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AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite) Oct 03, 2019 - AP Manual Upload

The Democrats will lose 34-38 states in 2020. President Trump will be re-elected by a larger margin of electoral votes than he did in 2016, and the leftist crazies of American politics and media will have solely themselves to blame.


I’ve been saying this on-air more or less since President Trump was elected the first time. But his chances have only gotten better since my original prognostications. 

While Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff believe they might finally have their “gotcha” moment with the president, he has continually called their bluffs and has now exposed them to Joe and Susie Lunchbucket for who they truly are—partisan shills who hate him more than they love America.

They lie to the media in an attempt to enlist the complicit audiences in order to fire up the gobsmack machine hoping to create a backlash based on outrage.

But none of it is working.

Multiple polls give him record highs currently, and more indicate he is ahead of where Obama was at this point.

The problem is, Lunchbucket America is not as uninformed as they once were. They aren’t ticked with the president, and the more the Democrats attempt to cheat—the more outraged they become—with Democrats.

The Democrats have also been their own worst enemy.

So blinded by the smack down of an election route in 2016, (and yes according to the rules of the 50 contests in 50 states—Trump thrashed them), they have been committed to the idea that removing him is more important than getting things done.

Simultaneously, I believe they hoped that in doing so the entanglement would occupy Trump’s time and attention and that he would be less (or perhaps completely) ineffective.


The value of having a real-world CEO who understands how to do multiple things at once is that he has easily accomplished far more than the average president in his first term. All while harassing the Democrats in return on Twitter.

He’s kept 87 campaign pledges in term one.

Obama kept one.

Bush kept two.

In doing so he’s also changed the landscape for how the Democrats have traditionally executed their political goals. They normally depend upon judicial fiat to hold up whatever gender-bending, morality-shaping, norm-busting crazy idea they come up with.

With literally hundreds of judges confirmed, and more waiting to be confirmed, he has significantly returned the entire federal judiciary back to a strict-construction, author’s-original-intent, focus to the courts.

All this time the Democrats wasted their days. Instead of coming up with bonafide new ideas to solve problems, they drilled down on hoax after hoax. 

The Democrats are so unnervingly unsure of themselves that they can’t even do their fake impeachment properly. They prevent the Republicans from getting to call witnesses of their own. And in one notable attempted showdown a subcommittee chair attempted to shame a congressional member as to his line of questioning and warned he’d not be allowed to continue if he didn’t get off the issue at hand. 

The Democrats pretend not to know about how the dossier got written—but they wrote it. They pretend they know nothing of the fraud in the FISA applications—but they authored them. They pretended that Blasey-Ford was just an innocent woman who chose to speak—but they recruited, trained, and coached her. They pretended to have no knowledge of these current and forthcoming “whistleblowers”—but they are actually creating them.


They lie—but accuse the president of doing so.

They consult with foreign powers to invent dirt on an actual opponent—but want to impeach a president who is trying to ferret out those who shoveled the dirt in the 2016 corruption.

They ignore a vice president from their party pushing his thumb down on the scale, and bragging about withholding military aid from allies, while accusing the president of doing so, all the while lacking evidence of such.

The Democrats lie, cheat, steal and slander because they have spent their time hating one man.

And what’s that one man’s huge crime against the world and the human race?

That he loves America more than they do. So much so that he puts up with all this garbage and is still returning America to its unchallenged status of greatness.

And in Joe and Susie Lunchbucket’s universe that is no crime at all.

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