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What Obama Could Learn from Brit Hume

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In one of the more bizarre seasons of criticism to be laid at the feet of a pundit, former Fox News chief Brit Hume did a rare thing this past week. He offered a strikingly personal, and profoundly sincere held belief. He did so concerning the future of Tiger Woods. His opinion was not welcomed by major players across the American media spectrum, but the advice he proffered to the World's Greatest Golfer would be well heeded by the World's Most Powerful Leader.

There was much more at play than the initial glance of the incident revealed. Those who have criticized Hume are mopes. For if an average citizen cannot truly suggest where another hurting human being may actually be able to find hope, what is in fact left of real America?

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Brit's advice was met even by unease on the set of the Fox News program on which he suggested that Tiger Woods might find lasting forgiveness and peace by turning to Christianity. (What he would later revise in additional media appearances to actually mean "turning to Jesus Christ" personally.)

The circumstances of the context are also important to note.

Tiger is a father who is losing his children, due to his own actions. Brit Hume has experienced the loss of one of his children.

Tiger is a man without a father, for his passed away three years ago. Brit is a father figure to many in the news industry, beyond the boundaries of his own blood relatives.

Tiger would likely benefit from the advice of a decent man. Brit Hume is characterized by those from the left and right as one of the most principled individuals to ever work in network news.

Yet when you consider his circumstances, his position, and how lost he genuinely is, President Obama would benefit equally if not more than Tiger by turning to the person of Jesus Christ.

President Obama is also a fatherless father who dotes on his children. But on governing this nation he is in way over his head. And without some sort of sharp correction he will not only create a damning future for his own daughters, but for the whole of the rest of the nation.

Brit Hume retired notably. His achievements were visible for all to see. He did accomplish as much as he could in pioneering the way news was reported, particularly from Washington DC, and his observations on election nights, following spirited debates, or even Supreme Court outcomes were always worth staying up for.

There was a reason for that.

As a principled journalist, recognized by the left and right as a man of deep personal integrity and highest personal standards of professionalism, he proved that a man could tell the news of the day, and not sell their soul to a party in the process.

The very essence of which, is exactly what Tiger and President Obama are missing.

In life it doesn't really matter if you attain the highest heights if in the process of doing so you lose your wife, your family, your children, or you destroy the world your children will grow in to.

What matters is not who in this world likes you, but whether God is satisfied with your condition. It is not so much about winning your fellow human being's popularity as much as it is important to have personal character.

Our nation faces grave circumstances.

On President Obama's watch no less than four terror attacks have been unleashed against Americans in America. Yet the lack of seeing or distinguishing right from wrong (the very essence of personal integrity) has prevented the President from protecting us.

President Obama would do well to heed the advice of Brit Hume.

And oddly enough, I believe that Hume, regardless of who he voted for, would find himself very much at ease relaying to President Obama why a committed walk to Jesus Christ, might just be the most life-changing thrill he could ever experience.

In fact I challenge President Obama to invite Mr. Hume to the people's house and see for himself.

I think both Brit and Jesus are totally up to the task!

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