believe will finally produce the “gotcha.” Pitifully after all this time, money, and effort, congressional Democrats are still wasting the people’s time and money.

As Kim Strassel of the Wall Street Journal relayed to me this week, “in the past when a party loses the presidency, they take the opportunity to assess their message and figure out why the American voter rejected them. This group has, in contrast, chosen to try to change systems and outcomes through means other than through the voters. They want to pack courts, end the electoral college, and impeach whoever they dislike, regardless of what the voters have said.”


“Get over it!”

President Trump has been ready from day one to play hardball with anyone attempting to hurt America. He also endured the most wicked of witch hunts ever devised. 

Once the Mueller probe imploded in glorious fashion into the obvious pig-slop, most observers believed America had a chance to step forward. Both chambers and parties had the chance to initiate infrastructure, health care or any number of other priorities and work towards solutions.

Once Speaker Pelosi went all in on witch hunt part two, it was time for Trump to do exactly what he did.

No more cooperation with the insidious and dishonest process. And as more of the secret testimony that Schiff is getting from people in the know, and the more we see his attempt to bully, manipulate, and lie about what the secret testimony indicates the harder the president must punch back.

The media will move the goalposts. The “quid pro quo” that Schiff/Pelosi called “impeachment” over was never the 2016 Corruption. The media, in fact, purposefully conflated his “favor” with the word “Biden” which appeared 504 words later in the phone call.

The Department of Justice looked into 2016 and exposed the collusion with foreign powers that the Democrats engaged in to prevent the lawful election and lawful service of a president. It is the kind of high crimes that must be exposed.


I loved Mulvaney’s attitude in the presser.

The president has zero to apologize for in regards to his interactions with Ukraine. 

Keep punching back, Mr. President. The attendance at your rallies in blue states is an indication that the people who put you in office are willing to got to war for the cause of America’s future once again.

No matter the collusion between the media, the Democrats, their inept field of presidential candidates and the blatant anti-American “Squad" they all worship at the altar of, a great awakening is occurring.

And if you’re offended by that reality, you truly do need to get over it.


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