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Yes, Representative Ilhan Omar Somebody DID Do Something! An Open Letter.

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(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Rep. Ilhan Omar,

Please stop with the dramatic theatrics. Please also tell your attack hounds Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rep. Rashida Tlaib to stop lying.

Americans publicly disputing your actions and words does not on its face demonstrate a public safety threat towards you. If there is evidence of a specific, valid, and violent threat against you please report such to the appropriate authorities.


Someone in the President’s camp deciding to side-by-side your unfortunate expression with vivid proof of what took place on the worst day in American history is not a threat to you in anyway—except perhaps—and quite appropriately—in your race for re-election.

The tweet and video of your words being interspersed with the falling towers and the smoking Pentagon on that day of horror, is fair, legal, and protected speech. Furthermore it had the benefit of starkly contrasting your lamentable attitude and casual behavior with the cold, vivid truth of the day that saw the American life and psyche change forever.

If you prefer not to be included in such controversy—stop wading into it. No one forced you to take an honorarium from CAIR. Your characterization was callous. Your facts were grossly inaccurate. And your attempt to deflect criticism on to the words of President Bush standing atop the rubble of the towers or the tweeted video of President Trump, when understood in context, reveal to us a continuing picture of who you are in your most core anti-Semitic & anti-American self.

No one in America woke up one day and decided to criticize you out of the blue.

No one in America even knew who you were.

To be clear it is you who has instigated every public relations problem your short public life has dealt with.


No one expressed to you any sort of “requirement” to run for public office. You made that decision. And in doing so you put yourself before the American public for an examination of your beliefs, claims, and past actions.

That you have unsatisfactorily (according to the Associated Press) answered most of the lingering questions as to a past marriage to your brother is not the fault of bloggers in your home state.

That you have (according to ABC News) argued for leniency for American born ISIS agents, (members who were convicted on charges of conspiracy to provide material support for ISIS and to commit murder overseas) is not the fault of any military family who lost heroes in 9/11’s aftermath.

That you have used the most grotesque, racially based, dog-whistle terms to repetitively and frequently express your hatred of Israel, your disgust of “the Jews,” and your allegiance to the terrorist leaders of Hamas and Hezbollah, is not the responsibility of Americans who very much view Israel as our most important and deeply valued ally in the Middle East and beyond.

That you took a class on terrorism, was no one’s choice but your own. That you ever publicly revealed it was not the fault of any conservative or supporter of the President. That you chose to mock the way the instructor of that course (according to your description) ascribed a serious tone of voice to the terror group that attacked us on 9/11 was a volitional action on your part. That you then allowed the conversation in which you relayed this “humorous” depiction and chortled heartily while doing so was nothing anyone else did. No self-respecting American would!


That you ever accepted a speaking invitation from CAIR speaks loudly to the absolute foolishness of your morals. That you lied to the audience you spoke to—claiming that they were formed in the aftermath of 9/11 as a response to the massive supposed mistreatment of Muslims everywhere in America is evidence of your willingness to double deal.

That you purposefully uttered the phrase “somebody did something” was a speech writing, editorial decision that had been either pre-written into the text, or summarized on the fly as you felt yourself ramping up the Anti-American energy in the room in the moment.

That you have never apologized for just these offenses signals much to the American people. That you pretend to play victim each time is as pathetic a choice as any that public figures have ever made. That you even attempted to conflate your callous joking with the serious moment of the American President speaking to firefighters, volunteers at Ground Zero, and by extension the American people watching at home was an utterly indulgent and repugnant decision that you will not be allowed to forget.

That you run for cover behind your fellow terrorist sympathizing sisters Tlaib & Ocasio-Cortez is a sign of pure insincerity and cowardice. That you count the terrorist advocate (who has threatened female genital mutilation against American women for merely disagreeing with her) Linda Sarsour a close friend and ally speaks loudly of your priorities.


America is a generous and open nation. We do not discriminate against people on the basis of religion.

But we also don’t allow ourselves to be blinded in sheep-like submission when bad actions, by bad actors, seek to subject us to distinctively un-American ideas.

Public service is an extremely humbling honor for any elected official and the trust one carries with them into their job must consistently reflect that. Sadly it seems most days you represent an ideology or a foreign set of ideas much more so than anything resembling American values.

I do not understand how the people of your district can consistently overlook your overt actions that seek to undermine the fabric of what has made America great.

Your choices, words, and actions consistently run contrary to the soul, intent, and divinely affirmed rights that occupy the body America.

And unless or until genuine repentance for your actions, attitudes, and intentions is evidenced, Americans of genuinely good character will work day and night to oust you from every office, committee, and position that you hold with public trust.

And lest anyone is confused, it will not be based on your religion, the opposition committed to your removal will be based squarely on your incapacity to speak truth, act in the good of the American people, and your inability to restrain your decidedly racist and anti-Semitic worldview.


It never had to come to this, and except for your choices it never would have.


The American Public 

(Who witnessed many “Somebodies Doing Something” in the minutes, hours, days, weeks and years since the Towers fell!)

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