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Why Did the FBI Spy on Trump and/or Lie to Congress?

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Now that revelations have come to light that at worst have the Federal Bureau of Investigation placing a spy within the ranks of the Trump 2016 campaign, and at best have the FBI hiding evidence from congressional oversight it is clear that the Department of Justice, and specifically the FBI, even now have top brass making decisions that must be outed, removed, and if necessary—charged.


I admit you may not have heard anything about these revelations because, aside from the dedicated work of Kimberly Strassel at the Wall Street Journal, few outlets have dedicated almost any coverage to the matter.

But pause just a second on what my opening sentence claims.

There is an increasingly likely scenario being sniffed out by heads of congressional oversight committees that adds up to the previously most trusted bureau of law enforcement on American soil having actually planted a “source” on the inside of a campaign for President with the express purpose of entrapping officials into admission of some sort of corrupt collusion with foreign powers.

My Salem Media colleague in talk radio—Joe Walsh—has repeatedly tweeted through the investigations into Russian collusion that accusing Mueller, the FBI and the DOJ of foul motives was beneath what honorable Americans should resorting to. But I ask my friend Mr. Walsh and America in general, “how can we not?”

The amount of corruption that has poured forth from the revelations of the congressional oversight bodies would have gone unknown if his former congressional colleagues Devin Nunes and Trey Gowdy had not been willing to unearth the truth. (Without their dedicated pursuits we’d still not know that Hillary Clinton and the Democrats were responsible for the now debunked “Steele dossier.”)

What is now documentable is that the Obama appointees had much to cover up as Trump was transitioning into office. The Strzok & Page text threads demonstrated absolute collusion between DOJ, FBI, and special counsel investigations to attempt to undo the votes of the American people. Andrew McCabe rightfully lost his job because of abject malfeasance and near outright hostility towards the President. James Comey was fired for absolute incompetence (or corruption). And the thin stupidity of an argument that says the Mueller investigation even now holds a legitimate purpose is being disputed by the American public who now poll positive on Mueller being on a corrupt conquest, instead of a patriotic mission.


Yet it is the corruption—as we are still learning more to this very minute—not the Trump campaign’s connection to anyone—but rather the lengths that the FBI stooped to in attempting to achieve subterfuge that stands as an outrageous violation of our self determination as promised vis-a-vie the American Constitution, and our Declaration of Independence.

So for whatever reason they will have to formulate in their coming accountability, (and believe me it’s coming—on the talk radio front I will not rest until this question is satisfactorily addressed) the FBI and DOJ will eventually have to give a reason as to why they violated the sacred process of our elections and placed a “source” (spy/agent—pick your poison) within the operation of a campaign during one of the most heated election cycles of the modern era.

“But Kev… what if they didn’t?”

Then let’s find out who that “source” mentioned in the FBI docs truly is? What purpose did they serve? And what was expected of their assignment? 

If the cause was appropriate, if a national security issue was truly at stake, if all of the process in establishing the source was protocol then fine—I will accept it.

But if all of that was the case then riddle me this, why didn’t the FBI lawfully turn over that information a year ago?

Congressional oversight committees exist to protect “We the People.” That the FBI purposefully lied to their accountability who represent us is problematic, they must not be allowed to proceed like this in this instance or in any similar circumstance… ever!


Paul Ryan agrees. This is why he called the FBI out by saying not only was the request by the chairman “wholly appropriate” and “completely within the scope" of the committee’s long-running FBI investigation, but added it was “something that should have been answered a while ago.”

As Strassel summarizes, “The department knew full well it should have turned this material over last year… but deliberately chose… to conceal it.”

I was raised to have deep respect for law enforcement on every level.

Having known former agents from the FBI I always had the impression that the joe-shoeleather on the force are salt of the earth, honest, crime fighting, and highly dedicated individuals. I still feel that way about the agents carrying out the work across the globe at any one moment.

But the cancerous partisans that aggregated seemingly limitless power over the Obama years that served in its leadership must be removed.

When Congressional overseers sniff out wrong doing and the acting director Rosenstein claims that normal accountability is akin to “extortion” and even claimed “constitutional duty” in refusing to comply with the same oversight, it sounds to me as though someone needs a reminder of who works for who.

They… work… for... Us!

Strassel said on my show on Friday—and I think she’s right—that the only way the American people will gain confidence that all of the cancer has been dealt with in this law enforcement arm that we need to be healthy is to declassify the entire batch of documents related to the investigation.


No more hiding of the Easter eggs at Justice.

It’s time to tell the truth, and it’s time to start with the FBI.

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