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Why Obama is losing The Third Jihad

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As I pen these words not more than sixty miles north of where I sit, a radical Islamist breeding ground is churning out hate, weapons training, and radical Wahabi indoctrination. To date President Barack Obama's administration has done zero about it.

In fact as you spend today doing whatever pleases you, it is imperative for you to understand that that there are thirty additional compounds to this one that are spread throughout the nation in blue states like New York and red states like Virginia. And in each place the residents have been observed or overheard testing explosives, firing weapons, and engaged in the same type of activities as what those who have abandoned Islamberg have confessed to.

Cutting to the chase let it be plainly said, there are thirty-one bases of operation in which strongly questionable use of weapons and militant jihad are being taught and trained, here on U.S. soil. They are actively supplying clerics to serve in the prison chaplain systems across several states, and in many instances those who do are also actively recruiting new members for the future Islamic State of North America. Their stated goal on one of the chaplain's websites is for that state to be in existence by 2050.

Since the compound, known as Islamberg, has more than 200 residents, and since it took less than ten percent of that to kill over 3000 Americans on 9.11.2001, we would assume our nation's authorities would shut it down.

Of course the whole "shutting entire compounds down" thing is a bit tricky for this President. On the campaign trail he pledged to do as much for Gitmo, a base he now supposedly controls. Yet increasingly he appears to be leaning towards leaving it open for some time to come.

I guess it would also be of comfort for the administration to square with the American people that Islamberg is owned and operated by Sheikh Mubarik Ali Hasmi Shah Gilani a known terrorist who currently funds and owns all 31 of the camps known as "Al Fuqra." The Pakistani terror leader remains out of the nation, but regularly provides instructions for those who operate these bases as to how to combat the attempt by mere local law enforcement, to turn our laws on their ears, and to insure that they never gain legal access to the compounds.

Federal authorities have yet to address these compounds with any serious attention.

It is not surprising then that the makers of a new film "The Third Jihad" are so obsessed with letting Americans know what is happening, behind our backs, down the streets, and in the open rural areas we love. Enemies of America are seeking our destruction.

The compounds however present only part of the challenge. A much larger one has been unearthed by the FBI but little has yet been done to combat it.

Through a series of violent protests in Western Europe over things like the Allah cartoons, journalists, media outlets, and eventually whole government systems began to make compromises to the protestors. In each case free speech was allowed to have limitations placed upon it, and in some cases such as Great Britain justice in muslim neighborhoods is being wholesale exported to Sharia law systems.

In America while hundreds of thousands of muslims would argue they have no desire to see Sharia law become the way of American society, nearly 25% of those same muslims say they do believe that taking the life of the innocent is allowable to perform the will of Allah--their bastardized substitution for the God of the Bible. And honor killings are on a sharp increase amongst American muslim families.

"The Third Jihad" is an important film because the host of the documentary is an American muslim, and one of the extremely few who has had the courage to speak out against the violent radical elements in his faith community in America.

Every American needs to understand the patient persistence with which the Islamic State of North America is being built with. Every American needs to understand that the U.S. government is at this moment asleep to the concern of the problem that is festering here.

And with President Obama's plan to cut intelligence, defense, and national security spending we've a very real reason to be concerned.

This is especially true given the boldness with which others such as the tyrannical terrorists in Iran, and the crazed and extremely dangerous nuclear power of North Korea have dusted any concern with America aside while Obama is at the helm.

In my city just two weeks ago four men who had been recruited by elements of Sheikh Gilani's crew were caught attempting to place what they believed was a dangerous amount of C4 and a missile they wished to use to bring down an airliner, and blow up a prominent Jewish landmark.

The threat is real friends, "The Third Jihad" documents it all, and every American should view it and pass on their copy to their neighbor. (

Perhaps one could even make its way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, who just this week at a burger joint learned about a whole wing of intelligence operations that he had never heard of before.

Trust me, our enemies knew who they were, why didn't President Obama?

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