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Congress 2019: Why The Future May Be Female, But These Ideas Are Filled With Ignorance, Stupidity & Danger!

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Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, is “really proud” of the incoming class of Congressional “members.”

She is just super-pumped about the future of women in the elective bodies. 


And why shouldn’t she be?

Aside from cussing like sailors, rave-worthy high school dance skills, and members who failed geography in school, one who married her brother and evidently neither lived through the Jimmy Carter malaise nor ever read anything about it in what has passed for public education since then, she’s got some real gems to deal with.

Not to be out done the newly elected Senator from Arizona is now evidently a fashion icon, while another female member of that body wants you to wait while she goes to retrieve a beer, only to chug it while attempting to look natural.

For runner-up there is also a never-Trumper who got to the Senate and seems as insolent and moody as any of my sister’s high school friends but Willard Romney can’t be in that caucus because “technically” he’s a “republican” and also “technically” male (though I’m unsure if we’re allowed to say he is anymore.)

Among the greatest achievements of these “Wonder Women” in just their first week?

Several have said they will public support impeaching the lawfully and overwhelmingly elected President. They have no “high crimes and misdemeanors” to impeach him on, but they’re committed to getting that “mother-effer.”


America’s latest dance “sensation” (and I admit she had some rhythm) took to twitter to proclaim what delight she enjoyed in “shocking” old white GOP men who she claimed found her dancing “scandalous.” 

Of course she couldn’t name even a single example of old white GOP men doing this. But I do wonder what her friend Linda Sarsour, the terrorist sympathizing advocate for Sharia law, thought about her moves. Sarsour has threatened physical violence against women who would defy Allah, and Ms. Ocasio-Cortez shaking her booty on Capitol Hill would normally be worthy of being buried up to her neck and then having stones thrown at her head until she was dead in “Sarsour’s world.”

Of course Ocasio-Cortez also this week introduced a top marginal tax rate of 70%, and in some places like New York City, the top top marginal rate could shoot as high as 82%. It’s not her fault that she wasn’t born yet when Jimmy Carter had rates at that level and we all waited in gas lines for rationed fuel. But Ocasio-Cortez seems to idolize countries that have rationing and long lines for bare shelves so maybe that’s just her strategy.

Lastly, even the Speaker herself seems to be a bit more delusional than in the past. (Granted it may be by mere shades of a degree, but I think we have to agree.)


In a well attended meeting at the White House, while being briefed from the Department of Homeland Security as to the threats encountered as reported by all DHS agencies, including but not limited to Border Patrol, ICE, & TSA, Madame Speaker bluntly interrupted the briefing by stating “I reject your facts.”

But these weren’t random ideas pulled from the universe of imaginations.

What the Speaker was being briefed on were statistical accounts of arrests and apprehensions. 

They included criminal alien attempts to re-enter the country. They included the number stopped who had minors with them, and presented as family units who ended up not even being related. The stats included sex and human trafficking, MS13 affiliation, and individuals who had provable associations with terrorists and or terror related organizations. 17,000 criminal aliens, and 3,000 terror associated individuals in less than ten years.

Remember it took a mere 19 individuals to execute the attacks of 9/11.

But Madame Speaker thought if she didn’t have to hear the “facts” (her word) that somehow she had the right to reject them. 

Sorry Madame Speaker you’re not allowed.

You may indulge us all with your opinions of what facts mean, but you are not entitled to your own facts.


It is also telling that while Democrats are out there falsely claiming President Trump is getting pay raises through the shutdown, Madame Speaker is ignoring the truth that many in Border Patrol are not getting their checks, and they still support the President’s demand that a physical barrier be constructed on our southern border. 

By the way Madame Secretary is getting her raise and cashing her paycheck.

The incoming class of Senate and Congressional women may be younger than normal or believe themselves to have bold new ideas. 

The truth is we’ve seen all of it before and they are more delusional than ever—hence the need to create their own... universe.

Sadly they have taken our people’s Congressional body captive and soon the moon-barking will commence.

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