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DOCUMENTED: When Congressional Democrats First Approved Illegal Aliens’ “Right” To Neutralize American Citizens’ Votes

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AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

On this past Friday, the Democrats finally found a way to demonstrate their all out contempt for the sacred process of American elections.

In doing so they closed a circle on a public strategy.

In doing so they telegraphed their future intent.

In doing so Americans face a crossroads.

It was a simple amendment that Republicans wished to add to the Democrats first major attempt at legislation. H.R. 1 attempts to bring about voting reforms that Democrats feel are important. Claiming prejudice, mistreatment, and a need to “open up” elections to a broader swath of voters, Democrats passed a measure that make elections less secure, open to greater fraud and subject less accountability to the integrity of the process.

Let’s be very clear: Democrats don’t want fair elections. They want cover to cheat. They want cover to steal.

Before the vote for final passage however, Republicans used a little tool to give themselves an opportunity to impact the legislation—a motion to recommit. In doing so the GOP sought to add an amendment banning the opportunity for illegal aliens to vote in American elections.

It should have been an easy vote. After all what should Democrats, Republicans, and even the Democratic Socialists in Congress have to lose by insuring that American elections be decided by only—Americans?

Yet the Democrats defeated the measure.

So for the first time, a majority vote was cast, by the majority party in the House of Representatives, to give the power of electoral outcomes into the hands of those who are not citizens.

As reported by the Washington Times the vote was 228-197.

It comes as little surprise to see the Democrats take such action. They have rigorously and consistently fought to make elections more vulnerable.

By openly supporting porous borders they create a flow of potential streams of new voters that seem endless in supply.

By offering freebie entitlement programs they magnetize the earnings of American workers to pay for the vote bribery they seek to entice.

By opposing any form of voter identification (and thus verification of citizenship) they encourage the worst form of corruption to a free society’s most sacred act.

And now, by openly voting in favor of illegal aliens having the “right” to vote in an election for a nation they have no stake in, much less rights to, they are pursuing illegitimate outcomes.

Ironically almost to a person these Congressional Democrats also believe that some Russian placed facebook ads in 2016 caused actual American citizens to hypnotically change their votes in the rust belt. And while they also believe Hillary Clinton did nothing wrong in storing some 2000+ confidential and top-secret emails on a server she may have purchased at Wal-Mart, they claim to believe that Wikileaks somehow releasing those same emails should send the lawfully elected President to prison.

They painfully lack awareness of what secure elections should look like.

They sermonize from the House floor as to why Americans have nothing to worry about. They imply that Americans who use words like “fraud, integrity, fairness and legality” are bigots. They condemn people who seek accountability in how elections are executed. They claim near-civil-rights-era offense when someone mentions identification or verification.

But now they are on the record themselves seeking to supplant American votes with votes of people who have no legal right to be here.

And that friend, sounds to me like, a bonafide national emergency!

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