Why 'Sex' Is Not Equal To 'Race'

Posted: May 31, 2008 10:31 PM
Why 'Sex' Is Not Equal To 'Race'

The sexual behavior that one chooses to engage in, will never be equal to the status of a person's race. Confusing these two truly different concepts is dishonest. And those who claim otherwise do so for manipulated outcome to redesign society.

Normal people have understood this since the beginning of time.

The activist California Supreme Court does not. In the court's recent ruling pertaining to the mandated attempt to redefine marriage - and to tyrannically force that redefinition upon the voters of California - four judges raised the choice of sexual desire, inclination, and behavior to the same level of class status as racial ethnicity.

In doing so they set themselves up for more problems than they can envision because of such a leap of logic, lack of scientific evidence, and the general willingness to override the votes of 63% of the Californian population. These four judges have equated, in the eyes of the law, the choice of who one chooses to bed as being equal to what color of skin a person is born with. In doing so they have now laid down future arguments for further redefinition of marriage to include nearly any sexual union in both number and combination that a person can imagine. By redefining marriage, but then limiting that redefined definition to only include "pairs" of persons, the court has opened itself to claims of discrimination from bi-sexual persons who may very easily wish to be in a legal sexual "relationship" that includes a person of both genders, not to mention heterosexual polygamists. Each of the groups, who choose sexual partners for whatever reasons they do - will be liable to claim that the State of California must end discrimination against additional "alternative" lifestyles, and extend a yet still more redefined view of "marriage" to them as well.

Yet it is simple to understand why the judges are so wrong.

Romantic actions, such as flirting, hitting on someone, soliciting a phone number, and being bashful in asking someone on a "date" are all volitional acts of conscience and of choice. Consensual sexual actions from simple hand-holding, to kissing, following all the way through the act of sexual consummation are again choice based. Choosing to act on those urges - defines the individual's sexual orientation. With large numbers of people even now championing the fact that they've chosen the choice they currently are involved with, sexual identity, practice, and enthusiasm have become increasingly fluid.

Pop culture tells us so. Consider the number two song in the country this week: Katy Parry's "I Kissed a Girl!"

I kissed a girl and I liked it
The taste of her cherry chapstick
I kissed a girl just to try it
I hope my boyfriend don't mind it
It felt so wrong
It felt so right
Don't mean I'm in love tonight
I kissed a girl and I liked it
I liked it

The weekend's biggest movie Sex And The City is reinforcing this belief with a closing monologue from the film's main character Carrie Bradshaw: "It's not in the label of being husband/wife, bride and groom, or man and woman that's important... it's getting beyond the labels and seeing the person..."

Yet that is in essence the problem. We humans aren't mere collections of DNA, water, plasma, and bone. We are not in essence biologically "the same." Men and women serve distinct purposes, functions, and roles in the furtherance of society.

A woman who is African American, can no more be a white woman the next day regardless of how much she wished to (if she even would). Likewise a Latino man could not go to bed one night at 5'8" and wake up the next morning to find he was black, 7'2'', and the starting center for his local NBA franchise. Race and other truly genetic based parts of life - skin color, height, shape and forms of features are pieces of ourselves that only God Himself had the choice in determining.

Who we romance, date, move in with, and have sex with - is something He's left to our free will as a matter of choice.

The truth of the matter is we as humans have always had a natural urge to resist what is best for ourselves. The activists that argue for the redefining of marriage know this full well. But they love the pursuit of the perceived "forbidden" even more so. Over time, mere participation in private sexual matters does not satisfy and thus they have become more brazen in their attempt to radically change the face of human society. Their attempt is to make those who view non-traditional sexual arrangements as abnormal, the activists hope to force them to feel isolated, punished, and eventually silenced.

Yet one overwhelming fact stares them in the face at every turn. God designed it so that only the sexual union of a man and a woman can create a life - and therefore extend society and civilization.

If a black man and a white woman conceive a child - it will likely have a skin tone that mixes the look and characteristics of both racial make-ups. But two people of the same gender - through sexual expression - do not create a hybrid of what their two sets of genetic DNA consists of. Sexual orgasm by two people of the same gender - in fact - produces nothing.

Race is external, determined by an authority beyond humanity, and leaves the person no choice in adjusting it's existence, impact, or results in their life.

Romantic pursuit, formulation of relationships, and engagement of sexual activity are determined completely by the actions, choice, and decisions of the persons involved.

Make no mistake, many a hard working black man has been overlooked for a promotion that he fully deserved - because of his skin color. Yet no one should be able to even ascertain the bedroom habits of one's co-workers except for yet one more choice - the decision to talk about it.

Racial discrimination costs the households of people of color thousands of dollars per year. Those who form non-traditional "romantic" attachments, and engage in non-traditional sexual practices have nearly three times the amount of expendable income on average than the normal husband/wife household.

Ultimately the citizens of California are smarter than the four arrogant black robes who sought to push an agenda down the throats of the voters. Californians are able to assess that who a person calls on the phone, takes on a "date," or invites into their bedroom - has never been, nor will ever be close to equal to the color of a man's skin.

And as such - it is increasingly apparent that rights, status, and standing should not be given special consideration over those elements of our lives we can control.