How Obama Contained ISIS

Posted: Nov 15, 2015 12:01 AM
How Obama Contained ISIS

In reaction to the still developing terror attacks being carried out in the name of Islam, in Paris, on Friday night, New York Congressman Peter King told my radio audience, "Kevin (not only is this) an ISIS attack, but its coordinated at a level to take a large loss of life. This is the nightmare scenario we are constantly having to be prepared for from radicalized Islam… But we knew ISIS was a threat a year before the president ever called them the JV team. And we have to kill them before they kill us.”

Run the tape back to that morning on a nationally televised morning show, President Obama, “ISIL has been contained.”

Former Police Commissioner for New York City was on my show just before Congressman King, “Kevin I don’t care what you call it ISIS, Islamic State, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Al Nusra… We are at war with a radical element of Islam.”

Run the tape back to President Obama’s statement immediately following the attacks in Paris, “We must stop those who do these crimes.” (You know… crimes… like the cat-burglars.)

Was there any reason why the president never mentioned Islam in his statement following the Paris attacks?

All day on Saturday the news channels were filled with reports of how those that authorities were arresting and investigating were plotting and planning from across borders in other countries. That nearly all of those involved in the attack were also from Syria seemed strangely under-reported.

Back to my show from Friday, Robert Spencer, founder of Jihad Watch, “The United States is extremely vulnerable to attacks of these sorts. And ISIS believes they can now stand up against Western intelligence, and they believe that they have the ability to do so in order to pull off more large scale attacks.”

He added, “The see that we do not have the will to take them out. So… our anemic airstrikes have not only done little to weaken ISIS but it has actually emboldened them.”

Also from my show, Jed Babbin former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense, “The real question about this is how do western societies respond? What will we now do about this? The ‘open borders’ policy in Europe is now a dead letter. Will these nations now allow their citizenry to arm themselves? You know Kev, they don’t have the second amendment over there. Those societies are on the verge of crumbling.”

As I heard from the minds of these and others on Friday night discuss not only the facts of the situation in Paris, but more importantly how it affects the shape of freedoms for the future, I became again angry with an administration who never misses a chance to spike the ball just before fumbling on the four yard line.

The president couldn’t wait to gloat over the kill shot of bin Laden (who was really mostly out of the picture by the time we finally got him.) He couldn’t wait to golf when Jihadi John had beheaded an American journalist. He couldn’t wait to goof on the families of our service men who lost their lives in Benghazi. And he was back to gloating when they believed they got the jihadi beheader this week.

The problem is he almost always has the wrong reaction to events he views almost entirely as political notches for his resume and seems rather monstrously oblivious to the biggest challenges we face.

For his own political reasons he has spent the duration of his time in office ignoring the sole source for the pain of every major terrorist attack from Sept 11th, 2001, until November 13th, 2015. His recklessness in doing so—no doubt—accounts for many more lives lost.

America should have closed its borders before France did. We should be sending relief support to Syria instead of bringing refugees to the USA. We should be fighting ISIS like the future of the free world depends upon it, but he still sees them as ironically non-Islamic, and mere criminals—you know like petty thieves.

Meanwhile they plan and plot for their next opportunity to be “contained.”

Which brings me back to what John Bolton ended my show by saying, “I’m genuinely afraid this isn’t even close to being over. Paris demonstrates the increased reach and capacity of radicalized Islamic terror.”

To which I’m sure the president would respond, “radicalized Islamic terror, whoa John, that’s a bit harsh don’t you think?"