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Imagine the government making an estimable promise of enormous proportion. Imagine the government pledging a promise so big that it would, in fact, as they would argue, actually save an entire sector of the economy. Imagine in doing so, that the same government promises blind fairness, trust, and integrity in the process. Imagine the government assuming the significant portion of funding such a program off of the hard sweat labor you and I commit to everyday. Imagine this program pledging complete utopia in helping to restore a struggling economy, even if the sector it was addressing was a largely insignificant part of the economy.

And imagine if, after promising this program would last for a long period of time, it ran out of actual cash in about 1/16th of the time they pledged it would work.

Now imagine if that program dealt with something as serious and intricate to the daily lives of Americans as the provision of our health care.

Oh, but not to worry, health care is still a ways off. No, we're talking about a program that uses our tax dollars to purchase cars that can not be resold, and that no one will drive, but instead be taken directly to the nearest junk yard and crushed.

That's how your government spent 1 Billion dollars in roughly six days.

They did so on a long list of promises...

No doubt some very clever chap, maybe Robert Gibbs or that smarty smart David Axelrod, came up with the ever effusive "Cash for Clunkers" brand. (Man if only their college marketing profs could see them now!)

No worries though, because while they promised there would be enough of our tax dollars--that we slaved at our jobs for, to feed our families with--to cause the program to last until November, maybe even through the end of the year, they blew it in not even one full week's time.

They called it an "economic stimulus" designed to boost the purchasing of American made, more fuel efficient vehicles. Of course they had to do this because instead of letting a company do what every other company has to do when it makes vehicles, products, or widgets that nobody wants--fold--they instead felt compelled to compel you to "buy" a vehicle that nobody was buying, and to then use our tax dollars to buy your lemon. Or as that Gibbs or maybe Axelrod fellow put it: your clunker.

So you and I bought 240,000 clunkers in six days, of which roughly 80% have already been eliminated from circulation at our local junk heaps.

Don't you feel great about it?

And did this 10% unemployed tax-paying society get a good deal on the cars they bought? Most likely, resoundingly NO! Because, instead of buying something that they had saved for, the vast majority of these "purchases" were actually extended indebtedness agreements between the buyer and the dealer. The dealer who is having to literally sell his soul to President Obama just to stay in business.

To top it off, Chuck Schumer in the Senate, and several Democrats in the House--like Barney Frank, Maxine Waters, and others who think monopoly money is real--have commanded the gerbil-operated printing press in the basement of the White House to print up $2 billion more dollars so that you and I can hopefully buy somewhere in the vicinity of 750,000 lemons... uh I mean clunkers.

$3 billion dollars that belongs to "We The People," randomly and--if you ask the dealerships--quite selectively doled out for three quarters of a million dollars worth of junked cars.

Your current administration has promised that this little effort would save the auto industry. They've promised it will save the environment.

But what about saving my children's dinner?

Did you know that if you just flushed $1,000,000 a day down the toilet from the day that Jesus Christ was born until this, you would've barely spent more than $7 billion dollars?

The Obama administration, because it monkeyed around, or would it be better to say, "czarred" it's way into essentially half of that now in say, another two weeks or so.

And while the fearless leader of the "beer summit" will spout, "let me be clear" and issue another strong assurance that this same group of people can make "certain" that the "promise" of the American health care system will only "improve" in the days to come if we just trust them, many of us are wondering: "how do we know you will do any better by us than making us pay for junk, when through the fruits of our own labor we already have access to the finest health care around?"

Mr Gibbs, Mr. Axelrod, Mighty Beer Summit leader? Any of you wanna take a stab at that one?

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